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  2. TBH you being "sure" really isn't much comfort.
  3. ^^^^^ not realising that he’s describing himself [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Goody will be announced as manager soon according to sports news on radio. I’m sure Gus will be working behind the scenes for bringing in players. [emoji4]
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  6. just a wee thing about us being 'behind' in transfer dealings. OK was the manager till this week. Did he make any efforts to sign any players for the coming season? did he make any plans for season 2019/20? Or did he not bother as he knew he was going back to Northern Ireland? But, of course GS and Top Four Tony🤣 (love Tony by the way) should have noticed that. I think the new manager can, very easily, quickly bring in the players required to make sure we finish top of our mini league of 4 and why not push for St J and Motherwell too?
  7. Think its Croy to Queen Street Station by train then bike to Ralston. Still impressive. He is fast - shot past me in Glasgow and nearly made me drop my roll and crisps.
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  9. If Goody gets the job will he still be commuting on bike from Croy?
  10. So where, exactly, are we in this signing frenzy? I'm not saying where we are is a disaster but only an eejit would not see not having a manager is probably damaging? I agree we can only do what we can but the decision to let Kearney go has NOT helped our preparation. key point is this situation, IMO, could have been avoided with some serious effort from the chairman. I, unlike some , have nothing against GS, but this is down to him as he could, IMO, made more real effort to keep Kearney.
  11. Don't call me a *** of any sort, darling. [emoji14]
  12. It's not speculative at all. When Gus was hired, it was mentioned at the Q&A that one of the reasons he was brought in was to avoid any disruption caused by managerial changes as the time between JR and AS had a massive negative impact. AS came in and literally started from scratch with very little time and the overall personnel recruited reflected that. What else can we realistically do in this situation? Let the new boss pick up from scratch? Scrap the lot? Or more likely, let the manager come on board and have input to a list of players already identified (as we've been told that the recruiting process for new players is well underway a couple of weeks ago by our now former manager, so it's safe to say that this list does exist) as well as add potential targets he himself wants us to focus on. Alright, I concede there is a bit of catching up but nowhere near the level of last season when we had literally nobody at the helm to drive forward for targets for a long time.
  13. Good point, pardon the pun, but the league is what it is, played over 38 games. There was some trumpet who said if we'd played another game we would have been 10th, if yer granny etc. We are almost into July and are behind in making any new additions to the squad. No manager, no new players and there's no doubt, IMO, this puts us in a position of catch up. I do like "Top4Tony"......................I may borrow that in the future.
  14. You keep changing your number/country/aliases [emoji6]
  15. Even with us playing catch up & despite what Top4Tony thinks we are basically in a league of 4 next season where 1st or 2nd will do surely we are good enough to finish above Livingston,Hamilton & Ross County. There was obviously alot of ifs and buts last season but we were a solitary point away from 10th despite hardly winning a game until around March.
  16. Likewise, I don't understand why folk would lie regarding proxy votes. I do understand how those with agendas against SMISA and SMFC would though. LPM won't comment and he knows this is aimed at him. Think I'll start a topic specifically for him in the morning if he wont provide proof that obviously he doesn't have or for his apology to everyone he misled. [emoji23] Tony, Tony, Tony.............. [emoji23]
  17. Speculations at best. Also managers would prefer to have been, at least, part of the scouting process as he will be the person setting out the team. To suggest we are not in a position of catch up is, frankly, wishful thinking as we are currently, doing exactly that with most teams.
  18. Only struggling with posts that make statements but don't get explained. The fact OK has tweeted that he is "gutted" will have a few heads being scratched. To me, suggests, leaving the job was not something he wanted.
  19. ^^^^^^ More slippery than an eel covered in oil.
  20. A predicted, or dreamed up, 12% increase after we've played in the top league with the obvious increased away support that brings, is more than unlikely. There is a ceiling that the home support can increase by, and as Jaybee suggests, it would need an unrealistic run of form to take us into the top 4 of the league to generate such interest. Although performances without results is a sure way of losing support and belief. Maybe Ricky is Tony, they have a similar outlook.
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