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  1. No thanks. There’s much better things to be doing on a Saturday afternoon in the summer than watching the football. Let’s leave it to the winter when the weather is too shite to be doing anything else.
  2. I have no idea, I know that a few Aberdeen fans are keen on him. Think there will be English Championship clubs sniffing about too. Hope I’m wrong and he sees out his contract of course, but if he does take us into the top six then he will turn a lot of heads.
  3. Best news to come out of the club since... well since Jim was appointed actually. Still fear that he will move on in the summer but if he does we will get a big money pay out. What a job he’s doing.
  4. As if it’s up to me to explain [emoji28] We lost 1-0 to a team above us in the league and we were denied a stonewall penalty. That’s football. I’m sure we can all agree that this is the best Saints team in the history of this website. Just need to enjoy it while we can.
  5. Really? Livi finished fifth last year and they weren’t in Europe this year. Changed since?
  6. Fifth doesn’t get us to Europe of course. Sixth would be just fine and I’d take that now.
  7. Reading back on this thread pre match and thinking... Thank goodness Sir Jim is the manager and he’s ignoring all the ‘experts’ posting here. What a mess they’ve made of it [emoji28]
  8. Spot on. We beat Perth at home right enough. The Hibs thing just gets to me a bit. That former player and manager connection winds me right up. If it wasn’t for those two losses we’d be challenging for Europe. Speaking to a Celtic supporting friend of mine earlier and he said that he used to think Jack Ross would be their next manager. But now he’s looking at former Celtic player Jim Goodwin. Not now.
  9. 6th. Maybe 5th. Not for covid..?? 4th. Those two losses against Hibs really bother me. We shouldn’t be losing to shite like that and I expect us to beat them in paisley.
  10. Listen, it’s time we get a bit real. If I’m JDH’s agent I’m telling him to do nothing at the moment. You’ve got an offer from Saints, worst case scenario you sign it. Otherwise, you get better money at another club and you go there. That’s football. Worth wringing your hands over?
  11. Check this forum for the first time in weeks... first unread post^^^^ ....Reminded why I hardly ever check here anymore 🤣 Hope you’re well FS. Hope you enjoyed that today. Hope you enjoyed Wednesday too. Best Saints team in over 30 years. Thanks to Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp. What a job they’ve done.
  12. We are closer to the top six than bottom. Game in hand on all the teams below us. And that’s despite forfeiting two games against our rivals [emoji122] And we’re in the semi of the cup too!
  13. Don’t you just love to see it. And we knocked the only team above us in the form table out the cup 🤣 These are almost unprecedentedly good times.
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