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  2. Tragic for such a young guy.
  3. Shocker. Apparently he’d been ill for some time, but to die at 36. I wasn’t aware he had an illness. Shame.
  4. Rumours the delay is down to Sunak threatening to resign. If he goes they are f**ked !
  5. Everyone knows he's to busy watching the rugby to inform folk of what's happening with folks lives. Or he's busy with another mistress.
  6. I'm not sure why you aren't including Ross County. They are gash too.
  7. shull

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  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54764579
  9. And anyone who seriously believes there will be are as mad as those spouting the shite. Bar mad professor types I've yet to hear anyone even suggesting it will become the norm.
  10. Sad news... Marius Zaliukas has died, just 36. [emoji26][emoji26][emoji26] Far too young.
  11. Today
  12. I would agree with that and say it is between us Accies Ross C and Livy for bottom stop.
  13. Boris locked in a fridge all afternoon predicting 6:30PM before he thaws out
  14. Love him as an actor and am mourning his death... Nothing but respect and admiration for him as an actor. But I lost a lot of respect for him as a person when he condoned slapping women. So many people turning a blind eye or excusing domestic abuse because of who it was. In later years he had an opportunity to basically say that when he made the original comment, times and attitudes were different... but instead, he defended his opinion that it was ok for a man to slap a woman. Domestic abuse is wrong. So many people are defending it. I really am struggling with that. [emoji26]
  15. Forgot all about this game and must have missed NS message to the fans not to travel to England to watch the game
  16. Have to say this is a shambles, almost 5:15, nothing. Most of the details appear to have already been leaked. Fast becoming my catch phrase, a fecking mess. BBC just hinting it could be closer to 6:00pm.
  17. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=2008&GameID=200808020
  18. You certainly did. @Wilbur was there that day you dullard. Him and I had a fantastic time and mixed well with the locals. No fighting involved. What is your issue with Wilbur. He’s a guid lad.
  19. As things stand..............................
  20. Scores to put Ayr 2 up! FFS Morton 3 Ayr 2 - Shoulda kept my mouth shut!
  21. United, Kilmarnock & Motherwell all outwith our reach now not impossible but improbable imo. Sounding like a broken record here but history tells us we won't win 3/4 more matches than the 3 mentioned teams between now and end of the season. I expect this season to be the season us and Hamilton are cast adrift and after great start pointswise but not performancewise we just never really recovered from Shaugnessey red card.
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