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  1. 1 hour ago, ALBIONSAINT said:

    I have clicked the button that asks if you have forgotten your password (which I haven’t but seemed like a good idea) but have not had a email to reset. Answers on a postcard please....

    I don't think the forgotten password link works. I couldn't get logged in with my ST number or my changed password. Didn't get an e-mail about password so I e-mailed them and they fixed it within an hour and gave me a new password.

    I know there is a huge number of different devices so probably not unexpected there would be some issues but surprised that many got the full 90 with sound issues yet some people couldn't log on at all.  

  2. I thought the picture quality was pretty decent for me, not much worse than other streams I get. Occasionally dropped to low res but usually came back within 10s. 

    The sound was dreadful first half, but to be fair that didn't really matter too much and was much better second half. Overall was pretty decent from my viewpoint. 

    Wonder why it was fine for some whilst others seem to have struggled- pity they didn't get a game to check before hand but no doubt just teething trouble. 

  3. I thought the first half was pretty poor. We were very pedestrian in going forwards., jogging about with the 'pre-season friendly attitude' and failed to attack them. The lack of width with CMs everywhere didn't help us out, but too often players decided to pass backwards instead of taking responsibility and committing a man or playing a difficult ball.

    Lost count of times we played it across the back 4 then went to midfield before going back across the back 4 which Edinburgh were delighted with. Cooke up top on his own was a honking call too, most of the time he got the ball, if he didn't take a poor touch he was isolated with nobody but City players near him and it let City have more time on the ball when they did get it as we weren't immediately on them. 

    The changes to go 2 up top helped second half and we showed a bit more then and had a few more chances- it seemed a little bit better, but still below par. 

    It's clear we're massively short of players with quality. McAllister, Popescu, Dryer, Musek even Nazon would have added to that team positively last night. 

  4. Felt we were pretty rubbish today all in all. Wrong lineup to start with, we are crying out for someone who can win a high ball so lord alone knows why Cooke didn't start- every high ball was meat and drink to the Dundee defence. 

    Quite glad they went down to 10 and have a bombscare in goals without that I think it would have been a real struggle. We'll have to be much better against United. 


  5. 3 hours ago, Soctty said:

    Kearney was slammed for not bringing Jones on, and when he does it is clear why he didn't before. He's only been given time now because we're desperately trying to find something that works with a squad which is nowhere near good enough. A thankless task for the manager. I'm almost at the stage where I'd prefer to see some academy boys thrown in than some of the more experienced guys who are toiling. At least we'd get some energy and enthusiasm in their display.

    Jones might not be the answer, but I'd have preferred a straight swap than bringing on MacPherson and shifting McGinn which didn't seem to work that well.

    I'd give MacPherson a try on the right mid before Edwards though as he seems decent enough going forward. 

  6. 59 minutes ago, TPAFKATS said:
    2 hours ago, Soctty said:
    I certainly did, but I didn't think the manager should be in line for the boot because he went out before September almost every other year, It's incidental - the league is where the manager is measured. You only need to look at how Gus and Danny fared after getting to a final and winning it - both booted out not too long after.

    I appreciate its probably a typo, however Gus never won the cup. Its probably the main reason most fans lost patience with him.

    No. Gus was binned because of negative football and aiming for 11th place, whilst teams around us like St Johnstone and Hamilton came up and finished higher! He also seemed to love defensive centre mids! 

  7. 10 hours ago, GeordieBuddie said:

    After tonight's performance, I think it echo's more than ever that reinforcements are needed.  Stubbs going straight down the tunnel, while McGinn took the time to come to thank the travelling buddies. 

    Myles Hippolyte was brought in by JR to replace Morgan this season that was plain to see and he wasn't even given a chance, 

    We should of went full tilt for Robbie Neilson IMO.... Thought's!

    Stubbs was right not to come over. He would have got a mouthful of abuse given fans were booing the team and him off. McGinn has more of a connection with the fans and they are far less likely to give him the same issues as a player. 

    Hippolyte a Morgan replacement? I suspect Jack was regretting that one with his performances last season, never a Premiership player! 

    How do we know Robbie Neilson, a man who failed at MK Dons and was talking down budgets and the club on radio after Jack left, would be the man?

  8. 7 hours ago, Greenhill Road said:

    Ok here goes, hard hat on for all the flack heading my way. There is no chance of us selling 5000 season tickets or getting that as home crowd against bigots unfortunately. I would grab the money from them to give us best chance to compete for top 6 place. I would keep West and Main stand for us. I would give them both stands behind goals, sell ST’s for family stand either to include bigot games on the understanding Buds are moved to West/Main stand (their choice which stand) and sell cheaper ST for family stand to exclude those games as historically the family stand is quieter on bigot games as folks don’t want kids to attend.
    I would keep the bigots in for 10/15 minutes after the game to let the good people time to get on our way.
    I would love to be proved wrong with our attendances but the last two promotions we went back to our normal home crowd levels in the top flight. I genuinely think we will do better with JR & JF and crowds will be up but not to the extent people are saying.
    Would love to be proved wrong but can’t see it.

    Totally agree with this. Need to keep the west for home, but did we not try the 1600 tickets for the OF before, only to have a poor attendance and some aways going in the home end?

    I can't see us having a nearly full home attendance either sadly. People will turn out to see us win things, like they did when Love Street was packed under Gus in D1, but many people drift away over a full season for various reasons. The OF games will be on TV too. 


  9. 12 minutes ago, DXBBud said:

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not expecting to fill the ground week in week out, and i'm not suggesting we do it next week or the club burdens itself with debt that we don't want or need, but the club we have today is a different animal to what we had when we were last in the top flight.

    I would imagine when the ground was designed the capacity considered some sort of growth in attendances in the future, just wondered where the tipping point for taking such a step would be.

    It's not really. When the team is winning, people come out. In 2006 the last couple of games at home v Dundee and St Johnstone would have been full. In 2000 against Raith it was also packed. 

    The reality of the Premiership is that years of the same old and relegation battles don't really make punters come out and attendances will end up in the 3000-4500 range most weeks. 

    It's also more affordable to manage demand by jacking the ticket prices than building capacity. 

  10. 2 hours ago, pozbaird said:

    There’s three scenarios for the club long-term IMHO. One, St Mirren are an established top flight club. Two, we yo-yo between the top division and the second tier, enjoying a Championship win maybe every five years(ish). Three, we drop into the second tier and float around it for donkeys years, unable to get out. Despite flirting with it, I genuinely don’t see us dropping lower than the second tier.

    I sort of see us as in between the first 2. I don't see us yo-yoing that frequently but have a good run in the top flight but some year we'll go down and have to rebuild. Will happen to everyone, with a 12 team league and 2 possible slots to go down, there is always a chance you can go out of it. Take Hibs recently and Dundee United too. . I don't think there are many clubs that you could say are comfortably established and don't worry about relegation- Motherwell and Killie have both been in the top flight for years but have dodged the bullet on numerous occasions. 

    That aside- on the OF issue, I'd be tempted to do what Killie do - give them the 2 ends and take the cash. Not sure there is ever a family atmosphere on those days so could be missed out of the south ST or transfers to main. I'll admit, probably not a popular opinion, but if it gives us an extra £40k, I can understand why that's difficult to turn down when our fans don't pack the place out. 

  11. 12 hours ago, TPAFKATS said:

    I'm not suggesting virgin rail is on the same scale as carillion. I used it as another example of how the current system is f**ked up.

    Why do you think it's laughable?

    Because people think that there has been a bailout. There hasn't been and  Virgin East Coast has handed over more money to the government than when it was operated by the public sector in Directly Operated Railways. There is fault on both sides of that instance, public and private.. 

  12. Working in the engineering industry it is concerning to see that happening to a big company.  Sadly many of these companies seem to be "finger in too many pies" doing everything from providing school cleaning to major construction. Just too big really.

    I can understand the government handing out new contracts to them recently though. They wouldn't have just chosen Carillion, that isn't allowed (with some exceptions) and they would have won a competitive tender. Public procurement is a difficult thing, despite doing a lot of bids, I wouldn't consider myself an expert in it. Whilst you can be removed from lists based on financial health, I don't know how, under the systems I bid through, that you could be disbarred when above the surface financially  it seemed 'manageable' with accountants approving books and banks supporting 

    8 hours ago, TPAFKATS said:

    The system is rotten.
    This is on the back of other scandals like virgin rail where the taxpayer is left to pick up the cost when private companies make a loss.
    The process of letting the private sector run public services only helps the directors and hedge funds. Socialism for the very rich, unregulated capitalism for the rest of us.

    Virgin rail was a storm in a teacup. Not anywhere near close in scale. The idea the taxpayer will lose out on that one is a bit laughable. 

    It's difficult to say that. Sometimes the private sector has done fairly well in running public services. The issue is ensuring it is procured correctly and valued right. It can make sense however it can be terrible when it's wrong. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, billyg said:

    I rarely criticise JR , but I sometimes think we're too rigid and too predictable for too long with one wee man up top when games aren't going our way. I'm not a big Sutton fan now either , but he/we gave them more to think about during his short spell yesterday , than we did for the rest of the 2nd half.

    I agree. 2nd half we clearly had nothing to change it up in midfield, and Reilly for Mullen was a straight swap of two similar players. 

    Sutton did bring some height and hold up potential which we need, something that Loy was excellent at last season. 

  14. 27 minutes ago, pozbaird said:

    I thought the main stand couldn't be split between home and away fans due to an inability to split toilet / catering facilities. 

    No, but if we are going to sling 100 odd fans into a home stand, I'd have thought the main stand to the south would be the best section rather than the family stand. Just have to share pie stalls and toilets. 

    4 minutes ago, pozbaird said:

    Shame we hit the 1000 ST target. Damn that two-lavvy carrot.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it is segregated for Airdrie. 

  15. Family stand was an odd choice given away fans are most hardcore of a teams support. I know family stand for night games is usually quiet so I'm guessing they banked on that.   Don't think the Livi fans liked it either. 

    This shows the issue in not having a suitable section within home stands where we are able to section off small away supports rather than waste money opening stands. Sure the west stand has segregation but as the busiest home stand then makes the other facilities congested.

    Is there a section of the main stand we could have given Livi in and mixed facilities? M1?  


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