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  1. My word. You really are criticising Obika for *only* scoring 2 goals today aren’t you? And you seem to be criticising the timing of his goals too. Do goals count more if they’re scored earlier or something?[emoji38] Some of our fans are truly unbelievable. Thankfully most of us realise how lucky we are to have him at our club and our manager clearly believes in him. He rightly plays 90 minutes every week and will continue to do so. That’s him on 7 goals already this season. I wonder how many more he will have to score to get the fans off his back? He’s already had the best goal scoring return of any of our strikers in a top flight season since Steven Thompson in 13/14, but that hasn’t been enough. Of course the reason he gets so many ‘lucky’ goals is because he consistently gets himself in the right positions. As anyone who has played football before will know, that is a skill in itself. I would say I’m surprised at the amount of stick he’s getting but I’m not. Our fans have done this before to other goal scoring strikers and I suspect they will do it again with others we have in the future. Bizarre.
  2. Win 3 nil and our number 9 scores 2 and you get posts like this. Some of our fans [emoji38]
  3. FT 3-0 Job done, move on. Definitely a bit rusty after the break. Should have still had about 6 or 7 though, the Broxburn keeper definite man of the match. He had about 5 fantastic saves in the second half alone. Mullen’s goal at the end was a much easier save than several he made. Broxburn did well enough but as with most part time teams their fitness went in the second half. Delighted for big Jon Obika to get another brace. Bizarrely he gets a lot of pelters from a section of our support. Doesn’t stop him scoring goals thankfully.
  4. Love how angry us having a goal scoring striker makes our fans [emoji38] McCarthy off Andreu on. Defender off for an attacking midfielder while we are winning...
  5. MacPherson and Durmus off McGrath and Mullen on.
  6. Bounced in off his shin. Bound to happen with the amount of pressure and time we spent in their box. Big mans a goal scorer for sure.
  7. HT 0-0 Broxburn doing well, 11 men behind the ball and defending fine. We’ve had a couple of chances and should have scored, Obika in particular missing a cut back that looked harder to miss.. Sure the goal will come. Highlight of the half was the worst pitch invasion I’ve ever seen just before half time. Young lad out the Broxburn crowd jogged up to the edge of the D, got booed, turned round and jogged back off.
  8. At this stage of the cup last season we went out at home to a team from a lower league. We’ve came on a fair bit since then certainly. As long as we get through that’s all that matters, i’d take a 1-0.
  9. This is the kinda game we need to get all the new signings their starting debut in. Something like: Hladky McCarthy-Broadfoot [emoji767]* - Famewo Flynn-MacPherson-Foley-McGrath-Morais Obika-Cooke Bawsoot. *The sooner we correctly appoint St Mirren legend Kirk Broadfoot as club captain the better. And less awkward for all concerned.
  10. Priority has to be getting McGinn out. Big (biggest?) earner and can’t get a game when fit. I just fear no other club will touch him given how much he earns and how bad he is. Djorkaeff will surely be mutually consented and McAllister and Erahon (who’s only 18) hopefully put out on loan. They’re not ready this season but could be good enough in the future. Durmus will certainly stay, he’s one of our best players and a match winner. As his superb winning goals against Aberdeen and Kilmarnock have shown. Out of the four strikers the lowest in the pecking order is Mullen. Cooke seems to be third choice behInd Obika and Morais now. Also Andreu and I believe McGrath can play up there if required. Whether Danny wants to stay and fight for his place or leave will be up to him as much as anyone. As 4th choice strikers go he ain’t bad. If he does leave we will sign a replacement, I suspect he won’t and we won’t be signing any more strikers.
  11. Saints fans have always had a thing about signing ex players. How about we sign some players who’ve never played for us before and they turn out good. Anyone coming back is coming back for a reason - IE they haven’t made it elsewhere.
  12. You’d only be happy with our record high league finish for over 30 years? High bar.
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