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  1. On 4/8/2023 at 2:43 PM, Cookie Monster said:



    WTF calling out a typical yoon comment is bigotry. emoji1787.png

    That is obvious, if there had been anything found then it would have resulted in charges.

    You've written they've taken plenty out of his house. Care to explain what they've taken as it's not been reported anywhere of anything being removed from the residence.

    I guessing you're referring to Chief Constable Sir Iain Livingstone, I don't know of any rank above that. So who is the top cop then TopCat?



    The fact you think the term ‘bent’ means gay shows your bigotry. Haven’t heard that term used in that context for years. Why do you think it means that? Is that how you refer to gay people?

    Plenty has been seized from the house. Charges in a complex financial investigation like this can be weeks, months, or even years after the initial arrest. Plenty of evidence to sift through in the meantime. 
    Livingstone is working his notice and is no longer in power. No coincidence this has came after he announced he was stepping down. He would never have allowed his good pal to be investigated like this. Corruption and sleaze went right to the top in Sturgeons SNP government. Thankfully, it will now be exposed 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Albanian Buddy said:

    The word he used is a historical term to describe “corruption and dishonesty.”

    If @TopCat is going to make such statements then he needs to be able to back them up otherwise is that not deemed slander?

    If he has evidence of corruption and dishonesty then he should be at a police station not on social media.

    Suggest watching disclosure documentary on the ferry contracts. The SNP have run a corrupt administration for over a decade, and Murrell’s dirty fingerprints are over the lot. Absolutely no surprise to anyone to see him nicked and a warrant served for the tooth comb search of his property.

  3. 3 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

    You could have used plenty of other words, you didn't and now not willing to own up to the innuendo you clearly posted.

    If as you say he's been corrupt for many years, can you post the evidence as there is many police officers who need your help as they haven't found any.

     No that innuendo exists in your head only I’m afraid. When you hear the phrase bent coppers, do you think this means gay police officers? Your own bigotry is coming though here, really weird.

    How do you know what the police have found incidentally? They’ve taken plenty out his house, will take weeks to go through. His good mate Livingstone is no longer at the top of police Scotland, so he can’t keep it covered up for him any longer. 

  4. On 4/5/2023 at 5:39 PM, Cookie Monster said:



    Would you be so kind to explain if you are referring with that comment to his sexuality or his possible criminality activities.

    Let's see if you can answer that without any bullshit.


    What a bizarre reply. Bent clearly means corrupt in this context. Why would you bring his sexuality into it? How odd.

  5. 2 hours ago, Sonny said:

    In 2019-20 Obika scored 8 League goals. The following season he scored 5 League gals. Main, who is not a proven goalscorer has scored 6 League goals already this season. Obika is no better a striker than Main.

    Oh he certainly is. The 8 league goals were after 30 games incidentally, we have played 29 now. The 12 goal total haul in his first season came without any in the league cup group stage too - he was signed after it finished. He was certainly capable of putting together a 21st century record goal haul for us in a top flight season that year, sadly COVID got in the way. Main has never and will never hit those kind of numbers.
    One of my favourite Obika performance was when he ragdolled the Motherwell defence in that famous 4-4 draw, got 2 in the process and scored the winning penalty in the shoot out in the Scottish Cup, not sure why we should discount cup goals. Main has six goals full stop this season, and his failure in front of goal was one of the biggest reasons for our cup disasters. Zero goals against Airdrie and Arbroath FFS.
    In Obikas stop start injury hit season in 19/20 he got more than Main has now, and Main plays pretty much every minute of every game.
    Thompsons 16 goal figure also included cup goals, and who could forget those 😍


    21 hours ago, Hunterian said:

    And not one of his strikes from his foot, normally a body part getting in the way.

    I liked big Obika but sometimes he looked as though he’d never played football prior to signing for us.


    In the COVID season he was on 12 goals when the season was curtailed eight games early - none of our current strikers are anywhere near that. He was just hitting form and fitness, we will never know but i think there's a decent chance he would have got more than 16 goals that season if it had continued. Which is the most any striker has got for us in a top flight season in a modern era - Thommo got it three seasons in a row. 

    Injury issues affected us in the second season but he still got eight goals, think we made a mistake letting him go when you look at our current strikers numbers. Motherwell fans seem to like him!

  7. 14 hours ago, munoz said:

    And if Van Veen carries on in the same vain, he'll not be at Motherwell next season. 

    Some clubs occasionally land lucky, and most don't. 

    31 year old free transfer from Scunthorpe, under contract to 2024. Doubt many bigger clubs will want to pay a fee to sign him. Hugely effective goal scorer at this level though and it's his goals that have taken a terrible Motherwell to safety.

  8. 15 minutes ago, munoz said:

    If we found a regular goal scorer we wouldn't have them for long. 

    A forward that regularly scores goals aren't easy to find within our budget. 

    Van Veen at Motherwell is on 18 goals or something this season, if we had a player like that we'd be challenging Hearts for 3rd. We've had four double figures strikers in a top flight season in the last 20 years I think, so they are out there.

  9. 46 minutes ago, Helmettroll said:

    Very true... It's what we do best,

    Billy Stark, Kenny McLean, Ross Stewart just a few examples of young players who got pelters from our fans yet went on to have decent careers.. 

    St Mirren fans, greeting faced cnuts since 1877...😂

    Yep it's really weird. I'm sure Jay will go on to a have a long and fine career in the game, as they all did.

  10. On 3/20/2023 at 7:30 PM, Hunterian said:

    I don’t think that Robbo’s aspiration for top 6 is any different from my own as a fan.

    Too many Manager’s have been toppled by fans lack of realism.

    If he manages that then onto the next step.  The Cup comment is interesting. Danny won a cup but ultimately it was the League form that stopped him getting a new contract.

    It was the cup form aswell actually. In the season after we won the cup we went out that same cup to second tier Queen of the South and then got papped out the Scottish early by Dundee Utd. If he had managed a cup run that season he may well have got a new contract. For a club like ours cup runs are a huge part of our season and our budget. We had been consistently making quarter finals - four out the last five including two semis - up until this season, where we made zero.

    So far this season we have failed in the League Cup, failed in the Scottish Cup (with the caveat of an unlucky draw, but the added caveat of that home shocker against Dundee, where we got very lucky). Top six will certainly make the league campaign a success, let's hope we do it! 

  11. He's already a proven creator and scorer of goals at SPFL Premiership level and he's now doing it consistently in the Championship. Pundits, commentators and ICT fans have been praising his performances ever since he went there and he will start in a Scottish Cup Semi final in a few weeks, and his team will be the favourites to win it. The only people that seem keen to talk him down at the moment is a section of our own support - bizarre!

  12. 7 hours ago, Hunterian said:

    Our home form is the only real positive!! I am unsurprised why in so many cases I’m sitting next to fans booing and moaning about their team.

    We have been much much worse. Our home form is excellent and if we’re not happy with top 6 what’s the ideal?Euro  Football, world domination?

    Having sat through some real dross (most of the 90’s) this is like a golden age.

    More people should be happy with where we are regardless of how Livvy get on.


    What other positives are there? Certainly not our away form or our cup performances - both have been terrible. But like you said, our home record in the league has been excellent, a real and tangible positive from this season. We are simply judging Robinson by his own target - he came in and said he wanted to make us a top six club.  Let's see if he can reach his own objective. To say 'we have been much worse before' has almost always been true and it was true in the dark days of the 90's too - in 1974 we finished 29th in Scotland! 

  13. 57 minutes ago, DougJamie said:

    Well mystic meg... Livi are way out of form...yes they beat County just but none of their games are easy... on budget neither team should be competing top 6.... so like most of the real pundits hats off to both Saints and Livi...fed up with so called fans coming on here and criticising our club...4 full time members of staff.. our assistant rewarded internationally.. our manager and players giving 100% every game.... seriously dont know why some claim to support our wee team when they can go support a glasgow giant or Man City.  This isnt aimed at you TC..you sometimes make constructive comment but some on here either need to get real or even better GTF

    Still haven’t answered the question. Plenty of teams have made top six with smaller budgets than us -Livi have managed it several times - finishing half way up a shan league is hardly something to be proud of, but it’s been the stated aim of the manager since the day he arrived. We are simply judging him by his own standards and objectives. Perfectly reasonable objective too, given we were in the top six the day he walked through the door. 
    Livi’s run in is clearly easier than ours, they don’t even play another top six team much while we have two away  games against the top three.
    If their form is poor then what is ours? We have one win in our last seven - at home County. Livi have two wins in their last seven, at home to Killie and County.

    I actually think we will beat them in two weeks. Our home form in the league has been the only real positive this season and we’ve already beaten them once in Paisley. I think we beat them in two weeks and they overtake us in the two games after and we go into the final game against Killie needing to better their result. 

  14. 30 minutes ago, DougJamie said:

    We play Livi next...we win we are top 6... .... next observation... you wee sensitive person

    Didn’t answer the question there 😂

    That is certainly true win and we are top six, two points above Livi. 
    Our problem is our two games after that are Tynecastle and Ibrox. Livis final three games are Motherwell, St Johnstone and Dundee Utd

    So even if we do beat them we are more than likely going into the final game below them in the league looking for favours.

  15. 18 minutes ago, guinness said:

    Boy looked very unfit. Need to get him working hard over next two weeks. Week off comes at a good time for him.

    The free agent market in March is really barrel scraping. Reminds me of the time we signed Alan Gow. 
    He looked about six weeks and a pre season away from full fitness. Come May the boy will be match fit, just in time for the season finishing.

  16. 5 minutes ago, portmahomack saint said:

    They might have a easier run in than us but only on league positions,  if we can beat them and Killie I'd fancy our chances,,  they would need to win 2 of their last 3 games at least to finish above us and there's absolutely no guarantee they will, Dundee United and Motherwell are fighting for survival there's no easy games.

    It's still in our hands and will be tight,  one game at a time let's beat them first

    Time for Tony Watt to step up 

    Well it’s only in our hands if we beat Livi beat Killie and can get four or more points from Ibrox and Tynecastle - which I promise we won’t. 
    We will need to beat Livi to get in the conversation. We then will either need a miracle win at Tynecastle or Ibrox - or more likely - hope other teams do us a favour and we go into the final game at home to Killie with a chance. Sadly I fear we could be out of it by then. 


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