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  1. Better to use Bud The Bakers thread than this one.
  2. Boxing Day and New Year games both away...pish.
  3. The Old Swan has a small beer garden. These are their rules...
  4. The bit in bold although probably Alexander Sports in the 50s. I have 2 of them.
  5. I'm assuming he's got a trade/skill/talent that he can profit from outwith the part-time wage he'll be on at Darvel.
  6. Darvel aren't Juniors anymore. They were among the numerous teams who joined the Senior "pyramid" and are now in the West of Scotland League.
  7. Played for us in the Premiership a little over 18 months ago, today signed for Darvel in the WoS League.
  8. Paddy Power refunding all losing bets tomorrow if Chelsea beat Leicester. Back Leicester Draw/No Bet at £10 @ Evens. Leicester win - £20 returned Draw - bet void money back Chelsea win - money back.
  9. Celtic also wear a shirt the back of which is half one colour, half another. No plain backs in domestic games for them.
  10. The back of the home shirt...absolute shite.
  11. Singular...TEXT Plural...TEXTS NOT f**kING TEXES!!!!!
  12. One of my mates lives in a flat above Specsavers, he says there were only about a dozen of them and they were quickly dispersed by the Polis.
  13. Paddy Power giving all customers a free £5 bet on Everton v Liverpool.
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