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  1. This is right. We are closing down the shop and selling off all the stock so there have been a variety of further reductions as of Saturday morning.
  2. Just a small change to Saturdays hours. We will be open from 11am until Kick off and for 20 mins after the match.
  3. Quite a few items still available in big sizes.
  4. The Club Shop will be open from 10am until 2pm tomorrow and from 10am until kick off Saturday (again for 20 mins after match). We now have the limited edition Cup Final print down from £135 to £60. We have all onesies at £10 Hoodies from £10 Polos from £10 T-shirts from £5 #smfcbargains
  5. The Club Shop will be open tomorrow for 2 hrs before Kick Off. Pop in and pick up a bargain. SCARVES ALL NOW £5 T-SHIRTS FROM £5 HOODIES FROM £10
  6. Closing Down Sale. Provan Sports will be closing down the St.Mirren Shop at the end of this season.We have a great range of bargains to be snapped up. Some items are available online but items with limited stocks are now available in store only. http://www.stmirrendirect.co.uk Beanie hats: All £5 each Baseball Caps: All £5 each Glenmuir Polo shirts from £20 Polo Shirts from £12.50 T-shirts from £5 Hoodies from £10 Pin badges: All £1 And much much more Club shop open 10am-2pm weekdays. Open from 5pm to Kick Off tomorrow evening.
  7. By "merchandise only", I mean that we ware not selling replica kits as they are outsourced to JD Sports. As you know, we operate retail at Motherwell and Dundee but there we do the full package. We had really hoped that we would be able to make it work without the replica but for us it's just not been possible. Don't get me wrong, sales have been reasonable and the product range has been well received but we just couldn't get the numbers where we needed them.
  8. To be fair Drew, The Club (Brian Caldwell and Campbell Kennedy in particular) have been very supportive as we tried to make a success of a stand alone "Merchandise only" shop. We have just been unable to get the footfall (and therefore turnover) up to the level required to sustain the investment in both finance and in time. We have had to admit that it's not possible for us to run in it's current form. That's not to say that someone else couldn't do it more succesfully. It just doesn't fit with our current business model. Disapponting, particularly for me personally, but sometimes you just have to admit when something is not working.
  9. I'm afraid not. We will be leaving after the last match of the season. All merchandise is now priced to clear so grab a bargain whilst you can.
  10. Just bring it back to the store with your receipt and we will have a look at it for you. We have sold quite a lot of this style with no previous problems but we will sort it for you.
  11. I'm sure if I look in the warehouse we might have a few old Steve Galloways or maybe some Bobby Dawsons kicking around.
  12. Ooops!! Just a glitch from the previous offer. I'll get that cleared now.
  13. Try this one http://www.stmirrendirect.co.uk
  14. CLEARANCE SALE ONLINE NOW!!! We are having a huge stock clearout and it starts online today. Check out the link for some amazing bargains. Sale starts in store at the Stadium shop on Monday morning 10am. http://www.stmirrendirect.co.uk/
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