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  1. Greive tried a shot from about 30 yards, it fell kindly to Ayunga who took a touch then lashed it right-footed into the postage stamp corner from just inside the box.
  2. Daniel Finlayson, our own player on loan to Linfield with the goal.
  3. Scored the last ever goal for Third Lanark.
  4. When you think of all the greats of the music world who graced the stage of The Appollo and the last act to play before it was demolished was the f**king Style Council.
  5. The kebab pie and several of the "pies of the month" last season were excellent.
  6. The stadium capacity has been under 8000 since the Main Stand platform was built.
  7. Ronan won't be coming back to us and I doubt he'll be coming back to Scotland either. Outwith the Old Scum the only clubs who have paid in excess of a £500k fee in recent years have been Aberdeen and Hibs. Both can currently afford that but I doubt he will agree to go. He'll want to prove himself at a higher level and, much as we don't like to admit it, playing in the English Championship would be a step up, not to mention a 5 figure/week wage.
  8. Waitrose are cunts, only 6 shops in all of Scotland. I hope they go bust.
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