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  1. Great night in Houston last night.

    Chick held an interview style chat with Steven and Barry talking about growing up together and both playing number 9 for their beloved St Mirren. Obviously ripping the pish out of one another.

    A quick vote of the 200 guests put Barry as the bigger St Mirren legend.

    Great food and drink and the guest speakers were excellent. Chick was on great form. Very quick witted.

    Wallet a bit lighter and head a bit delicate today.

  2. Going to a dinner in the River Inn in Houston on Saturday night.

    Chic Young is the MC with guests including Sir Steven Thomson, Sir Barry Lavety and James McFadden a long with another couple of guests.

    I have been warned by the missus to keep my hands in my pockets if their is a St Mirren related auction.

    Should be a cracking night.