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  1. shull

    John McGinn

    Could we not set up a Performance Poll Doodah for our players on this Forum. I dunno how to do it, but somebody must be able to produce one.
  2. shull

    Latest Scores

    Sunderland 3 Scunthorpe 0
  3. shull

    Latest Scores

    Hibernian 3 Ross County 2
  4. shull

    Build from the Back

    Not like you to be online at the weekend. No visitors today ?
  5. shull

    Build from the Back

    Great Thread
  6. shull

    League within a league

    My 1% trumps anything you post.
  7. shull

    Billy Connolly.

  8. shull

    League within a league

    Not even £7 They can travel to matches on the Team Bus for free. Need to make their own way home though.
  9. shull

    Conor McBrearty

    Having constant digs at St Mirren Supporters and contributing shite on a Forum is your hobby.
  10. I would say 4 times, if I was being optimistic.
  11. shull

    League within a league

    Great Thread
  12. shull

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Look on the fecking bright side.