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  1. Ran a bus to where ? From Jaybees to the Wee Barrel ?
  2. Just me and her. Not a threesome. So beat it .
  3. No, I would actually be dreaming of pumping dear Katie. Weird question from Bazil.
  4. I used to lie in bed thinking about St Mirren. Was really torture. I now lie there contemplating physical activity with Katie Hopkins. Bliss 💗
  5. We can't dwell on it , Goodwin says. Hopefully the players wont. I'm still dwelling on the Semi Final defeats of the early 1980's and the Gretna Cup exit of 2006.
  6. Well done the young buddies who decorated Paisley with the Saints Flags. Their effort and passion was magnificent and put the Team to shame. They are the real winners of the weekend.
  7. Very disappointing result. Thankfully, I never seen the Match , Going by reports on here , Obika doing a bit of cheating diving. If true, he should be offloaded in the January Window.
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