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  2. Notice again, no rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling when it's a real foul and the player is really injured.
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  4. Lyceum Cinema, Govan 1960
  5. Think they overreacted.... silly P&B....would give you a like but don't seem to have that function
  6. Yup... His corners were terrorising to any defence and keeper and did indeed result in goals. They were impossible to defend against.
  7. And I don't understand why ANYONE would endorse the destruction of millions of peoples' lives, homes and communities to do so. The Israelis, from day one, have indiscriminately bombed hospitals, homes, villages and decanted millions to "safe areas" only to make those areas unsafe by indiscriminately bombing those regions. It really makes me wonder if there wasn't SOME truth in the disgraced labour candidates assertions.
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