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  1. Ian its just some wee nobody whos life is so sad and lonely he or she has to make things up on here, my money is on Gavin again, :lol:

    Listen I'm not making anything up Garry,My life is not sad or lonley either.

    Your right Garry it is Gavin,You really need to let your SAD grudge with me drop Garry.

    My points on this thread are valid and I'm showing concern.

  2. Don't you think there enough threads to wet your appetite on the subject. Just an observation

    Ian your a poster who I respect,My concern is that we don't seem to have an anti CIC movment that I'm aware of?

    To me its clear that at some point down the line the CIC will fail.

    RA is a sales man and IMO is pulling the wool over far to many of our fans eyes,he also has a tendancy to cut off fans that can give real value to our club.

    Let's make a move and end this pathetic atempt to steal our club.

  3. The CIC is doomed to fail,Its time for St Mirren Fans to stand up and make your concerns Known.

    What happens when the corporate sponsors withdraw there money and stop backing this sham?

    RA keep your hands of our club.

    I find it hard to digest that companys I know of who support St Mirren week in week out and have put in upwards of 60k a piece have not even been asked to be corporate members.

    The CIC must not go ahead.

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