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  1. Both end stands to the bigots, f**k the board.
  2. The thread has had loads of posts regarding restaurant openings and closures, try to keep up.
  3. I was driving past earlier today,there was a tarpaulin saying "This restaurant is closed, your nearest KFC is...". Couldn't read the last bit, I'm guessing it said Hillington or The Phoenix.
  4. KFC in Renfrew Rd has closed down.
  5. Why are the players concerned about bonuses, they haven't won a league game yet!
  6. Erhahon's goal. https://streamable.com/9dkeip
  7. Their home shirt this season is black. Pretty sparse looking Saints support, looks like around the 500 mark but then at £25 I don't blame the stay at homes.
  8. Connor makes the SPFL Team of the Week.
  9. https://www.eticketing.co.uk/livingstonfc/EDP/Event/Index/21
  10. That could have been a straight red on its own, sole of the boot right onto McGrath's ankle.
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