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  1. Best of luck to the new gaffer. Hope he’s nothing but successful for us. COYS
  2. Looks like the Stubbs sacking has reached across the pond.... GLS taking no prisoners
  3. I’m regularly working between Dornoch and Inverness and I’ve yet to speak to a County fan who thinks it was right to sack him. Also, as already pointed out they were sitting 5th place and 6th place in the league table at the end of December 2015 and 2016 so claiming the successful seasons were largely down to the January window is completely false.
  4. The fact that he ended the tweet with a wink suggests that he was sharing some information he had been fed.
  5. That will save the players some money at the Post Office, they can just hand him their winners medals...
  6. Yeh, probably right on that one. Wouldn’t be pretty but still think he could just about bore his way to survival.
  7. Not the long term solution but I’d be confident of Premiership survival with Gus in the dugout til the end of the season.
  8. The poor souls. I’m not pointing the finger at all of the players but certain ones clearly weren’t interested in playing for Stubbs and their performances reflected this.
  9. Same thing. The fans make/are the club.
  10. I’m sorry but there’s no excuse for not giving 100% out on the pitch and that’s what we’ve been getting. It doesn’t matter who the manager is, what the tactics are, who’s playing centre half, what one of your team mates have been dropped, who’s face doesn’t fit. No excuse for the level of commitment given so far this season. Saturday was much better from certain individuals and I suspect some players were already made aware of the intent to sack Stubbs. Just hope they approve of the replacement or we’re really f**ked. In fact, might be an idea to let them hand pick the new manager.
  11. Probably the best decision for the club as the players clearly weren’t prepared to work for him. Another example of player power and won’t be the last. Maybe some of these players should follow him out the door if they’re not willing to give 100% for the fans regardless of who’s in the dugout.
  12. I'd still be surprised if we sacked him after 4 league games.
  13. If McIntyre comes in it's important that we give him a chance and don't expect immediate results. We need to be patient. He started at County after the early season sacking of Derek Adams, taking charge on 9th September. He then went on to win only 2 out of his first 19 games in charge and managed to avoid relegation finishing 9th. Hopefully he can make a more immediate impact but change doesn't happen overnight.
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