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  1. Aw right then.......starting from the next game.......come on ye Saints. !!!!
  2. There is no getting away from the fact this has been the season from hell. Terrible decisions made throughout. As fans of our great club it is our right to feel angry, let down, pissed off, frustrated and vent our feelings in the forum and during games. With time running out though, lets get behind the lads and give them our full vocal backing during these important games. Relegation would be a financial disaster for us. Dressing relegation up as a rebuilding proccess is misleading to say the least. So come on felllow Buddies, starting from todays game, C O Y S. !
  3. I wasn't suggesting Tony be our manager, but there to help. He would certainly help lift the doom and gloom surrounding the place right now. I just don't get why Longwell is there at all. If not TF then who? There is very little chance of Gary doing this gig on his own. He needs a bit of experienced help. NOW.
  4. What about this..... David Longwell goes back to his own job. Gary gets help from club legend Tony Fitzpatrick until the season ends? Tony would give both the players and fans a tremendous lift. COYS !!!
  5. Found this from the Guardian on-line; Why are people from Paisley called Buddies, my mate was born there, and he doesn't know the origin of it. Astaqq, Manchester, UK Just a guess really but wasn't Paisley once famous for cotton? Could it have something to do with the spinning of cotton buds into thread?Seth, Edinburgh, Scotland It's a local pronunciation of "bodies", i.e., people - somebody, anybody, nobody. That's all.John Bennett, Glasgow, Scotland It comes from the old Scottish custom of calling a person a "body", pronounced "buddy". As in, "naebody kens", or "Gin a body meet a body/ Comin' through the rye..." A "wee Paisley body" is just a cosy way of describing a citizen of that town, and nothing to do with the more familiar American usage in "buddy, can you spare a dime".Alan Smith, Stockport, Cheshire I seem to remember my father (or maybe my grandmother) telling me of a quote by somebody which said that Scotland was populated by "Highland gentlemen, Lowland farmers and Paisley bodies".Peter, Paisley Scotland I hadn't even heard of the expression "Paisley Buddies" until I immigrated to Australia in 1957 and joined the "Paisley Buddies Club". So I don't know where it started. I thought that is was just a name invented by expats.Janette Anderson, Auckland, New Zealand Could there be a connection between the song "Buddy can you spare a dime" that originated in the USA, and the poverty that was relevant in Paisley at the beginning of the century.John Donachie, Paisley Renfrewshire
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