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  1. Another personal attack.....I don't come up with ANY points ktf...I comment on the information that is available to all St Mirren fans. There are no wild revelations being made up by me, nor am I offering up some fanciful silver bullet such as the nonsense about the charge on the club. I look at what we know, what has gone before and make comments based on the information available.

    The issue we have has been created by the 52% shareholding being put up for sale to provide a third party with control of the club. 10000 hrs have had a good go with fans support to try and take control of the club with a plan that would see us progress the club and grow its income. They have failed to deliver that. They couldn't present that at the last public meeting and opted to scaremonger instead. That didn't work either as they couldn't land the commercial / corporate investment they required. We then had the shambles of them trying to convince fans to back the newco as Bii's investment required it. It's a burst baw ktf and in my opinion 10000 hrs should be shown the door. You may not like that; however it is a perfectly valid perspective and one that has the best interests of the club at heart.

    10000 hrs was worth supporting in phase 1 and some misplaced loyalties probably left me supporting it longer than I should have. Taking a step back and looking at it with a keen eye it is quite clearly not worth backing and its continuance is having a negative impact on the club and its support. Your scandalous post is clear evidence of that. 1eye.gif

    Again, Sid takes another opportunity to stick the knife into fellow fans and those concerned about the future of the club. How about promoting the club instead of stirring shit amongst supporters.

    On the contrary, it is your post that scandalous.

  2. Judging by the level of panic and petted lip in ktf's post there might just be something in the unnamed american rumour or is this just another ploy by the 10000 hrs online marketing team to try and give credability to another shite scaremongering rumour......its all WIN-WIN. thumbup2.gif

    Ok, I'll bite!

    FFS, Sid. It's absolutely f**king impossible with you, isn't it? This is an Internet forum where people come on an share their opinions. If i had rubbished this as false or doomed to failure or whatever, I'd have got it in the neck from you for being a 10khrs fan and not a SMFC fan. Because I remain open-minded about it, I am accused of being a mouthpiece for 10khrs - you couldn't make it up.

    For what it's worth, I have had no communication with REA or anyone else connected with 10khrs bid for weeks and I haven't wished any either. I take issue with the suggestion that the posts I make are not my own and that I am somehow a PR person for an organisation that I have simply pledged some money to be part of (because it's good for the club). The only other role I have ever played (apart from handing out leaflets, which you did too) was offer to be part of an initial board, as I was keen to ensure that the community element of the CiC delivered what it always promised to.

    I want the best for St Mirren and will get behind whatever comes to pass that will deliver that. I, however, don't think that the future of the club is some wee game that I can comfort myself playing from behind my computer screen in the evening. I am deadly serious about how all this comes together and was (and still am) willing to give up a day a week from my work committments to allow me to focus on it, had 10khrs for through and my "application" been successful. For me this isn't a matter for fannying about on the Internet over, for the sake of my own battered ego. This is about St Mirren and the future of the club.

    The reason people are beginning to turn against you, John, is that it is now clear you are at the fanny, that you think this is a funny wee game, that it pleasures you to come up with, frankly shite, points with which to batter 10khrs and those who are supportive of it. There comes a time when a person should realise that when it is only Dick Slexia/Feegie Saint/Buddiecool and Somner9 who agree with them, it's time to chuck it or get better.

  3. I'd be interested in any bid that secures the future of the club, so I'll watch this one with interest and if it appears to be the best or St Mirren, it will get my full backing. I still believe that fan ownership is the way forward and that 10000 Hours offers the most chance of this. However, if this deal succeeds, I'll get behind it 100%.

    It is funny to see some folks on here, despite denying it, quite clearly creaming themselves at the possibility of someone other than 10000 Hours buying the 52%. Personally, I hope this deal doesn't go through, purely because Sid will doubtless claim that it was his doing that scuppered 10000 Hrs.

    The thing we need to remember is that R*ngers couldn't get a buyer for months, despite being a much bigger club and global brand. Then when they did, it was Whyte then Green - both of whom borrowed on the assets of the club as security. My feeling is that it is best to remain calm and suspicious of anyone trying to buy the club until we have some info. Sid may not feel like he needs any but I support St Mirren and so would rather have an idea of who and how is buying the club.

  4. Sorry ktf. sad.png

    I didnt mean to make it a rush job for you! There are some great shots on that site but these wonderful old photos also piss me off that the Cooncil let so many fine buildings be demolished! Anyway, at least some are still standing.

    I had a friend who stayed in the Counting House some years ago and visited her on the ground floor which was a great big flat but I would have liked to have a wander round the building as it is interesting from the inside hence the request for some inside shots! Is there anything inside that still shows something of the history of the building?

    I have seen some inside shots of the Anchor Mills after refurbishment and intend visiting the Doors Open this year if it is still on the go. The only old Mill building i have been in is the Mile End Mill at the Museum.

    No problem at all Sonny. Will gladly get some photos up as soon as possible. I had friends who stayed in Anchor Mill until recently and a friend who owns a couple of flats in there, however they are rented out... There are some photos on the walls of the foyer at the back, just ones off the internet, of the Counting House in its heyday and also as a derelict site, that have been put up by one of my neighbours, aside form this, there is nothing really that alludes to its history.

    Any time you've got a spare morning or afternoon, drop me a PM and if I'm in, you're more than welcome to pop by for a coffee/tea and have a snoop about the place.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up Sid.

    The next image in the series is Picture 84 and there is no point in posting a Clue as one poster on here is champing at the bit for it and will identify it within seconds. So this is for you ktf. Full history and internal shots required smile.png

    Aww a wee clue woulda been good! I've waited long enough, another day or few hours woulda been fine!

    I'm not sure that I can provide a full exposé of the history, Sonny, but this site has some brilliant images of the Counting House just prior to and during the demolition of Ferguslie Thread Works, which was demolished throughout the 80s - possibly some still standing in the early 90s. The Counting House was far from the handsomest building on the site and it's a crying shame that the Number 1 Spinning Mill was taken down as it was by far and away the best looking of all of Paisley's Mill buildings... So sad. Of course, a part of it still remains, inset into the wall at the roundabout on the corner of Station Road and Old Mill Road is the stone sign that sat onto of the mill.

    There are 17 flats in the Counting House now, 13 accessible from the main door on Turners Ave and 4 from the rear door at the back car park... In fact, if you look closely, you can see right into my living room in one of your pics :) The wonderful thing is that the Counting House was the first one of the few remaining FTW buildings to be refurnished and when it was complete, in 1997, Turners Ave didn't even exist and Old Mill Road didn't go as far as joining Green Road, like it does now. Because if this, the Counting House isn't officially on Turners Ave and as such has its own postcode - I love that!

    I don't have any photos to put up just now, Sonny, but when I've Hoovered (whistling.gif ) I'll take some of my place and some of the foyers at the front and back of the building to get a look at the inside. Surely there must be some other buds who live in old mill buildings who can post up pics too... can't just be me!

  6. Yup, must be Feegie Park Gardens...! "The old mansion", was that Glen Coats (Glencoats?) House? I'll take a walk through there today with the wee one, if the rain stays off, and see if I can find it!

    In fact, there is another interesting feature reasonably nearby that I've considered posting... Maybe if I get a photo of it today and post it up when this one is guessed, Sonny won't mind his thread being hijacked for one more day?!

  7. I guess the risk of this plan of waiting until we hit administration is that there is no guarantee that the administrators would sell to us.

    Also, the 1000 signed up members of 10000hrs pledging £11500/month have signed up to 10000hrs. There is no guarantee that all of them will happily jump ship to the next fan-led bid.

    It's fantasy dreamt up bandwagoned by Sid as a poor attempt to derail a process (that is now very unlikely to fail) due to to his own offence at not being arse-licked by those heading it up. This is what happens when someone gets an inflated sense of their own ego...

  8. The concept's a good one Somner and I like your vision of what St Mirren could be... Of course there are PVG issues with what you laid out, but I'm sure you were just presenting a concept as opposed to an actual plan.

    I'd add to it the opening up of the matchday experience: the stadium opens at 11am with 5-a-side tourneys for all age brackets. A BBQ outside selling all the usual guff. The pandas mixing with fans. local bands on a mobile stage, stalls from local community groups. Beat the goalie etc. bouncy castles. A bar. Merchandise stall open. Maybe injured/suspended players out mixing with fans. Face painting for kids. Etc etc... All culminating at 3pm in kick-off - free entry for under 12s who were at the open day. A much happier crowd. Pulling in people from all over the district, non-saints fans, former OF fans, fringe supporters all coming to bring the kids, meet mates etc.

    All scottish football clubs are so narrow-minded in the way they present the matchday experience. St Mirren could be leading the way in community involvement and attracting more fans.

  9. Mine……

    Sky and the rest of the sponsors were smart enough to put the clause in the contracts because the Old Firm have indicated their intentions to shaft us all by moving down south. Why would the rest of the SPL clubs not do the same with their players?

    I know it was a long shot but obviously not long enough to put 99% of the leagues sponsors off adding this clause. Hmmmmmm

    I said this to buddied94 on the phone earlier today - amazed no-one thought of this, especially as it was in the sponsors' contracts.

  10. My post from another thread.

    I find it incredible that:



    Clydesdale Bank,

    William Hill,







    EA Sports,


    Sporting ID and

    The Football Pools

    would all value their Scottish customer base so lowly as to completely pull the plug on Scottish Football. I find it hard that those complains would place at least half a dozen Scottish football clubs (hundreds of employees) at jeopardy to be seen to support a cheating, tax-avoiding, lying company like the old R*ngers.

    If this is the stance they are taking, the opportunity is ours, as fans, to unite in protest against these companies. Don't use them, cancel subscriptions, use their competitors. It's a simple solution to a complicated problem and would give all of us a sense of some ownership and voice in the middle of a situation where the every day, bread and butter fan has been ignored and marginalised.

    Come on then sponsors, let's be hearing from ya!

  11. I would imagine that when a invitation is put on a (StMirren Forum) to a meeting with the (St Mirren Chairman) they would expect the invites to be taken up by (St Mirren Supporters )and if there is only 15 spaces available (you )are being allowed to take a place that in my opinion should be going a (St Mirren fan ) .

    Hmm... This forum has more poorly hidden agendas than there are fish in the sea...

  12. It's not about what we call them, Ian. David is correct. I don't want the newco punished - I couldn't care less about that now. As David has explained, any new club should have to apply to enter the 3rd division.

    It really is that simple.

    Spot on. All that the rational and sober-thinking football fan is asking for is that all new clubs wishing to gain access to the SFL do so in the route marked out: they apply to enter the 3rd Division. That is not punishment (which, actually is what they deserve, but I think we all realise it isn't going to happen and so we are resigned to accepting that they get treated with parity and not favouritism) that is what any club would have to do, that is fairness and equality.

    Are Kendo and LS seriously in favour of treating our own and every other club unfairly so that a newco, that will pretend to be a club from Govan that one used to exist, gets favouritism? I thought they were St Mirren supporters...

  13. Sponsors and TV companies? Aye. They don't need Scottish Football and they don't need St Mirren.

    As I've said look what happened to UK Wrestling when Shirley Crabtree finally admitted that bouts were fixed. Sure we all thought there was pantomime to the whole thing, but the impression that wrestlers were pissing themselves laughing at their fans whilst cashing in on everyone's gullibility left them without a following in the UK and without a TV deal. Scottish Football is at a precipice - if I was a business I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the corrupt self interested bodies that are running the game.

    Maybe this is the point... Perhaps, by showing some backbone and a good degree of integrity and transparency, this will actually be an attractor to sponsorship and corporate finance. The "say yes to anything for the sake of SKY" is all well and good for this season, or next. But inevitably these things have a shelf life. If Scottish football sells out to pimp Murdoch now, when he gets bored, what's left for our clubs?

  14. Ah.

    I see what the problem is now. It's ALL your fault. :)

    I AM not culpable in any way because I do not have SKY. I have a life that doesn't solely revolve around television, football and St Mirren.

    I'm glad that it's not me who is to blame for the meltdown of Scottish football and I now understand why some people are incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

    My thoughts are with you Julian B... :(

    I don't even OWN a telly :) I am EVEN MORE absolved of any responsibility!


  15. There is no way UEFA or FIFA will let this happen.

    You may or may not be right Ross, however for me, I seriously have to consider whether I can even support a club who have been part of this or give money to a league who have acted in this manner. I'm erring on the side of not ever going back, even of zombiegers are dead forever, if SMFC were part of trying to save them.

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