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  1. Welcome Myles!

    I am for one very happy with this signing. Every time he has played against us either with Livingston or Falkirk any time he has got on the ball ive thought he looked dangerous with his running power while on the ball and strength. He definitely offers something different to the team that we might not have at the moment.

    Everyone has different opinions on him but he is now a St.Mirren player. Let’s get behind him just like we have with every other player this season

  2. IMO I think Andy Ryan would be a really good investment. There is a good potential there for him to turn into a better player playing within a better team.

    Obviously early doors in his career but signs are there that he could progress well.

    Dropped down the leagues to prove himself to get that chance to move back up.

    I would be really happy if we were to sign him.

    2 year deal with year option (before anyone says that's a big risk, every player we sign is a risk cause you never know exactly how they are going to turn out to be like)

  3. Absolutely tremendous!! All season been waiting for a performance with a bit of fight and dig in it and finally got one tonight!

    Just showed tonight how much it meant to everyone that was there at the end!
    Fans were brilliant again! Constantly backed the team from the very start.
    Anyone know the official number of fans that went down cause we certainly made ourselves heard?

    Last minute decision to go paid off big time! COYS!!

  4. Any idea if he will make the squad next weekend? He's a huge loss when not playing, massive player for us.

    Don't think he will be fit for the Morton game. Think more than likely be the Raith game or to be safe keep him for the following weekend incase he makes the injury worse coming back early.

    When fully fit IMO he should be one of the first names in the starting line up

  5. Always thought Gow is technically pretty good but it's everything else that does along with it. Injuries and lack of effort sometimes.

    Personally I wouldn't give him a new contract next season as he has hardly played any football for us so far. Just been there picking up a wage for the last 6 months or so

    Definitely could put that wage to good use for someone else

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