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  1. On Monday, January 06, 2020 at 12:59 PM, santaponsasaint said:
    On Sunday, January 05, 2020 at 6:54 PM, St.Ricky said:
    I would think it unlikely that he is coming back to us. He had a great half season but, if my memory serves me rigt he struggled against the better teams. 

    No I dont really want him back. Him and his dad think there big time. Decent championship player nothing more IMO.

    The complete opposite to what I found.

    I had the pleasure of meeting both on a few occasions in the bar after games and along with everyone else in the company found them both to be polite, humble and decent guys.

    I for one think wee Gav would still be a welcome addition to our misfiring strike force. It wouldn't surprise me if he showed up at Hibz with Jack!

  2. 21 hours ago, Deekthebuddie said:

    Sorry to say it, but both kits are shite. Was hoping we would get our stripe back, but instead got yet another piss poor effort that must have taken the design department at Joma all of 3 seconds to come up with- and they have forgotten about the back of the home shirt

    This says it all as far as I'm concerned.

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