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  1. Hi all After my failed first attempt at my first post on here, here is really what I should have put. I look forward to reading and responding to the various posts and topics on here. Coming from a family with a long history with St Mirren football club, and with myself and 3 of my children season ticket holders it's been hard this last few weeks missing the games, due to the ill health of our 4 month old daughter. So I've come on here to keep up to date will all the banter and gossip that I now miss on the terraces. I again apologise for my very stupid attempt at a first post and look forward to many more posts!
  2. After a nice curry with the better half. I've read over the posts and the ones giving genuine criticisms not just name calling I agree now it was a silly post to write but just something that came to mind as my first post. If I had my time again I certainly wouldn't have written it. I sincerely wasn't looking for any sort of reaction it was just a general question next time brain first then typing. It won't deter me on coming back it's just come as a shock certain people's over reactions and to straight away after just one post call me those things.
  3. Hi moderators of the forum can you please take this post down. As I started a conversation topic not in anyway stating anything as fact and even put it was a question not a statement and I only came on here to catch up with and chat with fellow St Mirren fans and have a good laugh. I didn't come on here for name calling and abuse. It's very disappointing as this is my very first post. I'd like it down as I get email alerts 're the comments put on the post and it's getting very unfair all this name calling. People can now write on here things like I'm a baby etc and say I should get off the forum but I genuinely was looking forward to coming on here and having some good banter! After me and my family being associated with the club for many years I expected better class from fellow fans. Not school ground name calling. Many thanks in advance moderators.
  4. Yet I'm the poster in nappies!! How childish are you. I didn't come on here for confrontation or rows. I came on to give my opinion isn't that what a forum is for. Not name calling. It's like dealing with a school bully. I feel the majority of our fan base isn't like this so I'm not letting you force me off here.
  5. I'm a joke when I even said maybe this is premature. I also as you can see by the question marks was asking if this was the Gus effect and also said I wasn't aware if he'd been involved this week so I wasn't aware if he had any impact. Not at any stage did I say he had, had an impact I asked the question. Thats generally what question marks are used for. As for wearing nappies I have a 4 month old that wears them not me! I even said I awaited the backlash as obviously all some people can do on here is use insults. When all I did was ask a genuine legitimate question. The joys of social media and why usually I avoid it. I see a big mistake coming on here.
  6. Hi all. Decided to come on as that was such a stark contrast to last week. What's gone so horribly wrong. Yes a couple of players down but come on. Even the basics were wrong today. Defended with every bit of energy they had in them against Celtic. Looked like they gave everything for Oran. This week just non of that! Now maybe this is premature, however seeing the players attitudes and demeanours today has Gus Macpherson been involved with first team matters this week training etc and has this had the Alan Stubbs effect on the players again. I'm only throwing it our there as I have no idea how much he's been involved this week. Surely everyone agrees though what has gone so horribly wrong within a week! Steven Thompson was correct what he said last week this should have been the start of some real momentum. I prepare for the backlash!! LOL
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