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  1. The Quinns who lived next to me in Gallowhill were John, Robert, Jim and Paul.
  2. Especially after Philip didn't move his engagements when Rangers died.
  3. Haven't checked to see if it has already been mentioned but we are now officially safe from relegation. Hamilton can now only get a maximum of 39 points and if that happens Kilmarnock can only reach 38. Kilmarnock can get a maximum of 41 but if that happens Ross County can only reach 39. Silver linings and all that. Edit...scratch that, I forgot Killie and RC played each other and both could win their last 4 games.
  4. It's time the rest of the royal family was killed, sorry culled.
  5. It was my great Uncle Jack's showroom, Sweenie's Furniture. As well as the Chinese restaurant it was also a nightclub called "The Arches", my former Gallowhill nextdoor neighbour Robert Quinn was the bouncer.
  6. I was looking forward to those chocolate samosas.
  7. I see the **** have broken their social media silence already.
  8. They weren't. There was a 3 year embargo on them entering European competitions, those 3 years coincided with them being a lower league club and not qualifying anyway.
  9. Further, if you genuinely do have an item of mail addressed to you, which is underpaid your Postman will put a silver coloured card through your door stating the amount of underpaid postage plus the handling charge. It's 13 years ago since I plodded around my beat and back then the customer had to go to the delivery office with the card and payment but I suspect these days it can be paid for online.
  10. As a former Postman I can confirm that the ONLY way that Royal Mail will contact you regarding an undelivered item of mail is by the "red card" that they will put through your letterbox. No text, no email, NOTHING else.
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