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  1. 2 minutes ago, kevo_smfc said:

    I know there was probably a bit of pressure on Goodwin to play him at such a young age last season, so it looks like we may have to sell this summer if he isn't guaranteed regular game time and all we would get is a dev fee next summer. 

    Would be hoping for something close to John McGinn's sell-on or at least alternative add-ons.

    When you see the likes of Ramsay after one season at Aberdeen and Doig after one season at Hibs being touted for big money moves, it makes you wonder if he had more exposure this season, could we have added value to his price tag? 

    I don't think he's ready for first team Premiership football, hardly anyone is at 16/17. John McGinn was nowhere near the first team at that age, he made his first start when he was 18 and Kenny McLean was the same - hasn't held either of them back. Bare in mind he went on loan to Queens Park in January, and couldn't get a game.  If he can't get a game at League 1 level should we have played him more in the top flight?

    That's not a slight on Reid, saying he's not ready now doesn't mean he won't be a fantastic player in the future, i'd be surprised if he doesn't play for Scotland one day. Can't see him signing an extension though. 

  2. 1 hour ago, kevo_smfc said:

    Was surprised when he signed 2 yr deal last year, we hadn't pushed for at least a 3 yr (unless there is a rule for that young age) as his first year in first team could have been limited which it has been. There was a similar sort of buzz around his academy development to that of John McGinn. His trials with Bayern and Benfica a couple of years ago only confirm this. And here we are, as per usual, down to last 12 months of a promising players contract. Only hope is that change in manager could encourage him to sign an extension. After all, he is only just turned 17. This is a massive season for him if he decides to stay.

    We did push for a three, he just didn't want to sign it - understandably. We'd have signed him on a five year deal if he was up for it. He could have left for next to nothing before he turned 16, so him signing for us in the first place was a decent coup, he had plenty of suitors then. We cannot force talented young guys like this to sign long term deals, sadly!

  3. 13 hours ago, Rascal said:

    What have I missed TC? Is Main out?


    8 minutes ago, scam75 said:

    Think I read Main is waiting till season over for his ankle op. We will find out tomorrow I suppose.

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    I'd heard his season was over for the ankle op, could be wrong though. Tait looks out, his missus posted a picture of him in a moonboot on her instagram, so it will probably be Henderson RWB.

  4. Pretty slim chance of us over taking Livi, even if we win here. Given they have a much better GD and are three points ahead, we would need to win this and better their result on the last day, and they’re at home to Dundee while we are away at Aberdeen. As anyone who seen Dundee play on Saturday will know, Livi are very likely to get three points in that game…
    However, 8th place and finishing above Hibs and Aberdeen is still on the cards. We will likely need six points to get 8th, while four points will be enough for 9th.
    Can Robbo avoid defeat to someone who isn’t in the bottom two for the first time in his tenure? Four games between the teams this season; three draws and a Saints win. Livingston haven’t won in Paisley since 2018, when a certain Alan Stubbs was in charge.
    Main is out, so that should be a straight swap for Brophy. Can’t see any other changes to the team that won at the weekend.

  5. Just now, kevo_smfc said:

    St. Mirren have given him a pathway. 

    I would hope the offer of a 2-3 year extension is already on the table. These 12 month remaining situations we repeatedly get into is costing us a good selling fee.

    I think a 3 year deal is very low risk, considering he is already on a reported smaller wage, he has just made his international debut and is only going to get better.

    I suspect it is on the table, i also don't think he will sign it. If he continues his performance levels and/or plays for NZ at the world cup he's going to get a load of much bigger contract offers in January. If they don't come, sign our extension then. Signing ours just now might be a small pay rise for a few months, but will put an obstacle in the way for bigger deals next year. If he is considering signing it he needs a new agent :D 

  6. He's been a cracking find and another great signing by the club. You can't expect much when you sign a player from the amateurs, but he's proven he's more than up to it at this level. In the home win against St Johnstone he sets up the first (won the penalty) and scores the winner, in the away win against St Johnstone he set up the winner, and in the home win against Dundee he scores the first. Absolutely huge contributions to the cause and I have the fear around where we would be without them. 

    We'd do well to get him signed up on a longer deal, but if i was his agent i'd be advising him to sign nothing till the new year and i suspect that is what he will do. Might aswell have a look at what PCA's get offered in January, and if there's none you fancy can always sign with again with St Mirren then.

  7. On 5/7/2022 at 5:42 PM, CraigyBoy said:

    Why ??

    What is the logic in that 

     If we are looking like being isolated and cut drift then maybe a case for it ..

    However,  I would take 3rd bottom with a better brand of football and youngsters being developed over 7th place and the turgid shite we have endured for vast parts of the season 

    If you're happy with regression, fair enough, it's not for anyone to tell a fan what is or isn't good enough in their eyes. Personally i want to see progression, like we have had previously. Our last manager takes over a team who finishes 11th, we get 9th in his first season, 7th in his second season and he leaves us in 6th.  Year on year progress where we consistently and  sustainably climbed the league. Also progress in the cups, we went from zero semi finals in eight years to two in a row, and there were plenty of youngsters developed along the way.

    Robinson has already said he wants to take the team forward and top six and europe is his aim, which is perfectly reasonable given the position of the team when he arrived. He won't be happy with taking the team backwards to 10th, and neither will I. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Mainstand Sweary Mob said:

    Could you see us going in for the likes of Shaun Rooney as he is out of contract with the fakes instead to play the right wing back big lump role?

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    Doesn't seem that long ago he was on trial with us, sure he played a couple of friendlies. 

  9. Shame we don't get to give him a proper send off. He correctly swept up at the player of the year awards the other night, what a signing he was. As i've said before he is one of the best Saints players i've seen in 30 years, he was a real joy to watch.  


  10. Ridiculous kick off time given the distance, 12 noon on a Sunday? FFS. 

    Had the fear this game was going to be crucial and i'd feel obliged to go. Thankfully it isn't, and as a result I won't be there. Fair play to any buddies getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to make that journey for an end of season kick about. 

  11. Obika was a fantastic signing, 12 goals in his first season - which was cut short by COVID - was a superb return and one none of our current strikers will match over a full season. Last season and this season he's had major fitness issues however, and he's about to turn 32. I fear he is past it so i don't think we should sign him again. 

  12. 17 hours ago, exiledfan said:

    On those grounds county would have bagged Malky.  I think managers should only be sacked in transfer windows to avoid the impact it can have on other clubs losing a manager to a rival. 


    Difference there of course that Malky was employed in the summer, not February. But yeah I would give him longer than the first quarter. For me if we are in the bottom three at Christmas (or it becomes clear we are going to be) then he should be sacked. If not, then carry on to the end of the season. 

  13. 45 minutes ago, HSS said:

    Not surprised to see him linked with a big move, he's a fantastic young player who has a big career ahead of him. Think it's best if he moves on and gets away from our boo boys, i just hope we get a big sell on percentage in place. He could make us a lot of money in the future. 

  14. Not that arsed, it would be good to win but if we lose it's no big deal. As anyone who seen the game on Saturday will know, The Saintees are not going to win three games in a row, we are safe. 

    Plus it would quite funny if the Fakes were to get relegated automatically. Let's go all out for the win and make it entertaining either way. If we are going to get the higher prize money of 7th, 8th, or 9th we will need to win this, a draw is no use to either team. 

  15. On 4/29/2022 at 8:05 PM, Ayrshire Saints said:
    On 4/29/2022 at 4:56 PM, TopCat said:
    Look forward to it. In the meantime here's hoping for some more Connor magic to keep us up in the next few weeks. He scored the winning goal against St Johnstone, Aberdeen and Dundee the last time we played all three...What a player.

    Didn't Greive score the winner v the Fermers ????

    Correct, Ronan's was the equaliser :D

  16. On 4/30/2022 at 1:50 PM, CraigyBoy said:

    Every team has  a squad- our depth unfortunately is very poor . The shite I talk about is still there - McGrath last season was immense, this however covered numerous short falls that JG didn't  identify or couldn't  in the summer - that was an abject failure in his tenure and really meant we went into this season not in a position of strength. Alas , our highlights this season have mostly been by players who aren't owned by the club-   and yes,we did well to get him but it's another void the new manager has to deal with going forward & Is always short term . I will reserve judgement on the current manager until he has had a transfer window as a minimum to come and make his mark,  and see can improve the failings our previous manager exhibited. 

    So McGrath covered numerous shortfalls with his penalties, he stopped playing well in the summer (when we stopped getting as many penalties) left in January, and in February we still had the same points as we had the season before? Who covered the shortfalls this season?

    The loan market is  absolutely vital to all Scottish teams. Celtic are going to win the league and two of their best players have been Carter-Vickers and Jota, both of them are on loan, I don't think their fans mind much. We certainly wouldn't have won the league cup without Dummett, Newton and Goncalves, all of whom were on loan.  Let's hope that Robinson is already identifying potential loan players from the English market for next season. A club like us would never be able to sign a player as good as Ronan without the loan system, and we are going to need to replace him. 

    But yes i agree with the last sentence. Robinson will get the summer and will be judged on his recruitment at Christmas time. Let's hope he delivers progress. 

  17. 3 minutes ago, lenziebud said:

    Ok nws, lets see where Conor Ronan is in 2-3 seasons time and we can decide who was right 😀

    Look forward to it. In the meantime here's hoping for some more Connor magic to keep us up in the next few weeks. He scored the winning goal against St Johnstone, Aberdeen and Dundee the last time we played all three...What a player.

  18. 5 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    7th last season, combined with two semi finals, was IMO, a pretty decent season.

    We have not finished 6th, this "temporary" league position argument, along with the hilarious 4th, is irrelevant.

    Although, if we stay up and score in the first minute of the first game next season, before any other teams score, we would be 1st, something to be remembered. :lol:

    Did you read what i said? 'being in sixth'.

  19. 13 minutes ago, Rascal said:

    Realistically we are a club which should occupy a place somewhere between 5th and 9 th place IMO. Our crowds are not big but we do have quite a high ratio of bums on seats to capacity. Last years finish was within the range I have suggested so, yes, it was a good year. We might yet finish between 7 and 9 so it could still be a good year but I will admit that it doesn’t feel like  that right now. 



    Yeah i agree.  Sadly we've spent the vast majority of the last 30 years below 9th. Finishing 7th and being in 6th still not good enough for some, clearly.

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