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  1. Its up to you now. Two serious offences after your last warning. Have you banned Whydowebother and Santaponsasaint ? If mot , why not ? And why are the offences still displayed on your Forum ?
  2. Is that your defence, we're only joking about being racists. Unfcuking believable. Did you fall down Up you get now. Who tripped you ? It's Okay To Be Cockles , but not to be steaming drunk at this time of the day, like you.
  3. The Poster is fine and I have no problem with it or anything similar. IT'S' OKAY TO BE WHITE - IT SURE IS IT'S OKAY TO BE BLACK - IT SURE IS IT'S OKAY TO BE BROWN - IT SURE IS IT'S OKAY TO BE AN OLD FIRM BIGOT - NO IT IS NOT IT'S NOT OKAY TO BE WHITE, BLACK OR BROWN - I WOULD REALLY QUESTION THAT. ALL OKAY FOR ME. I have no qualms with the unknown person who put up the poster, who could be male or female, could be white, brown ,or black, any nationality. Swinney and others meanwhile are drama queens and hypocrites.
  4. Read the Thread again and you may comprehend better. I don't do marches, though like Faraway , I did when I was younger, in the Cubs during Remembrance Sunday.
  5. Just pure flippancy in response to Cornwall Saints nonsensical post from page one.
  6. You asked a question, I answered it. Why ask the question in the first place then? I read your super answer. My above response was in relation to your " feel free blah blah " comment.
  7. There are, they reach their peak in July every year and I'm pretty sure they'll agree with the sentiment expressed those posters. Feel free to join them. I don't do Marches and certainly not the hate filled Orange Marches who along with others destroy our wonderful country.
  8. Love my country music and this series also. My favourites are Buck Owens and Charlie Pride.
  9. Never thought of that before, why did you think of that ? Anyway, is there no marches for straight people ? If not, why not ?
  10. It is a news item I put up for discussion on a Forum. Why is it a stupid post ? Messenger shooting.
  11. John Swinney says it's atrocious https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-50821872
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