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  1. I phoned the ticket office at 11 this morning, just after it opened. Got the answer machine asking for my name and number and just as I was about to speak, another recording said the mailbox was full and wasn't able to record any further messages!!! f**king shoddy!!!
  2. Stripes on the back shouldn't be the exception, it should be mandatory. Cue the like of Bonner, Preston, Spence etc complaining that they cant make out the numbers, Well, you know what "journalists who are paid to comment on football"...do your f**king job!!!!
  3. Dunne makes the SPFL Team of the Round.
  4. Here's the goal for those who haven't seen it https://streamable.com/1ju2mu
  5. Scotland squad, early 60s in front of the Main Stand.
  6. Jim Baxter and Denis Law in front of the North Bank.
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