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  1. Some job Rice has done there. Instant impact. We were thinking we had done great drawing with Hearts and Aberdeen. In the following weeks Accies have beaten them both [emoji28]
  2. Our top scorers this season. What a depressing graphic [emoji28] Our third top scorer is our right back! What happened to goals from midfield?
  3. FT 0-1 Another sore one. We are remarkably consistent in blowing chances to get off the bottom. Doesn’t bode well. Thought we had weathered the Killie storm early on in the half and would get the point but not to be. No quality in the final third from us all night so can’t complain. Need something in Perth on Saturday.
  4. Quite enjoyed that half. Absolutely wild conditions again but good fun. Don’t think either team deserves to be ahead. Could do with a win but not losing gets us off the bottom, so take that.
  5. My point is I’m sorry that facts inconvenience your argument. ETA I would comment on your style of posting, but I don’t have any idea who you are. Sorry.
  6. We are bottom of the league. We weren’t bottom when Oran was appointed. Vive la revolución.
  7. Coulda played both Nazon and Jackson though. If he had faith In the big guy. Never mind, we won.
  8. FT 1-0 Excellent and much needed 3 points. The goal is a shot from Jackson which the keeper should do better with, but can only parry it to Flynn for a tap in from a tight angle. Probably the best thing we can say about the game is that we ground it out. Pretty brutal fayre from start to finish from both teams, but we won, so that’s ok. Still hanging on to the coat tails of 11th. Maybe we will stay up after all, stranger things have happened.
  9. Flynn! Its a speculative shot from Jackson which the keeper parries out and Flynn taps in. Not deserved by any means but that’s ok. Yas!
  10. MacPherson off - a he’s a trier - Mullen on: finally! Still 0-0, we’ve been brutal second half thus far.
  11. Nazon off Jackson on. Take off the number 9 when we need a win... genius!
  12. Dreyer off - shite again - McAllister on. 0-0
  13. The wind has died down completely. Second half Livi been the better side. No chances either team though, 0-0.
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