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  1. Thank you for your quick response,I am stopped from driving so I cant get down for the meeting as my wife doesn't drive, If you pm me nearer the start of the season we will gladly meet you and Join

    We need more ambulant disabled members to join in order to let the club/clubs know we are supporters with, as I call it, unseen disabilities.

    Last night's meeting was the election of chairman and treasurer with John Clark continuing as chair, and Ian Laurie continuing as treasurer.

    The next meeting is due on 22nd August at 7pm in the Boardroom

  2. I have often thought that the best way to contain OF fans in our stadium was to allocate them the North & South stands. That way, the constabulary/stewards could keep these taurags in for 15 minutes after a game. Shock, Horror, I find now they are being allocated their normal part of the West stand as well !!!

    I will now seriously consider whether to renew my ST, or start following a local Junior team.

    It's the disregard of St Mirren supporters in pursuit of an extra few bob that gets to me, and it is just a few bob!

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