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  1. Here is the review I posted on P&B.

    Nomadland (2020)
    Now I like slow movies. Even the ones that move along, glacier-like I can find satisfying.
    However (puffs cheeks and exhales slowly), woman who worked for company which has closed their manufacturing plant moves around the country in a van which is also her home. She takes menial jobs and forms fleeting relationships with strangers, some of whom are also nomadic and she bumps into them at the next parking lot along the way.
    That's it, there's nothing deeper. It's more like a documentary as McDormand and Strathairn (the pimp in LA Confidential and Carmela's bit of fluff in the Sopranos) seem to be the only actors; almost every other cast member "plays" someone with their own given name.
    Best Picture, Director and Best Actress Oscars? Emperor's New Clothes time again.

  2. Had my first draught pints in 6 and a half months at the outdoor area of "The Keg" in Gilmour St..

    Unfortunately they hadn't secured the uprights of the canopies and as soon as the wind got up they started to move...and were eventually taken down before the blew away.

    Of course as soon as this happened at 1645 it started pissing down and the tables emptied pretty quickly.

  3. Ice Cream/Dessert Shops must be the new Tanning Salons. In addition to the one in Ladyburn St and the 2 already in Glasgow Rd, there's another opening in Glasgow Rd in the former Chameleon tattoo shop and yet another in the old William Hill opposite Kennedys.

  4. And if you're too lazy to read all of that, here's a precis.



    STEP 1: Tabloid publish story based on a vague quote from a vague source.

    STEP 2: Every other tabloid runs the story, linking back to the original tabloid.

    STEP 3: Generic Cockney Pundit makes ill-informed statement on Generic Sports FM about Celtic and Rangers in order to generate controversy.

    STEP 4: Tabloids publish articles based on Generic Cockney Pundit’s comments.

    STEP 5: More informed pundit responds to Generic Cockney Pundit on Generic Sports FM.

    STEP 6: Tabloids publish articles based on more informed pundit’s response.

    STEP 7: Fans share and argue underneath Generic Sport FM video on Twitter, driving up their engagement figures and vindicating their decision to pursue a controversy-first approach.

    STEP 8: Tabloids publish articles based on fan arguments underneath Generic Sport FM video.

    STEP 9: Tabloid that published original story runs ‘Celtic and Rangers British Super League plans shelved’ article.

    STEP 10: Repeat cycle in four months.


  5. Haven't checked to see if it has already been mentioned but we are now officially safe from relegation.

    Hamilton can now only get a maximum of 39 points and if that happens Kilmarnock can only reach 38.

    Kilmarnock can get a maximum of 41 but if that happens Ross County can only reach 39.

    Silver linings and all that.

    Edit...scratch that, I forgot Killie and RC played each other and both could win their last 4 games.

  6. It was my great Uncle Jack's showroom, Sweenie's Furniture.

    As well as the Chinese restaurant it was also a nightclub called "The Arches", my former Gallowhill nextdoor neighbour Robert Quinn was the bouncer.

  7. I’m hearing Livy won’t be allowed to play in Europe,if they qualify,due to account irregularities.
    Thats great news,get it right up them,but the big question is..............why were sevco allowed to play in Europe with no accounts?
    They weren't. There was a 3 year embargo on them entering European competitions, those 3 years coincided with them being a lower league club and not qualifying anyway.
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