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  2. shull

    Irish, Ulster and Scottish Teams in Europe

    Molde 1 Hibernian 2
  3. shull

    Irish, Ulster and Scottish Teams in Europe

    Tonights the night , out go the shite. MARIBOR 2 SEVCO ( 2012 ) 0
  4. shull


    One time Saints "wonderkid". Should have done a lot more in the Game. Hope he is saving his best for The Lie. Arthurlie FC 14 hrs · CRAIG MOLLOY ARRIVES AT DUNTERLIE Arthurlie are pleased to confirm the signing of midfielder Craig Molloy from Cambuslang Sevco Welcome to Dunterlie, Craig!
  5. Soctty

    Liam Smith

    You were quoting my post...
  6. Reasonable amount rather than a set amount for League matches. Scottish Cup, there is a minimum set percentage for away fans. League Cup, I dunno.
  7. Late 1960's , early 1970's. it looked like they occupied 99% of Love Street. All I can remember is a couple of hundred Season Ticket Holders in the Main Stand/Enclosure and another group of our Fans down the front of the North Bank. Obviously there were more scattered throughout the Stadium, but they generally remained unsurprisingly quiet, while surrounded by the Bigots.
  8. helpmaboab

    Old Firm fan allocation poll

    Do the SFA demand clubs provide a ticket allocation for visiting supporters? If so what are the rules? Anybody know?
  9. shull

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Remember when this was the Away End and it cost not very much to get in.
  10. Many of us will be old enough to remember that we used to give away about 80% of Love Street when either of the ugly sisters come to visit. In the terracing days they would get the whole away end, and the home end behind the goals, and a good chunk of the main stand and enclosure too. Originally when they were in the split home end there was only a few coppers between the two sets of fans until they eventually put in an iron fence that allowed the home end to be split in two when they visited. There was no holding fans back at the end, all the Saints fans had to leave via the Love Street end exit, along with a few thousand of their lot. It was fucking carnage.
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  12. shull

    Football & Other Sports Photos Of Interest

    Naw Like Annan,it is faraway from Paisley
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  14. After a process of elimination......... Annan?
  15. Dan Is The Man

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    It’s not just Sunday though, is it? This time last year he was giving away penalties and getting sent off when we got thumped at Cappielow. He’s made more than a few costly mistakes. The fact is he made his first team debut the same season as Morgan and Mallan, those lads as you know have gotten big moves away from the club. He hasn’t developed the way we thought he would and we should just accept that, he wasn’t first choice last year and won’t be this year when our squad is eventually assembled.
  16. Do you have any links to this park?
  17. whydowebother

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Welcome to our club. I think if we are taking players from Man U, Southampton, Birmingham etc then it speaks volumes for having Stubbs as our manager for the clubs to trust him to manage them appropriately and also for St Mirren as the clubs & players see us as a good option to develop. McGinn,McClean,McAllister,Mallan etc are products of St Mirren and Longwell, other clubs know we are building something long term. These players are here to do a job and develop, we will benefit from this. Wait till you see our next two signings also and where they come from.
  18. Palmerston before it was done up
  19. Wendy Saintss

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Other than the ones that sign on permanently or join on loan again for a second season.
  20. rabuddies

    John McGinn

    They played the whole thing on Talksport yesterday, his teammates joining in but he missed the high note at the end.
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