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  1. Shetland, you're a wee angel . Thanks for the " likes" You really don't have to. It's really not my thing. Anyway, you seem to be upsetting the only person on the Forum who talks about and is obsessed with " likes" Nobody else on the Forum cares including me. Maybe give him a "like" the next time you are logged on. He will appreciate it.
  2. Indeed The spinning in his head continues
  3. Tonight live on BBC1 FA Cup Fifth Round Manchester United v West Ham Kick Off 19.30 Doubt if I'll watch it. Not a fan of English Football. Far too many Diving Cheating Bassas. FECKEM
  4. shull

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    Tonight Dundee P Ayr United P Frozen Pitch
  5. Thanks for the update. I better get to work.
  6. Guessing Super St Mirren 3 Celtic 1 COME ON THE SAINTS
  7. Looking forward to the Match ramorra. I am very confident we can dump them again, they're screwed. No doubt the Game will go ahead despite the snow. Will listen to Commentary on Radio Scotand although not a great fan of that. I prefer " OPEN AW MICS " which on occasion can be exciting.
  8. I might sledge down to McHargs The Bakers. Could go a wee hot pie.
  9. Mmm He is still the only person in the Forum talking about " likes " hadn't noticed him for a couple of days. Now he returns as his abusing and trolling continues. He just cant stop me and my wee cousin Shetland spinning 24 hours a day in his head. Shetland will be well pissed off if she see his pathetic post above.
  10. Looks a bit trecherous presently. May venture out in the afternoon for work. Very doubtful though. A welcome day off in the heat of my living room.
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