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  1. Funny to see Third Lanark so far ahead of Morton despite ceasing to exist 53 years ago.
  2. Yeah, sadly the 4-2 win over the manky mhob wasn't televised. Scanlon's goal was similar to this except from further out and left footed.
  3. Best listened to on earphones with maximum volume.
  4. All the odds on SkyBet. Yeah, seriously... https://m.skybet.com/football/coupon/10011359?AFF=1197312182&DCMP=soc_tw_CETFIFAQuaranteam2203
  5. What sort of work do you currently do and what are you thinking of branching into?
  6. Old football on BT Sport 3 this afternoon, The Big Match Revisited from 1982/83 season including a 3-1 victory for Aberdeen at Celtic. 3pm onwards.
  7. Loads of scanned images of Saints programmes. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/page25
  8. Seems to me that Budge has heard that the season won't be completed and that the Scumbos are going down. There would be no other reason for allowing termination of player contracts at this stage.
  9. He created the same thread twice then changed the title of one of them (this one).
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