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  1. shull

    H-E-A-R -T -S

    Are you upset and jealous ? Did you think it was just you he was sucking off ? You brainless cnut.
  2. You still havent shown me any racist post that our fellow buddie posted.
  3. It's absolutely okay to be Black, Brown and even White. Still no examples of the gentleman being racist.
  4. They are all trying so hard. None can show the gentleman being racist.
  5. If I was to post a link to, let's say the KKK or the NF to support my argument. Do you not think that would class me as a racist? No.
  6. Refer all you like. Never ever seen a racist post from that gentleman.
  7. I saw no racism from him.
  8. So, no examples of him being racist.
  9. And where was the person racist ? Show as many examples as you like.
  10. Honor Blackman dead at 93.
  11. What is the problem with visiting second homes ?
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