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  1. Sit tight we don't have time 8 goals in 2 games the way its going hearts will have there 15 points back before we have any players when because tomorrow in my opinion is to late. Dl has proved me wrong in the past but this squad just isn't strong enough only player I thought I could see breaking through was naismith.
  2. I think the board trying to save money wish they would spend some on the Morton no 9 thought we would of built on the cup win. Fed up hearing players coming where are they where were they today or in Spain when we needed them now or if we sighn any one they will be 2 weeks behind the rest of the team
  3. After watching that sh-te today we need lb 2cb 2 strikers thought magregor and mcausland were shocking today the new goalie could not catch a cold the only 2 players who showed up were teal and the sub naismith
  4. Don't realy care about freindlies but would hate to lose to Morton at bowls never mind football
  5. Think Goodwin should stay in midfeild just behind break up play and can't see magregor and mccausland as regular centre backs every week don't rate mair that much we need defenders
  6. I think we need 2 defenders and a striker. Why not look to the lower leagues we need some one who will be at the club in the future so it can't be a loan and it can't be anyone over 30 and someone st.mirren can afford any ideas?
  7. Can anyone tell me who the leftbacks and defenders will be I don't want Goodwin playing at the back I don't think he is a natural at that position and he's better helping in midfeild who have skill but none of them are tacklers and with Goodwin a year older does he have the legs for it now?.
  8. When are we going to sighn a left back and a central defender
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