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  1. What a result, we have won a watch.

    Jack's first signing for Ipswich will be Sammy and because Jack had the foresight to extend Sammy's Contract, lots of transfer money will come our way.

    Things are not looking too bad now.

    Huge compensation for Jack and at least half a million for Craig, for our new Manager to play with and of course a reasonable percentage getting put away for a rainy day.

    JJ, the Club Leak, will be along shortly to confirm.

  2. Absolute pantomime at the moment. Our preparations for new season are getting severely compromised. 

    Him down at Ipswich, next week it will be another club down south, then another. 

    He will not be our manager come our first match, that I have no doubt. 

    Jack needs sidelined now and till he is gone. 

    Get our new Boss in now so we can start preparing properly for the Premiership. 

    Ross could alternatively come out now and say he is staying for next season and promise he won't be making any more trips to talk with any other Club. 

    St Mirren are praying we start buying Season Tickets next week. 

    Any good reason ? 

  3. 19 hours ago, Isle Of Cumbrae Bud said:

    How thick does anybody have to be ? 

    If drinking alcohol turns a ' Dr Jekyll ' person into a 'Mr Hyde '

    Why is Paul McGowan still consuming alcohol ? 

    Very thick. 


    11 hours ago, lenziebud said:

    Probably because he has a serious drink problem.

    The trouble he is getting into in life won't stop probably until he stops drinking full stop.

    Many people are very thick on the influence and destruction that alcohol can bring to an individuals life.

    He seems to be very thick before he consumes alcohol. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, shull said:


    If I kidded on I was a helpless, hopeless, soapless and homeless junkie bassa, would Treehugger Drew stop ignoring me and let me kip in his Man Shed ?  :D


    13 minutes ago, shull said:

    Or wid he deport me to Greenock ? 


    7 minutes ago, shull said:

    But Drew would. :wub:


    6 minutes ago, shull said:

    And that's not nice Hendo. 

    Have a heart. 

    You are now on ignore. 

    Too painful reading your posts. 

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