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  1. Totally gutted .....was with Wullie in the pub when we heard the news...so so sad.Derek was a top guy and Saints all the way through.To say the lads were stunned by this news is an understatement.Had many a good laugh with Derek at the games,home and away and he always managed to put a smile on your face with his patter.Rest in peace buddie...you will always be remembered and will be sadly missed.

  2. Roger Moore - surprisingly good as a suave eyebrow raising SH

    Nicol Williamson - underrated and generally forgotten actor who hates Helen Mirren

    Michael Caine in a film where the Holmes/Watson roles were reversed

    Rupert Everett - quite a pervy adaptation

    Basil Rathbone - who else?

    Waiting to see how Robert Downey Jnr. will do.

    ....................and the worst Peter Cook in an adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles with the Carry On crew.

    Peter Cushing did a decent job in the Hammer version of The Hound of the Baskervilles

    Jeremy Brett was magic too....although by the look of his eyeballs I think he took the method acting a bit too far!

    Seem to mind a film called Young Sherlock too...forget who played him...but it was utter gash.

  3. After today's news that 'First Quench' the parent company of Haddows/Threshers/Victoria Wine etc, have gone into admin; Victoria Wine on Moss Street is having a fire sale, as is Haddows on Maxwellton St. Neilston Road Haddows to remain in business for now...


    Aye but Haddows are giving their long serving employees early retirement....and the packages are absolute gash....I have it on good authority.

  4. In a show of support for the club, we should hold regular magic bottle vigils at the training ground. The Supras could organise it - lots of sweary placards, a few fireworks and big Shuggie leading the choir. :)

    Toys R Us are doing a sale oan Star Wars goodies......a chibbed up lightsabre duel would be epic.

    No doubt they'll call enviromental health next to complain about a giant invisible bee disturbing their peace :rolleyes:

  5. That banner that keeps appearing for their new single is getting oan ma nipple ends.Every time you go near it a big drop down windae appears with an advert....its a pain in the arse. :angry:

  6. Them? What, Van Morrison's old band? :blink:

    I wish Van and Chuck Berry would do a tour together and save loads of punters a whack of dosh......neither of them KIn be arsed no more but are happy to faff about for a purse! It's well shoddy..and you know what am gettin at my B(Flat) bud.Deedly etc :P

    Yeah....them Canadians....Dae we still own them?....might be a royalty cheque in there somewhere......Rush buy St.Mirren....aw man :lol:

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