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  1. Just you and DougJamie.
  2. You keep repeating yourself. Get yirself deleted.
  3. I believe in every post I make. So no trolling. Samson is a poor goalkeeper. Ross was well out of order giving him an extension to his contract Ross disgracefully disrespected St Mirren, St Mirren fans and the Challenge Cup with the Raith Rovers shambles. Not trolling. My honest opinions.
  4. Nobody is trolling. Just Saints fans who have varying opinions. There are loads who disagree with my posts. Doesn't make them Trolls, just Saints fans with their own thoughts. SinBin should be called the Cooler and only angry DougJamie should be in it. Way out of control laddie who needs to calm down.
  5. Indeed, there are no trolls. Just Saints fans who tumshie DougJamie despises. What a horrid wee boy.
  6. I agree with Shull. You're such an angry and abusive person. Always having a tantrum. Shull is such a good dude giving out his wisdom. Learn from him.
  7. Just giving honest opinion. In fact, some folk are actually agreeing with me now, with what I said last week. Debate son and stop being angry for no reason. Respect your betters.
  8. What is the matter with you? Are you a decent human being ? Why are you so abusive ? Why do you hate Saints fans who you don't agree with ? Grow up son.
  9. Both the same. No difference. It's just like when Junior fecked off to Dunfermline. Shameful. No reason why Ross couldn't give us another Season. No good reason whatsoever. Just one more year.
  10. Surprise surprise BBC manage to be able to broadcast the two Scotland friendlies live on television. When the matches mean hee haw and they kick off in the middle of the fecking night when naebody is awake. 2am one of games kicks off.
  11. And they have brought supporting Hamas and the IRA into Scottish Football. Along with Sevco SCUM
  12. I can also say, they have more money than all Clubs combined, funded by bigotry, sectarianism and downright hatred. They have achieved nothing so they can stick their double treble up their hole. Us winning the Championship is a bigger achievement. Cheers O'Ricky
  13. Ross goes Fowler must go also. Ross era is over, lets move on with the new. Just a pity , Ross cannae take his last signing to Ipswich also. Gordon should take blame for sanctioning that fecking Contract extension. Lumbered
  14. From another angle, and without the other Stand stuck onto it.
  15. Locating alcohol near his gob is the problem. Not any part of the planet.
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