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  1. Two and a half years later and it’s still true [emoji41] Delighted he’s staying. Good bit of business from Jim and Gus, sure Ryan had other options.
  2. Think it’s a sign of where Scottish football is. Harry is struggling to get a deal in the lower leagues of England so is punting himself up north. Using us as leverage to see if someone like Hibs or Motherwell will offer him more money. Maybe they will. Is he good enough for the SPFL Premiership? Maybe, maybe not. He’s never played at that or an equivalent level before, and he’s 28. Must be a reason for that. He was certainly good enough in the Scottish Championship, but as we all know, that’s no real barometer. Not that bothered if he signs for us or not. Would rather we got in players who are proven at this level in. Give me Popescu or Famewo or McLoughlin before Davis.
  3. He’s got a contract on the table from Celtic to be their second choice. He either signs that or comes to us to be first choice and takes a pay cut. I suspect he will rather sit on the bench for more money but you never know.
  4. If you’ve ever used either of those platforms you’ll know that you get to decide which content you want to see. You literally pick who you follow on Twitter. That’s what makes it better than places like here. Whereas I can’t read this forum without seeing guff posted by people like yourself on pretty much every thread on Twitter I only see stuff from people I follow. That’s why it’s a more popular tool than here. That’s why forums like this will slowly die off. They’ve had their day.
  5. Take this guy. On this place and Pie and Bovril all the time, yet slags off social media. Bizarre.
  6. Feel this format is a bit tired. Twitter and Facebook are much more lively than this place. Definitely a question of when and not if this place goes. It’s pretty much the same group of middle age men that have been posting on here for over a decade. It means that most/all threads descend into circular arguments between the same people who hold bizarre grudges against each other. Means wading through a lot of guff to find any good content. Do any young Saints fans use this? Is there anyone under 25 on here?
  7. Agree with all them. McKenzie and McGinn are finished, Mullen, Andreu, Djorkaeff and Cooke aren’t good enough. Has been clear Hladky was leaving for months. Wallace looked decent but he is 35, makes sense to release him. Would take any of the loanees back next season, all looked good (Chabbi briefly). Would love to get Hodson back in particular.
  8. Highest league finish since 2014. What a job Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp have done. New contract please [emoji1316]
  9. This forum is doing well in lockdown [emoji28]
  10. Stepping up with another huge goal when the pressure is on. Jon Obika ladies and gentleman. Surely the front runner for Saints Player of the Year?
  11. FT 1-0 Beautiful. Wasn’t there but I’m not in the least bit surprised that we have beaten Hearts. For one simple reason, which is the same reason we have been above them in the league all season: We’re better than them. Even with 2 of our best players going off injured during the game, we’re still better than them. They’re the worst team in the league and that’s why they’re bottom and they absolutely deserve to be relegated, I hope they are. Wasn’t surprised the match winner was Jon Obika either, we are so lucky to have him. That’s us 9th in the league now with the bottom 5 all having played the same amount of games. Would say that’s about right, think we’ve been the 9th best team in the country this year. Closer to Killie in 8th than Hearts in 12th too. Was surprised at some of the over the top negative reactions from our fans after recent games, even from some of our normally more level headed buds. The reality is we are doing just fine and this result reinforces that. Onwards. Bye Bye Hearts.
  12. FT 0-0 Ah frustrating. Much the better team, second half especially. Couldn’t kick the door down though, hit the post twice plenty of half chances and long range efforts but didn’t work the keeper enough. Much worse point than it would have been had Hamilton and Hearts not won... Positives are that County are very much back in it. Win our game in hand and we’ll go above them all other things being equal. That’s 3 games against the Saintees this season, 5 points and 0 goals conceded. I wish someone could tell me what McGrath does, cause he doesn’t score or create anything. Plays 90 minutes every week though.
  13. It was you that brought up Saturdays game you rocket [emoji23] It’s absolutely nothing like the Aberdeen game. Carry on.
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