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  1. McKenzie has played 19 league games out of 74 the last 2 seasons. 14 in 17/18 and 5 in 18/19. He’s available roughly a quarter of the time. Trade off is that on the few occasions he is fit he’s absolutely brilliant at this level. One of the best defenders in the league without a doubt. Thats the reason why we got him and why we still have him of course. No other club will touch a player as injury prone as him with a ten foot barge pole. Fine by us though, and why not. Looking forward to his 10 superb performances next season.
  2. Hope Goodwin is the only candidate. Surely we will offer him it. Just going to be down to him if he takes it or not...
  3. Absolutely delighted with this news. Thought Oran was a hopeless manager and I’m just surprised he lasted so long. We can only thank goodness for the shiteness of the two Dundee clubs and winning that penalty shoot out coin toss that we somehow retained our Premiership status despite his bumbling stewardship. Now we can finally get a proper manager in charge. There’s only one man for it. Arise, Sir Jim Goodwin.
  4. He should have been rinsed months ago. Not surprised he will be, just surprised it’s taken so long. Goodwin please.
  5. We did it and that’s all that matters, by the thinnest possible margin but we did it. That coin toss win to get the penalties in front of our own fans [emoji7] Major squad changes required in the summer for sure. We are already at least a week behind everyone else in the planning stage so need to crack the whip and get on with it.
  6. 1-1 AET Oh well, always knew it would come to this. Been on the wrong end of a couple decisions today, frustrating indeed. Nazon would have taken a penalty for sure aswell. How’s your luck? Whole season comes down to this.
  7. 1-1 After 90 mins. Yeah as expected, second half was more of the same. Nothing in it, hesitant and nervy with both teams showing much more fear to lose than courage to win. At the end of that all players who started look absolutely f**ked. Barley a sprint left in any of them. Extra time should be fun, then. Particularly given we have used all our subs. Can’t we just go straight to penalties?
  8. HT 1-1 Good fun in the Sunday sun indeed. That’s not a penalty for me, bit of a bad break there. But they get given about 20% of the time and we got unlucky. Came back into it fine, thanks for the comedy defending. Danny Mullen loves a goal against the city of Dundee. Pretty even 3 quarters of football, will the 4th be any different? Probably not, I expect we are going to overtime.
  9. Playoffs are great fun hm? First time St Mirren have ever been in them. We usually go straight down or straight up. Indeed first time we’ve played a two legged competitive tie since... The European adventures of the 80’s? More of this kinda thing. Loving the 2 day long half time break, it’s like extended pie queue banter on steroids. Can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s going to be totes emosh either way. Strap in.
  10. FT 0-0 Good stuff, would certainly have taken that before kick off. Make us favourites now... Was expecting United to be much better second half but if anything they were worse. Sure their fans must be really disappointed with that performance. We did fine. Was nice having a big man leading the line for a change. Thought Cooke was great without much help. He threw himself about a bit and that big baldy centre half Connolly was raging toward the end. How’s your nose fella? Another shout out to Gary Mack. He’s been held together by sticky tape these days but there’s not many defenders better than him round here. Unsurprisingly the pink Nazi was nowhere to be seen second half. Onto Paisley then. We love a draw and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was another one after 90 minutes on Sunday. Then extra time and... penalties? Either way will be good fun in the Sunday sun I’m sure.
  11. HT 0-0 Yeah we are doing fine, score is a fair reflection. First half hour we were on the back foot a bit and Hladky made a great save low down from McMullan. Last 10 minutes we were the better team and could have scored. One bizarre episode was a Dundee United fan in a pink polo shirt sitting in the corner of the shed closest to us repeatedly making Nazi salutes. After saints fans complained he was warned by the stewards and then proceeded to just make the lower half of the salute for the rest of the half. One for the watching. Anyway, 0-0 would be a great result for us. Not sure if United are shite or nervous, or perhaps both. Definitely not as good as I thought they’d be, pressure definitely on them to score second half.
  12. Psst, Cody Cooke is our best striker. Who signed him? Oooops. Hopefully he stops getting ignored since he’s not one of Orans boys now.
  13. Was this the thread I started that that some mod has merged and changed the title of? Bit weird. Who even mods this forum these days? Anyway, going back to the days when inconvenient threads weren’t sanitised (before SMISA took over ((shh)) ). I said before oran was appointed that the next new manager had a simple task. Keep us up and stay. Get relegated and go. All boils down to this. Win the playoff or f**k off oran.
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