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  1. 8 minutes ago, saintnextlifetime said:

    Whilst I wouldn't condone whatever Gowser has done , I wouldn't condemn him either.  .

    Aye, just you sit there like a sheep with nothing original to say and wait for somebody to put a thought in your head. 

    You're the biggest and most sleekit Troll on the Forum. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Drew said:

    Get this (alias) throbber in the Wank Tank without delay, please.

    Drew and Pozbaird, the two biggest abusers on the Forum. They just don't like contrary opinion. Poz has fecked off in the huff again after another poster correctly answered him back. 

    Cowardly bullies. 

    And untouchable on here. 

  3. 9 hours ago, jkd said:

    Some are saying it's a family club that the young ones like the displays and colours. My 2 love it they only come for the hotdogs and the displays 1 of them gets to wave a spare flag about and with this ban he won't want to come and then that'l be me screwed For the rest of the season and won' be attending much more games. What's important is saints getting 3 points and my weans being happy and if there not happy then I'm not happy.

    Only those who blatantly broke the rules in W7 are forbidden to fly flags and raise banners. There is no statement from the Club to say the rest of the support are banned. So get into the Shop, buy some flags and get your weans flying them. 

  4. 26 minutes ago, Doakes said:

    From reading those rules, the only area it could potentially fall under is insulting, depending on your definition. As we’ve said, it is borderline. We actually went and asked on the Morton fans page on Facebook if anyone was insulted - no one said they were.  

    Think the only ones “insulted” are our a small minority of our own fans. 

    We would know if the SPFL or Morton had complained. 

    If this is the worst you get in 2017, you’re right in your assessment that things have improved. But if you want an environment where even banter becomes unacceptable, the atmosphere in fitba grounds will go rapidly downhill. Have a look at the PL down south. Soulless. 

    We are a Family Club and those in charge just don't want Neds ruining it.

    The Banner was not needed.

    Try be Men , hold your hands up and apologise to all concerned.

  5. The Panda Group are more grown up and sing louder than W7. Even every away support drown out W7, and that is sometimes with about 10 fans singing.

    W7 boys would be better moving to the Family Stand where the acoustics seem to be better and the Panda Children would help them out.

    From the Main Stand, I can only hear noise from the South & North Stands.

    Maybe loud halers needed in W7.


  6. 6 hours ago, BuddieinEK said:

    Bet it was even more shite.
    This is fun.
    Shull SPOILER.
    All I see as long as nobody quotes you. Div. You da man!


    7 hours ago, shull said:


    Good timing 

    Night Night


    :byebye :double :snore


    7 hours ago, shull said:

    He's even quoting me as well as abusing me.


    THAT'S NICE  :wub: :lol:


    7 hours ago, shull said:

    Oh aye.



    Better giving new players an opportunity when we are winning comfortably.

    I talk so much sense. :D


    7 hours ago, shull said:

    Au revoir la merde heids :wub: :double :D

    Bloody hell, no wonder you ignore him.

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