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  1. Cheers for that I'll start watching. Hopefully I can catch some full games if/when your on sky.
  2. I'm glad Plummer is settling in and playing well. Drury needs time to settle and grow with the experience but I've already said he's never really stuck out to me whenever I've watched him. I can't see him making it at the top level if I'm honest but I hope he proves me wrong
  3. Possibly. I know we are backing the B team idea so if that doesn't come off they will look for alternatives.
  4. Unfortunately mate I don't think UEFA will allow us to own another European club. Rumours I heard is we are looking to buy a club in Brazil, although that may be a couple of years away yet.
  5. He's well thought of for sure. He's good on the ball and keeps it ticking over without doing much fancy. He almost broke into the first team a couple of years ago when he appeared on the bench a few times and followed that with a decent loan spell at Crewe.
  6. It' s a real chore mate yeah but I somehow cope! I watched my team through some real shit years so I'm definitely making the most of the current era!
  7. I see Drury has now been announced on a season long loan with you guys. It appears I now have 2 players to keep a track of while I'm on here. NB Can admin change the title of the thread to 'Ellis Plummer and Adam Drury progress'. It would save creating a seperate thread. Thanks.
  8. If I'm honest he never really stood out on the handful of occassions I watched him play. If I'm honest I don't think he's not gonna make it with us but he can still have a career in the lower leagues. He's at an age where he needs to play because he might learn from the experience and improve. He has only had one loan out at Burton Albion where he only played 13 games so at 20 years old he hasn't had much first team football.
  9. Funny you should mention a striker as we have just announced Devante Cole (son of Andy Cole) has signed on loan at Barnsley. We also have a very promising striker called Jordy Hiwula who looks a great prospect. He's not yet gone on loan. We also have a really good midfielder called Seko Fofana. You might recall the name from a recent pre season trip to croatia where he was racially abused and the team ended up walking off. His style of play reminds me of Yaya.
  10. We have already loaned our best EDS player (IMO) to your league rivals Celtic. We have another couple of defenders in the EDS who are at a similar level to Plummer. Shay Facey & Mathias Bossaerts are both good defensive prospects and I imagine they will be heading out on loan at some stage.
  11. Hi all. I am a man city fan (here in peace!) and I am a member of MCFCFORUM where we have a feature called loan watch. In this feature we try to track the progress of our players out on loan, specifically our EDS (reserve) lads. I hope you don't mind me signing up and starting this thread but I find this is the best way of finding out how they are doing. If it ok with you guys I will pop on here as often as I can to get some feedback on how Ellis is performing. I will try to catch some games myself but I may not catch many. For a start though, how has Plummer settled in? Has he been playing regularly or off the bench? What position does he play for you, LB or CB? Thanks in advance for your comments and allowing me to get involved in your forum.
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