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  1. Just wanted to say that’s season tickets all ordered for me and my 2 sons in the South Stand. What an amazing price for all 3 of us!! Spread over the 10 months makes it all the more doable. Dont care how over the top it sounds but told my 2 boys today and they where both jumping around all excited. Especially my oldest boy Callum, whom I’ve also ordered his new shirt. I cant wait to see Callum’s face on that first game of the season as it will be his very first football match he’s ever been to. My younger boy isn’t quite as into it......yet! I have to give a special mention to Lynn at the ticket office who was amazing to deal with and so helpful every step of the way. Well fingers crossed for the season ahead and win or lose each week I know my son will love every minute. Again, can’t wait!!!!
  2. Sorry Russell its just the way it read on line it didn’t say that. It just showed the early bird prices then underneath mentioned the payment plan and a form to download. Thanks for the advice! Stevie
  3. Good evening to you all. I know I wasn’t going to post on here again. But just wanted to say thanks for all your support. I hope I explained everything fully. In response to the poster who wanted me to confirm how they could help. I’ll explain again. Last year I was gonna bring my son to his first St Mirren game which would have been against Falkirk. This ended up to last minute. It is after that I was introduced to Alan Wardrop via phone call. Also Lynn from the ticket office. They wanted to help after when I rang the club to see if there was any packages for my son they said there was nothing. I posted on here the lack of help and everyone was amazingly helpful and put me in touch with Lynn and Alan. Within this thread you will see my original thread from last year which will also support what I’m saying. So what I was asking was if someone could firstly give me the names of the people I spoke with last year or contact them on my behalf as I couldn’t find the thread and had forgot who I spoke with. I didn’t want to appear cheeky but was simply trying to find out if the same could be arranged for this season. I was also enquiring re the early bird season tickets as thought the price, paying it over 10 months and getting 2 kids ones free made it a great idea to pick and choose games and would mean if we can arrange a great day for my son again we would have our tickets for the game. I again don’t want to appear cheeky at all and don’t want hand outs and don’t want to use my health at all. The mentioning as I said of my health was to explain how my son missed out on his first game and amazing day Alan was arranging for him. He was gonna meet us show us round hopefully meet manager and players if possible and go in supporters lounge. Thanks again one and all. I’m so sorry if I’ve caused any rows on the forum. Stevie
  4. My son absolutely loves the new away kit for the new season and he thinks it’s the best shirt he’s seen for the team he is mad on, even being down in England with all the big premier league teams he could follow! He is looking forward to getting it with his pocket money he is saving and he said he looks forward to wearing it to football training at school as a boy there is a mad Celtic fan. In my sons exact words: ”Dad I can’t wait to show off my new shirt at football especially to show off to (no names mentioned)” basically the Celtic fan. He went on to say “When I see him Dad I’m gonna tell him this is what a proper away kit looks like well designed and well made, and worth every penny, not like the tat he wears from the Celtic shop!” He has a very proud Mum who is the reason he supports St Mirren! Thanks for giving my son bragging rights, as even if Celtic do Saints over he still thinks he wins as it’s a better shirt!! How a 9 year old kids mind works. LOL
  5. First of all thank you one and all for your responses I’m sorry if I’ve in anyway given you any cause to doubt my posts. I will now cease to post on this but wish to just answer your queries first. Regards my health. I brought this up not for sympathy as I’ve never sought any help or hand outs during the last 18 months. It was only included to explain why the offer I was made last year to give my son a memorable first game we were never able to attend due to me becoming ill. Which I’ve felt very guilty about as he was so excited. Regards the contact I’ve never attempted to email I’ve only ever left voicemails as no answer. So thanks for your advice re emailing Lynn instead. Regards the doubts re me getting a season ticket. The price and then getting 2 children tickets made it affordable doing it on a monthly plan to pick and choose home games throughout the season. As my wife has family in Paisley who also sometimes attend games so we would also have somewhere to stay. Anyway I again apologise if in anyway I’ve given reason to doubt me and I’ve never wanted hand outs I simply wanted to enquire if the offer I was made for my son last year could be done again. As I said it was my fault my son missed out due to my health, and again I’m not mentioning my health to gain any hand outs or sympathy it was simply used to explain why we never attended last year! Once again thank you for everyone’s input and all the very best to you all!! Stevie
  6. Hi all Just to let you know disappointment for us so far! Had no reply from either of the people who contacted me last time to arrange things. So it now looks as if I’ve lost out on the eary bird season ticket price as well despite leaving voicemails at the ticket office as well. After last year and the last 18 months myself and my family have been through due to my health it’s really disappointing that no one has been in touch. I was so impressed with all the help from yourselves(the fans) and the club in the end for the help we received last year however as I stated we couldn’t get to a match in the end due to my health. However on this occasion again you the fans have again been second to none! But the club this time haven’t been as helpful! Thanks as always to everyone on here!!
  7. Just to let you all know have tried this morning to ring Alan Wardrop and Lynn and have left voicemails for both. So I’m awaiting any updates. Many thanks again to everyone from last time and this time for your help!! Fingers crossed can sort all this out whilst the early bird offer is on the season tickets!
  8. Sorry to ask but if anyone does know Lynn or Alan and can tell them I’m gonna try and contact them if greatly appreciate it!! Cheers everyone it’s gonna make a 9 year old very happy!!
  9. Thanks so much Drew. Fingers crossed we can sort things out as he’s chomping at the bit! He was a very excited young man from afar last season. Its been great that despite those around him wearing the bigger teams shirts he still wears his Saints top proudly!!
  10. Thanks so very much Russell just looked it was Lynn at ticket office and Alan Wardrop. So will try and contact these 2. Would love to get season tickets for me Callum and my other son on this early bird offer as looks good value and would be more than happy to travel to all the home games from where we live as my sons are dying to get to a match especially Callum who I let down last year. Hopefully Lynn and Alan remember me as they where gonna make a real fuss of him last time! Thanks so very much again!! Steven
  11. Thanks for reply must be doing something wrong as can only see this post. Sorry to be causing any trouble! Thanks again
  12. Good evening I’m so sorry to ask but I lost all contacts I had been given last January as I wanted to take my son on his first game and give him a really special day. I rang the club to see what packages I could sort for him only to be told there was nothing they could do. The help I got on here was amazing and I was put in touch with a few various people. Things were all in place until I became seriously ill with a neurological condition which has now left me with epilepsy! My family have been through hell this last year and a half and I so want my son Callum to get to his first game again with our family who have had a difficult time. I know this would mean so much to us and know the joy it would give my son! Myself and my wife are originally from Scotland and my wife is a massive Saints fan and has brought up our kids to follow st Mirren even living in England. Many other kids never had a clue at school what shirt my son was wearing for football training! Anyway sorry to witter on and sorry to make this plea for help again after all the help last time! I only hope someone remembers me from last time. Many help we would be so grateful! Many thanks in advance. Steven McGarry
  13. Thanks for letting me know. As I say I'm in England in Lancashire. I'm asking if anyone sees the away shirt in an XL if they can contact me I can paypal etc the money for the shirt and postage if someone could then send it to me. If also people have the shirt it'd be good to know if they are true to size. Thanks 8n advance everyone!
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