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  2. Come on Saints, do the right thing, you are more than happy to have the players take the knee for BLM and give pre- match tannoy announcements about racist, sexist, gender abuse but when it comes to addressing bigotry you are happy to stick your fingers in your ears and take the money.
  3. Such as? Sell our assets? Some examples would be useful.
  4. Got to agree, it was hardly impartial in the way it structured the questions 😂 I have voted to reduce the capacity of the old firm, money isn’t everything in football, I have seen St Mirren teams in the past compete and achieve great results without over paid players, sometimes you just have to do the right thing. Although I won’t hold my breath as this is the club that gave Celtic our team shop for the night!
  5. I've comp!eted the survey as a SMiSA member and have asked what the club are investigating as to non matchday revenue to allow the restriction of the Glasgow clubs to the away stand rather than supporters making up the difference after all the onus is on the club to generate revenue to accede to the wishes of its major shareholder.
  6. Quite a lot of supporters can’t justify taking their families to away games. This type of initiative encourages them to attend and more supporters young and old can attend games.
  7. No, vote what way you wish. Weather or not we get a fair result is open to options.
  8. Not for the Old Firm games. They fill both stands and there's always Twitter threads asking for tickets and folk standing outside the ground wanting them. There's scope to give them half of the West Stand, too...and really milk them.
  9. How will this make a difference? Theres always more than enough room in the away end for away fans.
  10. So we're having an argument about voter fraud, now! 🤣 FWIW, I have received it twice, too. I will not be submitting a second entry, though. Let's see what the results are. I hope most folk are sensible. I wonder if anyone will declare that they're not prepared to give the Cheeks two stands, will not pay anything extra and will be resentful if the budget's cut. If that's the case, their vote should be rescinded...but I can imagine there will be folk like that. If I get the promotion I'm after, I will happily donate money so that an unemployed fan can get a free ticket. I think it's a great idea and, in these times will give me great personal satisfaction. I hope that doesn't sound too much like virtue signalling, btw.
  11. Anyone else feel theirs a wee implication in survey, that it'll be our fault we get a poor team if we don't agree to OF staying in both stands?
  12. No I think I understood exactly what they message meant. Yes they knew it was possible to submit the survey twice, therefore they stated not to. The club just wanted to make sure they reached all regular fans. There are some SMiSA members who are not ST holders. The only failure here is your misunderstanding.
  13. I won’t be paying anymore money, I’d rather we took the money off the bigot brothers.
  14. Are you actually serious? You have completely missed my point. It’s the potential capability to submit it twice, not the duplicate emails. What an absolute fail on your part.
  15. SMiSA email clearly stated “ We have included their statement and survey link in this email but stress it is ONLY for those who have not already filled in the one issued by the club, so as to avoid duplicate entries from the same people.” Not like you not to misunderstand basic shit.
  16. I’m a bit concerned about this. I received the study email twice as a season ticket & SMISA member. It only lets me complete once on my default browser but if I save it into a new browser, I can complete it again (I haven’t done this). would assume the risk is still pretty low as they probably don’t care enough & if we did suddenly see enough more returns to influence results, it would look suspicious.
  17. We are majority fan owned. Many of the comments, if not the majority, that I have seen about the two stands question, is that we are now supposed to be fan owned and the board should listen to the fans. £105K is a LOT of money, the club have to inform fans what's at stake, otherwise it's not an informed decision. No, they're relatively minor issues that have not received the sort of criticism that this has. Do you want fans to be consulted? Many seem to thing that now we're majority fan owned we should be consulted. They can't win really, can they? If they just make the financially prudent decision they will be accused of not listening to us, but you're not happy that they're consulting the fans. Ultimately the decision is made by the board, but they're letting fans know of the consequences.
  18. So to summarise. Some St Mirren fans - don’t want the bigot brothers in two stands, they'd rather have empty seats than the money - they also don’t want any pricing changes to mitigate not having them in two stands - They want the club to either lie or hide the factual details regarding the income from the bigot brothers so fans aren’t making informed choices - they still want our squad to be as strong & competitive as possible. Aye, that’s nae bother 😂
  19. Im not so sure it is. Most fans i know from pub, supporters bus, and mates aside now want chance change. I'd be very surprised if this survey goes against the seemingly overwhelming thoughts of our supporters.
  20. If villa sell mcginn then we can reduce the old scum ticket allocation to 500 .the survey is scaremongering at its best
  21. I completed the survey If you can call it that It’s structured in such a way basically to keep 2 Glasgow teams in 2 stands I strongly believe this is effectively lip service and decisions have been made
  22. Regarding the Chairman’s e-mail - I would think that with the OF choirs in both ends of the ground, and judging by the current season ticket holders I know, it is more likely that this season there may be 300 LESS season tickets sold. If you don’t want to go to the OF games then it makes less financial sense to buy a season ticket. That is a thin edge of a very dangerous financial wedge. Fans without season tickets will possibly start to pick and chose their other games, not just the OF ones . The cost of living is soaring, energy bills are about to triple for some folk. Heat, eat or go to the game? In marketing terms, anything leading to the loss of season ticket holders is a very bad idea. I have no intention of paying, in effect, a ransom payment of £30 to “help retain the Tony Fitzpatrick stand for the home supporters”. In any case I actually have no idea how that would work in practice. The help “a buddie scheme” does not seem to relate in any way to the OF stand issue. The “two match ticket bundles” are welcome but add a further complication to things. I wonder how the budget for this season can be “already set” since the Club has no idea of the extent of its income from Cup runs or its final league place or 101 other variables. I as understand it, one final place higher in the league may cover the loss of income from restricting the OF fans to one end of the ground. A “family club” does not move its families from their usual seats to rent them out on a temporary basis to a bunch of folk who still live their lives in the 1690’s. With the exception of W7 the age profile of the Club’s supporters is frankly – old and getting older. We need more families and young supporters. What we don’t need is having to explain to our younger children who King Billy was and what his relationship was with the then Pope.
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