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  2. If the greens weren't pro indy, the SNP would probably have got a lot more votes on the list (and the greens less) and gained at least one more seat.
  3. No recovery necessary, it was what I was alluding to all the time.
  4. I'll wait until I'm behind to do that then. Just answer the question, what did I say that was incorrect? I never said he mentioned the number of games, what exactly is your point? I think you better go back and read what was actually said and not rely on what you think was said. I pointed out the flaw in only using points as a measure when going to back to years that had a different number of games and a different points system. For instance, if they decided that next season was to be 10 points for a win and we won six games, finished bottom and were relegated, do you think that directly comparing points totals and saying "the most points we've had since 19 canteen" would be a good measurement? Of course it wouldn't. Now, if you would kindly stop trying to put words (or anything else) in my mouth, it would be much appreciated.
  5. Dummett. Our own Julio Geordio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYXWzP-GuUc
  6. 2nd jab coming next week. Can't wait. Get that AZ or Pfizery goodness inside me now. Hope the microchip they inject into me reboots faster than the one they gave me with the first jab. The internet signal was a nightmare. No facebook, no twitter.... Get it sorted Bill. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the brilliant scientists across the world who created these vaccines so quickly and essentially ended serious illness and deaths amongst those who have had their jabs. That has been the greatest achievement since the discovery of penicillin.
  7. No. Using a football analogy, having you in the team is like being 3 men down. Basically I'm saying that you are less than useless, a hinderance to your own side, etc. Nice recovery. I will accept that argument.
  8. Today
  9. The refusal of the MHRA to consider vaccine injury makes a mockery of any pretensions they claim to have that their only concern is public safety . The figures are there they are no longer hidden. ETA : do you know who coined the term 'conspiracy theory' ? Oh aye , and where are are all those people that said mass vaccination of entire populaces , vaccines passports and mass 'chipping' were all conspiracy theories ? Is someone making and obscene fortune out of peoples fears ?
  10. Won f**k aw , only in by reason of the subservient 'Greens' , you obviously prefer diarrhea to shite. .
  11. Where did Topcat say the number of games were the same? Christ. You're having a mare here mate. As I said at first outing. You were, at the very least, being pedantic. I'd quit while I was behind if I were you.
  12. Ok, point to where I said, or even insinuated, he was wrong. I've already said that I never said that, do keep up, ffs. More to the point, show me what I said that was wrong. Compared to a 36 game season, we haven't got a game to spare, we have played one more. What exactly is your point here, you just seem to have jumped in trying to start an argument. Are you fed up arguing with yourself?
  13. Easy!😯 In saying that every Wednesday and Friday morning I feel over 60 after footy night before😂😂
  14. Thought that was the case. Certainly been a few like him at the club through the years.
  15. Are you suggesting we've had more than 44 points in any season Topcat mentioned? Update: Best points tally in a top flight season since the 80’s 44. Any other season we've had this? With one game to spare! We have one more game to play. Correct. I don't see anywhere in this statement where he was wrong.
  16. I see the Scot Gov have revealed themselves to be anti vaxxer conspiracy theorists today by keeping Glasgow in level 3. They clearly don’t believe that vaccines will reduce serious illness, hospitalisations and deaths in the vulnerable. Oh dear.
  17. No. Using a football analogy, having you in the team is like being 3 men down. Basically I'm saying that you are less than useless, a hinderance to your own side, etc.
  18. I've just checked Bet 365, no odds available. In other words, no chance.
  19. Ally McLeod made that mistake with Sandy Jardine and Big Gordon McQ for Argentina: faithful (but at the time, injured) servants. It's a lovely, cuddly thought but impractical... IMHO
  20. Nifty! If both statements are correct, then the first is rendered redundant and/or obfuscatory. So you were never living in Paisley... so what is your big team, then? Also are you suggesting that "where slarti is coming from" is also not Paisley? I'm at a loose end.
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