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  2. Not sure, perhaps as a compromise, sweeten the deal going forward for both HL and LL teams. Currently they really have only half a promotion slot (or 1/3 of you consider they have to play 2 playoffs to go up) Instead of forcing both league winners into a playoff against each other and then have the winner fighting it out with the worst team in league 2, offer automatic promotion for each league winner going forward. Maybe even keep the playoffs but the 2 runners up fight it out and winner plays 3rd bottom of the restructured league 1.
  3. Apologies, it would. 6 up from league 1 to championship in that case.
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  5. Many thanks to those who have completed the survey. It is appreciated.
  6. Maybe not best ever but definitely the best I've seen at a game I've been at this season.
  7. It might well be the fairest way to do it to be honest and it would perhaps avoid legal challenges although you would still have to deal with the issue of possible promotion from the Highland and Lowland Leagues.
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  9. Did you find any ginger bottles?
  10. It’s late so excuse me if I’m wrong but would that not give us 14-12-16?
  11. It's not a surprise. To my mind they have done it wrong, as have we in the UK. It's the stupidity of trying to manage the virus using country borders. In Italy their healthcare system was overwhelmed in the North where the hot spot was. In the south their healthcare isn't so good and - as with all governments their intention was to "flatten the curve" to ease pressure on their healthcare system - so what the Italian government decided to do was to lock down the whole country. The thing is 450 miles away in the Molise region there has only been 127 confirmed cases of Coronavirus compared to 41.007 in Lombardy. To lock down the Molise Region for the last three weeks looks utterly futile and stupid. Whilst a lock down in Lombardy made perfect sense, it was quite obviously way too early to lock down Molise. In the UK we've done the same thing. We've chosen to lock down the whole of the UK despite the fact that the hot spots are clearly in London and Birmingham. Quite why the Highlands - 42 positive cases so far; Borders - 50 positive cases so far; Fife - 58 positive cases so far; Dumfries and Galloway - 63 confirmed cases; or Shetlands - 24 positive case so far is something only the Scottish Government knows! It seems bonkers to treat those vast areas - Highlands is 9,906 sq mi - in the same way as you would the tiny landmass that London sits - 607 sq mi - on where 5,299 positive cases have been detected so far!
  12. I remember me and a school chum who lived in Caledonia street made a swing in the old north bank during the close season, he tied a rope around one of the steel support beams and stood on a Stanchion near the top and swung out over the terracing, just mid- swing the knot on the rope slipped and he fell directly onto a stanchion legs apart! Don’t think he got any Father’s Day cards. True story
  13. Brilliant, isn't it. It takes a crisis to discover that the NHS has been wasting money all along.
  14. Reports now surfacing of social unrest in Italy Let’s hope the UK sees sense and abandons the fascist police state before we do any more unnecessary damage to the country
  15. If it cant be built with a hammer,screwdriver and duck tape then it's no good to me.
  16. I was going to draw a graph but cant find where the grandson put the crayons, just hope to feck it wasnt up his nose.
  17. Unless your actual name is GMan then we all use an alias , me I only have one on here.
  18. I remember one summer in the early 80s running around the Love street pitch, my older sister stayed in Mossvale and had a bin bag full of ginger bottles, me and a mate were taking them round to the shop at the corner of Albion street when we noticed a turnstile door lying open, so we jumped in and layed the bag down and had a wee runaround the pitch and a seat in the dugouts, when we got back some cnut had fecked off with the ginger bottles..😪...True story BTW.
  19. Call season as it is but scrap relegation. Go to 3 x 14 team leagues. 2 come up from Championship 4 go up from League 1 Rest of league 1 merges with league 2. Either 3 rounds of 13 games (preferable) for 39 games or 2 rounds of 13 then split after 26 and top and bottom 7 play each other home and away for 38 games. Straight 2 up 2 down, no playoffs. If playoffs are insisted, 3rd bottom plays 3rd top in one off game at neutral ground.
  20. ^^^^^^ Let me guess..........................RIP? Desperately post building.
  21. MIT posts free plans for emergency ventilator that can be built for $100. https://scitechdaily.com/mit-posts-free-plans-online-for-an-emergency-ventilator-that-can-be-built-for-100/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  22. Getting mixed up, talking shit isn't the same.
  23. Obviously guilty. I mean just look at him. A guy like that is either going to pay for it or just take it by force. String him up, I reckon
  24. I heard some cups were stolen... ...the tea lady was furious.
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