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  1. Big Tam's visit to Paisley in 1970
  2. This should keep the weans away from my door tonight.
  3. Goalkeepers that season were Ludovic Roy, Kris Robertson , John Hillcoat and Gavin Strang. The kit I have was worn by Ludo and no one can convince me otherwise 😜
  4. I'm pretty sure he was the only one to score against The Legends because the scores were 6-0 and 7-1.
  5. Monumentally unfunny 'comedian' Bobby Ball dead at 76. At the crematorium I hope whoever is conducting the service says, as he presses the button, "You little fryer". It would be funnier than anything Ball ever uttered.
  6. Although this is a cup game, look at the league table. Third, 5 points off top with 12 games to go. We only got a further 2 points in those remaining games to finish 11th
  7. I was lucky enough to play in the first ever Saints Aid game in 2002 v the 87 Cup Legends. The 30 guys who too part all received full match worn kit to keep and that would be my most treasured memento. Everyone who was there will remember my full length, dive to the left, flying potato wondersave from a Lexy Richardson piledriver. Campbell Money was brilliant, before kick off I said "got any advice for me Campbell?" After looking me up and down and taking in my athletic physique he said "I think you should just stay in the dressing room".
  8. Ah, I see. I guess that LAs have the power to reduce CT but don't have the power to alter the water and sewerage charges.
  9. If you check the back of your assessment you'll see the charges broken down. Everyone pays for water and sewerage, some don't realise it.
  10. In Scotland while a claimant on benefits may receive Council Tax Reduction, they will still pay the full amount for water and sewerage charges. In Renfrewshire this is approx £300 p.a.
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