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  1. But I’d rather we stayed part of the UK. Will always be a minority wanting independence, always has been. Even after they lose #indyref2 , they will want #indyref3, and they’d lose that too. Never ending rejection. Must hurt.
  2. How many times do we need to vote no till you lot get it? Twice? Thrice? Give me that ballot paper.
  3. Forgot he was here. What a terrible signing by Ross he was. Waste of money.
  4. You’re spot on bud. When everyone is fit Flynn plays, no doubt. ‘Captain fantastic’ is a decent reserve.
  5. ‘ his team were as good as the one we have now ‘ His team were 11th (at highest, we were 12th for a while too) we are now 9th. Also this league is stronger than last years. Shine on you crazy diamond, shine on
  6. Kirk Broadfoot is pure dead brilliant. One of those players that you watch and think, what on earth are you doing playing for a team like us? I’m sure i made a similar post on this website in 2006. It was true then and it’s true today. He was a St Mirren legend before he re-signed, hIs return is merely reinforcing that status. He should be club captain, the way he is leading the team he kinda is anyway. What a signing. Legend!
  7. Just double checking that your point was based on absolutely nothing. Thanks for the confirmation.
  8. Anyone surprised Jack has been sent home to Scotland with his tail between his legs? I’m not.
  9. FT 2-0 Yas. Thought we were good second half. Controlled the game, scored one more, should have scored two or three more. Easy and well deserved three points in the end. Thought Broadfoot was fantastic (again) and Mullen and Obika, a goal each from our two starting strikers, what more you want? Our home record has actually been good this season. Five games, two wins two draws one defeat, one goal conceded, which was a wonder free kick against Rangers. We need to improve going forward and on the road, but overall there is clearly progression under Goodwin. We are 9th and that’s about where we should be, higher than we were at any point last season. Thought the visitors were a disgrace, second half particularly. I’ve seen a lot of St Johnstone teams over the last 20 years but that has to be the worst. I was expecting them to come out all guns blazing second half and really put us under pressure. They didn’t, they didn’t look interested and rolled over, pathetic. Unless there is major changes at that football club they will finish 12th. I hope there isn’t.
  10. Paul McGinn assist from the right by line, first time strike from Danny Mullen in the top corner. Surely, there’s your ball game...?
  11. Should be 2-0 up. Started second half really well. Mullen hits the inside of the post and the rebound bounces kindly for the fakes.
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