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  1. TopCat

    January Exits

    Spot on.
  2. TopCat

    January Exits

    Glad smith has gone. Stubbs called him right in the summer; not up to it in the Premiership. Seems Kearney agreed and when he subbed him off as a sub at Easter Road it was clear his time was up. Hopefully he doesn’t come back to haunt us next season...
  3. TopCat

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Absolutely none of that is relevant.
  4. TopCat

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Absolutely astounded that these two are still on the payroll.
  5. TopCat

    January Exits

    By the end of January we will be on our 4th first choice keeper of the season. Remarkable scenes.
  6. TopCat

    January Exits

    Lyness went from our number 1 to out on his arse fairly quickly there [emoji38]
  7. Yeah seems like he’s not getting a game for Fylde, that’s probably why he’s back. Might aswell be sitting in our reserves if he’s sitting in theirs. Last time he featured he was subbed off in a 2-1 defeat to Dover and he hasn’t even made the bench since as far as I can see. Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence.
  8. Does this count as a signing...? Welcome aboard all the best Jim!
  9. TopCat

    January Exits

    I’d like to see Smith go out on loan. That way if we get relegated we can try get him back, because he’s an excellent championship player. Sadly he’s not good enough to play in the Premiership.
  10. TopCat

    January Exits

    No surprise with Hammill. Good luck to him, did a turn for us with some vital goals and assists. That goal against Hibs is the best Saints goal I’ve ever seen. Obviously too good to be playing for us, should do a turn down south for Scunthorpe.
  11. TopCat

    Depression - Christmas & New year

    Lang May Yer Lum Reek all buddies [emoji813]️
  12. What a job St Mirren legend Jim Goodwin has done at Alloa. It’s now surely only a matter of time before he makes the step up to full time management. I wonder, what full time club do we think he will manage first? As for the cup tie, goes without saying that swift progression into the 5th round is essential.
  13. What a boy Hammill is. Most talented player I’ve seen at St Mirren since... Stevie Mallan.
  14. TopCat

    Kilmarnock v St Mirren

    FT 2-1 Sounds like another pretty pathetic performance. Oh well, least it’s the winter break now. Time we have a league game again we will surely have a raft of new players, and no one else to blame.
  15. TopCat

    Kilmarnock v St Mirren

    Some job Goodwin is doing there...