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  1. Old badge

    Was there talk once of a St Mirren museum? Or was it an exhibition at the Paisley museum? Must be a ton of old merchandise out there. Even a site uploading old stuff would be good
  2. Old badge

    I think I posted a looooooong time ago that it existed – though Id lost it. there was a 'Jesus saves... and someone scores the rebound' too. But glad to have finally found this!! Obviously will trade for 3 points on Saturday.
  3. Old badge

    Hello Not related to our current world-beating form, but to similar form, almost 40 years ago. I finally dug out this old badge, bought in the Saints shop in the Piazza in about 1979. Memories!
  4. Your Cup Final Day Story

    Me and my bro were marooned in London, so went to the RobRoy pub – us 2 St Mirren fans and about 20 Hearts fans. Was a wee bit like the pub in American Werewolf in London when they saw our shirts. They looked like they felt sorry for us for the first 36 minutes though, then total disbelief, then more total disbelief and then even more. Bedlam at the end, but all handshakes and genuine congrats after the game though, so good on them. Once the game was over it was just us in the pub having a couple of celebratory whiskies, then another game was on the telly. Bunch of blokes turned up all at the same time to watch the next game and gave us very weird looks. Turned out they were Panathanaikos fans and the game was against PAOK, who of course were wearing stripes. Much good humour, Yamas, cheers, more whisky and all that. Then off to the Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park for Paddy celebrations and pints of Leffe. Then total oblivion. Fantastic!!