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  1. Blairy_the_Bulgarian

    Albert Kuqi

    Seems to be on trial at the moment . Brother of Shefki Kuqi . 23 year old forward . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Kuqi Scouting agency on Twitter saying he is on trial at Scottish championship club and playing for them v league 1 English club. Are we not playing Oldham tomorrow ? https://twitter.com/ukesn/status/620977294560112642 Also chatting with fellow trialist Cameron Howieson on Twitter Maybe another team but sounds like it could be us
  2. Blairy_the_Bulgarian

    Gary Dicker

    Sun has the 27 year old Irish midfielder signing until end of the season. At Rochdale at the moment , ex Birmingham and Brighton . http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Dicker A "Dilo" and a "Dicker" in the same team !
  3. Blairy_the_Bulgarian

    Greg Wylde

    Seemingly on loan till end of season- http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/453927/Gregg-Wylde-s-a-deal-made-with-Goodwillie
  4. Blairy_the_Bulgarian

    Speculation Thread

    Google search has uncovered this http://www.rioave-fc.pt/noticias/verdetalhes.php?registo=2573 Translated saying that he is signing for six months on loan. Few tweets saying that he is signing for the fakes . Don't know if the club website has mixed up the saints . Winger / Striker if true
  5. Blairy_the_Bulgarian

    Speculation Thread

    A journalist on twitter has just posted " @lee_ryder: Reports in Scotland say that St Mirren are close to agreeing a loan deal for Paul Dummett #nufc " left sided defender that can play centre half . Captained Newcastle reserves a few times aswell