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  2. A frightening level of incompetence.
  3. I came from Ferguslie, as HSS said there was a few families of Mullans from Feegie, but I must admit some of them had a bit of a dodgy reputation, although I do remember a really nice family who lived in Ferguslie park Avenue I remember the old mother was in a wheelchair and they had a son who died after being knocked down on FPA after getting off a bus back in the 60s, maybe its that family your searching for, I know the sister and still see her from time to time, PM me if any of this rings a bell..
  4. There was a Gerald MullEn but he lived on George Street, before his building got demolished in the 50s. He's still in Paisley - I think - spotted him a couple of times at matches. Maybe just visiting, like me.
  5. Today
  6. There are loads of Mullens in Feegie.I used to work with a Danny Mullen but he passed away a couple of years ago.
  7. Just in case anyBuddie thinks I am over reacting to The Buffoon and his inept coterie... Watch this.
  8. Maybe someone could merge this with the one that was correctly started in the Match Day thread.
  9. Indeed. I heard a member of the scientific panel on Radio 4 this morning say that they had been asked to estimate a worst case scenario!
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/11/health/coronavirus-schools-reopen.html?campaign_id=154&emc=edit_cb_20200713&instance_id=20279&nl=coronavirus-briefing&regi_id=137848518&segment_id=33308&te=1&user_id=16ac9ff101290f4b50012a50c5917bb7 Good article from the NYT. A lot of points to ponder. If you sign up (free) for morning updates, you get access to lots of interesting articles, via e-mail. I'd copy it, but it's too lengthy and I'm too lazy. How to Reopen Schools: What Science and Other Countries Teach Us
  11. A week on Saturday supposedly.
  12. In the link you posted, a BBC correspondent actually answers your queries. Did you not read the article? I'll explain a wee bit about science and the scientific method to you. Experience and more data is scrutinised by the practising scientist and their predictions adjusted to cater for that new info. The first set of mortality info in Spring, on which earlier preparations were based, were soon found to be flawed. Wildly overstated. This may well be the case, again. BUT BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY. These warnings might make this inept, Buffoon-led government behave in a responsible manner.
  13. FFS, got me foaming at the mouth looking at that picture 🤢
  14. Duff info from the Fakes it would seem. We are playing them a week on Saturday.
  15. According to you yesterday, these folk would die anyway.
  16. Spain surely on the verge of new restrictions, well over 2000 new cases yesterday and it's no longer restricted to a couple of "hot spots". Add foreign tourists in the mix and it's a recipe for a far wider spread. Similar starting to emerge in Greece now who are close to record daily new cases after largely missing the initial surge.
  17. [emoji6] https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53316283
  18. The treble only produced ONE correct result, on a day of surprise results. Last night, I had Man United at -1...........................was fairly confident for most of the game, alas, scorned chances seen that go down the tubes. Unsure about taking Chelsea at minus anything tonight as they are inconsistent, but Norwich are gash.............I'll wait and see nearer the time.
  19. Some "good" news, Scottish police didn't hand out one fine over the weekend for people not complying with the face mask instruction. I'm pleasantly surprised, as there was one shopper in Dundee on Sunday who wasn't wearing one. He probably had asthma.
  20. Aye, there were similar big numbers, anywhere between 300,000 and 500,000 as I recall by UK scientists in the early days of this mess. With the lessons learned, the top end of these scaremongering numbers is more than unlikely, IMO. There's a wee bit at the end of the link you posted that's more likely to be the case, again, IMO................... Less pessimistic winter scenarios are also possible, with coronavirus deaths in the thousands.
  21. Today's match..........................surely Chelsea, inconsistent as they are, should thump Norwich?
  22. Indeed, more likely to get Mullered than Mullan on here [emoji2]
  23. There are a few "Paisley" groups on FB that this kind of question usually gets a good response to, might be worth trying those if this doesn't get you anywhere.
  24. I'm not sure that they are "confident" as you put it. They suggest a wider range than your snippet suggests. They also emphasise that a variety of actions could radically reduce the numbers. Worth taking note of, for sure, but not a cue to panic.
  25. UK scientists are warning that a second wave of covid in winter will see 120,000 deaths. They are even talking about 250,000 by next February. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53392148 I wonder what they've corrected in their modelling to be confident of those numbers.
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