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  1. Three Cheers For Saints! is a photo book that tells the story of St Mirren's historic Scottish Cup victory in 1959. Check out the details and read the reviews at stmirrenshirts.com/book. First box of books completely sold out. Now taking preorders on 2nd box. COYS!
  2. Have this to trade if anyone is interested? Matcheorn Umbro 79-81. Get in touch!
  3. Anybuddie got one of these hidden away in a draw at home? Not many missing to complete the collection now. Stmirrenshirts.com COYS
  4. Building a comprehensive archive of match-worn St Mirren shirts. Been looking for a Matchwinner home shirt from season 1992-1993 with the VW Ingram sponsor. Can anyone help? Happy to make it worth your while/have lots to trade. Recently updated my website. Check it out here: stmirrenshirts.com. Finally, get in touch if you have any interesting/old match worn shirts that are gathering dust in a cupboard or in the loft!
  5. Finally managed to pick up the elusive 1993-94 match worn jersey. Thanks to everybody who helped out. Only 3 jerseys needed to complete the set of match worn shirts 1976-present.... Thanks everybuddie!
  6. Currently looking for a match worn 1993-1994 Clanford Matchwinner top. The shirt we wore at B&Q Cup final! Still shiver from the cold wind on that day. Anybody have this top?
  7. Sorry! Gave the Adidas replicas away a while ago as I started picking up match worns.
  8. Shameless plug for my website! WWW.STMIRRENSHIRTS.COM Get in touch if you have anything to sell or trade! COYS
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