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  1. Just wondering why wee Danny's face is still the background, I have got no problems with it being there, I liked wee Danny...as I said, I was just wondering if there is a reason.
  2. Cheers Drifter, I have since noticed there is another thread about this...I suppose the 'thread nazis' will want me kicked off here for such a horrendous mistake.
  3. Any ideas when the new stips go on sale ?
  4. Isabella....I am never happy with defeat....why do I bother ? Because St.Mirren are my team, always have been and always will be.
  5. As we all know there are some folk on here that just slate everything St.Mirren, from signings, style of play, manager and the like. It baffles me as to why these guys are actually St.Mirren fans, what enjoyment do they get from supporting the Saints ? I won't name names because we all know who they are but come on guys FFS, it seems to me you have the whole idea of what supporting a club is all about, slagging everything about the club is not supporting the club at all !!! My advice for the new season to you is, face facts the Super Saints are a small club and always will be, we will no doubt be fighting relegation this year again but instead of being so negative just enjoy being a Saints fan because see when you do it right it's f***ing awesome. And yes I expect many many replies calling me everything from an ar**hole to a clueless idiot! but one thing for sure! come the start of the season I will be 100% behind Tommy Craig and whoever he puts on the pith and furthermore I will enjoy it.
  6. Can only apologise guys, causing offence or upset to anyone was the last thing on my mind. I am happy for this to be deleted.
  7. Thanks for the reply Stuart. OK, so if Tony didn't even write a book, I can only surmise that what with Cooper winding him up and the Rangers fans singing the distasteful songs, the story has grown arms and legs over the years and as Cooper was the one winding Tony up, the story has now become that Cooper said something nasty re Tony's son. Still not a particularly nice thing of Cooper to do to a fellow pro, knowing what he just went through.
  8. Hello everyone, first time poster (raging) I have just been told that back in the day, Davie Cooper said something so nasty and vile to Tony Fitz about his son who had passed away that I won't even repeat it. I was just wondering if there is any truth in this as the guy who told me said Tony had mentioned it in his autobiography, I figured this would be the best place to find out. If this is true all the respect I had for Cooper has flown right out the window and won't be coming back no matter how good a footballer he was. Also anyone tell me where it would be possible to buy a copy of Tony's book.
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