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  2. Hopefully both clubs will agree on a sensible ticket price and keep it as low as possible. A large home support can only help our chances of progressing.
  3. Last time I looked they had eleven players on the park.
  4. Was there, but what was the point of question in relation to my post you quoted ?
  5. Today
  6. True to form ...... ffs Anyway, quarter final place awaits for us Saints 2-1 Motherwell 6,432
  7. I can go back even further Buddies 1 Rangers 0 Hugh gilshan late 1960s
  8. The cnuts were all at it, especialiy Peter Millar and Stewart Mclaren, pair of thug wankers. And wee arsehole Vic Davidson who dived for the penalty.
  9. WHat's your point ? Infamous match anyway
  10. They were brutal. If I remember correctly Gregor Stevens was one of the three hatchet men.
  11. Did you go to the now famous march at Motherwell?
  12. Both thieving Clubs will probably charge £20 for Admission for a cup tie that years ago, Season Tickets would have been valid. I will not be going to this sham.
  13. The bastards kicked us off the park. I hated Motherwell more than any club on the planet after that match. Moreso as it followed on from my all time favourite match... Our 4-1 humping of the Arabs. Time for revenge! Gerintaethum!
  14. Recent times? It was 14 year ago 😂 A repeat of that win would be nice.
  15. A game to savour. It wont be one for feint hearts. Some great cup games between us over the years. They also bring a very decent travelling support. Old fashioned, high intensity, hard fought match expected.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Agreed. If the crowd was genuinely 26000 (which it wasn’t) there must’ve been at least 15000 buds there that day.
  18. You wish Pod. Took his one and only chance well.
  19. Hard but we will do the biz and get Ayr in the next round. That will be a harder tie.
  20. It was some game. My recollection was that thousands of Saint's fans didnt get into the ground.
  21. I don't agree. Most of us develop self awareness wjich is good as it informs us about our limitations as well as our strengths. Self obsession can blind us to these and create a belief in our self that is not supported by objective analysis. He seems to have developed the idea that he is to be omnipotent. His pronouncements were vacuous at best. Reminded me of Boris Johnson replying in Parliament to the labour female MP's regarding safety and completely missing why his reply caused such offence. Final thought. Fine actor though he is, he has a history of making 180 degree turns in his opinions e.g. Corbyn whom he initially lionised but laterly decried mercilessly.
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