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  2. Anyone want to start a Draughts league? , now that’s something wee can get our teeth around.
  3. Baccus was outstanding in the centre of midfield. Sad to see Ethan go, we’re losing strength in depth. However, I think Baccus is better than Ethan in the centre and I think Kiltie brings more creativity to the side.
  4. Buying shares in St Mirren is a private transaction between Kibble and the seller of the shares. It’s not an investment in the football club at all. 😂🤡
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  6. Seems like semantics, the money they have put in to buy shares in St Mirren is for a reason, it's an "investment" in the future of the football club and grow their own business. Again, the points complement each other, if they can improve St Mirren, that is in the Kibble's interest. I don't imagine such a thing would happen for free, no. It would have to be voted on and there isn't enough of a benefit to the football club to do that for a partner for no extra funds. That's where there is a difference in having it as the SMISA stadium, growing that brand hopefully leads to more subscriptions and more dosh to benefit the club. A bit irrelevant to me, the ownership model now, is what it is. I know a comparatively small number (based on the voting assumption) of people were anti-Kibble before this deal went through and the pitchforks have been out for any little thing ever since. But the reality is, things are generally going pretty well at the club. - Great performances on the park & league position - Sellable player assets continue to churn out (as proven yet again in January) & a really strong squad - High attendance & merchandise sales - Good investment in our infrastructure and changes to our operating model (as was promised when the Kibble came in). I get the loss noted in the accounts last year was a sore one, but people would really need to push hard to blame the Kibble for that IMO. This deal seems to be working for the club, whether anyone who was against it wants to accept that or not.
  7. Baccus played one of his best performances yesterday and although the team was a bit frustrating in the first half they excelled in the second half. Even if Aberdeen had 11 players throughout the game we would still have beaten them. They are over a year from getting back to where they think they should be. Must say Main's goals were the best of the season so far. Also impressed by the young Small - really sharp and fast.
  8. It IS Barclay Street. I wasn't adamant about wee Storie Street. (Hamlet.... All those streets end on to Canal Street - and George Street. We all also knew it as Stow Brae, with Stow Street leading through to Causeyside from there .) Barclay Street vanished in the demolition, along with West Buchanan Street and Sir Michael Street. Barr street survived: I lived there till we flitted 50 metres intae a new hoose. Those street names were all amended to be reused in the new scheme. I used to get intae that huge rail shed and climb into the roof spaces on dark evenings collecting nesting/roosting pigeons for a guy in Barr Street, who "bred and raced them". Stuffed down my jumper. He did have a derelict hoose in his close, in which pigeons were kept But... thinking back, reality might have been different. They might have provided meagre meat. .
  9. One poster says he’s not convinced Gallagher’s goal is over the line! The Dons defender has his left foot actually on the goal line while his right leg is obviously way behind, striking the ball…..
  10. A run of fixtures like this gives me the fear. They are all loseable and I fear we’ll all end up disappointed Then again, any fixtures give me the fear, I expect to lose every game
  11. I find this to be sexist, misogynistic, transphobic and even racist (white male privilege) As a lesbian trans woman myself, I’m going to report this as hate speech.
  12. We need to get this guy signed up on another 2 year deal asap I fear he’s going to leave in the summer. From a financial perspective it will no doubt be worth his while. From a football perspective, this is one of the best spells in his career and I can see him getting even better under Robinson if he stays with us. His confidence is growing.
  13. Small looks as if he could be a very clever acquisition particularly for the next 2 games. Youan at hibs and Celtic's formation causes problems for our full backs. Hope he is match fit and ready to go.
  14. Telling the truth here in the sense that last year I was very much of the opinion that it was not Robinson team when he came in and we were on the bad run, however bit by bit he is building something good. I’ve got to state though, regardless of that poor run the abuse the man took from his own fans walking up those stairs after the 4 - 2 away to Motherwell was absolutely disgraceful. What a job this guy is doing!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. If you are in need of a laugh have a wee read of the Aberdeen forum, complete meltdown. https://afc-chat.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/46481-fmb-1-3-st-mirren/
  16. No, MASSIVE black and white army ! Supreme effort X
  17. Your use of the word "opporchancity" is to be applauded. I use it frequently, and people just stare at me 😊
  18. Disappointing this thread hasn't been visited for a while.
  19. Think I can see five in total both teams Bobby Pinkerton, Alex Ferguson, Peter Kane, Dougie Imrie and Thierry Small
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