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  1. V.I. is immune from him and his gang of good dudes.
  2. Cheerio Mrs, thanks for the tip. Hopefully pick you up again.
  3. Thankfully I am in Superskim mode. A granny just off the line.
  4. Stop it. You have stunk out the Forum all day. LPM ain't got proof or facts. We all know that and don't care. Most of my posts have no factual content. Move on and start a Football thread and try be interesting.
  5. That post is even worse than your essays. Belittling now. That's your usual. An Oaky trick. Proof of me overcharging anybody ? Naw, dinnae bother. I couldn't care less.
  6. Prefer them even shorter. Who needs or wants boring essays from you, Slartibartfast, Sweep and the Super Intelligent but mindnumbing Oaky. Everyone skimmed before I even reach the second line. Because some write 10 paragraphs doesn't make them entertaining or relevant. Tedious aye. I am guessing, no proof, that three of the above nonentities have never seen or been to a Football match. I am blissfully happy in my own stoopitity on here. Passes the time between hires.
  7. What's happening ? Back up to 300 online. Although I can see it dramatically fall by many as I have noticed Bazil has logged on.
  8. I would love Danny to be Manager again Wee fecking legend.
  9. Thanks, but already got the Linwood Cinema bookmarked. A wee bit cheaper and piss easy parking. Back to Kearney BooooooooooooHissFeckingBoooooooooooooo
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