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  2. Cheers, missed it as was [emoji42] Talk about a reaction. [emoji16]
  3. "Johannes Edvaldsson dead at 70 as former Celtic and Motherwell hero passes away - Daily Record" https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/johannes-edvaldsson-dead-70-former-23377948.amp
  4. Immense. Outstanding Riveting We are back. The only way is up that fecking Table. Bring on the Celtic. No fears.
  5. Goody has brought two youngsters back from loan, assuming the intention is to bring them in as appropriate or necessary.
  6. I can't imagine many haven't seen the goals but here they are anyway.
  7. Jim saying tonight that Foley probably away and looking to getting a left footed defender to provide cover at the back as all our back four are right footed.
  8. It's on Saturday with a 3PM k/o. Correct!
  9. Looked likely when he was omitted from squad tonight. IMO done as a midfielder, but decent CB cover. We have Finlayson so if we improve the squad after he departs then good for me.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Flynn and McGrath were outstanding tonight. As was Ethan and Durmus/Connolly. Throw JDH into that mix and we have a really good midfield. Admittedly D Utd were pish, but the shape worked and it seems a good old fashioned 442 may be the way ahead. Defence picks itself, for the time being, we don't concede many. Goalie top drawer. Up top Brophy, who I thought worked his socks off tonight and will be an asset, with any 3 from Obika, Dennis or Erwin. Was curious to see Brophy/Obika and did tonight. Now curious to see Brophy/Dennis with balls on the deck from midfield, or in behind. Anyway, happy days. Off to the piggery with no fears on Saturday. COYS
  12. Spot on. Exactly what I thought when I saw it. Only one balcony has a chance of early morning sun. No comparison with property in Cotton Street facing the Abbey.
  13. If anyone wants an iptv sub, send me a PM, from £40 for a full year. *I'm not the reseller
  14. And Saint Mirren fans are not allowed to watch it.
  15. I assume I got the above details right...? (hard to find mention of this match.) Anyway... same again, Jim. No Fear. One Town, one team.
  16. KO was delayed at least twice due to crowd congestion. Great day Yeah, attendance was nearly 9000
  17. KO was delayed at least twice due to crowd congestion. Great day
  18. There looks to be 1 flat with balcony on a sorta eastern aspect, (above Marshall lane) from which you might benefit from the southern warmth, but it’s sunsets would be blocked by Orchard Street. perhaps I’m just a big saftie.
  19. Not a fan at all as think he is very immature in all aspects but tonight he broke up play brilliantly and really dug in, great performance...
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