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  2. Brian, I'm not posting so much on here these days but popped in today after the nightclubs comment from the Scottish government spokesman and saw this exchange of posts. You are under no obligation to explain yourself and your personal choices to anyone. Certainly not a brainless nugget on a football forum. How you handle yourself is entirely a personal choice. I just wanted to make 2 comments. Firstly, we might well be as safe as we're ever going to be. I'm not sure what level of certainty you are after but this might be the floor of what we can expect. I'm not sure we'll ever get much lower than this if we ever want to fully open everything (which we should IMO). Secondly, you can't guarantee the safety of the people in your care. Every time you venture out of your house for shopping you risk picking up covid. You need to find a way of balancing that without feeling any sort of personal responsibility if someone under your care contracts it. Thinking that way is going to destroy you from the inside out so please don't do that. You're doing the best you can. You shouldn't lose sight of that. Good luck.
  3. I’ll nail my colours to the mast here. I voted yes for Kibble involvement, I didn’t vote for a coup !! Becoming increasingly disenchanted and suspicious of their actions and motives .
  4. As was and am I... I use "we" in the democratic majority sense. [emoji850][emoji26]
  5. I didn't. I was against it from the start, and thought it looked a bad deal. Nothing so far has changed my mind. If anything, I'm more solidly against it. It smells.
  6. You should never forfeit the right to complain . If something is not right or not what you expected ,I’d say you have every right to raise concerns and try to put things right .
  7. Oh deary deary me. Masks and Nightclubs So as long as you have a pint in your hand you will not be needing to wear a face mask in either pubs or nightclubs but it's too dangerous to go without one when picking up a pint of milk at Tesco. All this is according to a government spokesman as seen in that tweet. I feel sorry for anyone (including some professional scientists) who genuinely believed masking was all about the science. You are going to feel a bit f**king daft after today, if you have any sort of self awareness or humility whatsoever. Is anyone really going to mask up for milk knowing people can freely abandon those masks in virtually every other setting? You have to admit. It's pretty hilarious how much of a knot Sturgeon has tied herself up in because of her undying obsession with appearing to care more than Boris. A bit of advice Nicola. Go to the press tomorrow morning and announce that masking is highly recommended but no longer legally required. And never, EVER darken our doorsteps again with this nonsense ya big dafty.
  8. Without implying wrongdoing on anyone's part, I can't see how this situation can be deemed healthy. At the very least, without a competitive selection process you rarely get a good fit for a job. I have experience of working with (not for) charities that leads me to believe that the main purpose for some (not all) seems to be creating opportunity for office bearers and employees while doing the good work. as long as the latter takes precedence over the former then i guess that is often a situation we need to live with (like covid). I raised a FOI request with Kibble the other day after being told over a year and a half ago that Mr Jamieson was handling my request, maybe he just forgot. They are inextricably linked with our club now so I just have to hope that they will do something to make me feel happy about the way they work. Thus far it seems SMFC is a vehicle for the glorification of Kibble and not the other way round, which is a bit sad.
  9. Women's Football Australia 3 USA 4 Woke FC win Bronze.
  10. When looking on club website she’s down as general manager of marketing and admin, so maybe I’ve been a bit OTT here, just found the wording by the SLOs strange, strange she’s even at the meeting in all honesty now 😂
  11. As I said ‘shouldn’t have been too difficult’ but then I forgot about that part of the fiasco.
  12. We made our bed when we overwhelmingly supported the deal to allow Kibble all that power. Even though it was a done deal before being presented to fans... Even though TV was reporting on it as a done deal before SMISA had even seen the presentation far less voted. We, the fans, failed to do due diligence and voted with hearts in support of a flowery presentation. We forfeited the right to complain there and then. We could make some proposals via SMISA on the board... and hope that Kibble don't use their right to veto! [emoji850][emoji26][emoji174]
  13. In fairness, I’m not sure if General Manager is a level of management that we (as fans) generally need to know about. I expect to know about a change of CEO and we get to see the public nature of that role from Brian Caldwell and now Tony Fitz. I’m not sure the same applies to General Manager but others will know better than me. I suppose the most recent reference point is us being highlighted to the appointment of Ali Defoy to the Sales & Brand Mgt (?) position, which merited announcement but maybe that’s more public facing. The blending of Kibble into SMFC is the interesting bit for me.
  14. Erwin to Killie if their fans are to be believed.
  15. For the record , I don’t personally know Lynsey McLean , I have no idea if she is going to be good in this role or not. Just like any player coming to our club, I hope she plays a blinder and if she does the job well if she does she should get our full support . I am a wee bit concerned however that our club seem to be of the mindset “ if your from the Kibble , you’ve got the job “ The last guy seemed to get it using that criteria and as far as I can see - wasn’t exactly a roaring success, so we take option #2 from the same very limited pool of candidates . Was Ms McLean not considered last time or not considered good enough ? Will she be devoting her time 100% to the club and the multitude of things that require attention or will her “other” employer be calling her back as and when required leaving us with a part time GM ? I think we need to be hearing a bit more from the boardroom regarding the processes involved bringing people into senior positions in OUR CLUB and we should have some idea of what is expected of said individuals. Perhaps people’s suspicions of Kibble and their motives , good or bad, is being stoked by what many see almost as a takeover by stealth .
  16. Not really wanting to go the blame kibble route, but surely we should be getting told things like this? done a quick google search and you are both right… very weird
  17. Ideal but for one wee thing... The club had to ask US to provide THEM with our seat details when reregistering, adding fuel to the allegations that the database left with the last ticket provider! [emoji850]
  18. Agree with this - it really shouldn’t have been too difficult. They know who the ST holders are so they could simply have sent out 1039 invites to attend each of the home games to date. Start at the centre of the main stand or another random point and work round the stadium until you reach 1039 and for each refusal keep going (I can’t make the Hearts game) until the magic number is reached. Then for the next game start where you left off for the next 1039 in line. Groups would be kept together and by this stage all season ticket holders would have been offered at least one game based on ST sales to date. The above might be too simplistic but if other clubs can manage the allocation of seats to many thousands more fans than a mere 1039 maybe a simple approach is all that would have been required.
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  20. No idea These Kibble types are very flexible and interchangeable it seems
  21. The king of wrong strikes again. Flareybob has a better hit rate than you do.
  22. It’s another Kibble appointment. You/we don’t need to know. 😉
  23. As does our new GM 🙄. Perhaps she simply hasn’t updated it yet ? If only we had someone skilled in communication and public relations 🤔
  24. Shamrock Rovers to win 2-1
  25. The New Saints to lose 2-0
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