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  1. Yes defo Tam he was doing fruit and veg by me then in harrow and few other places. Will try and get the jaybees. Would like to say hello to his brother . Yes that's Gordon from your description.
  2. Sorry meant tam short stocky and yeah was losing his hair 🤭. Gordon was slim. Yeah let me know re tam pls. May catch you at the match. Cheers
  3. He had a sister in Paisley and came to London with a mate Gordon (nickname Gordon the knife or blade) he was a short stocky guy with a bit of dark hair. Had some great drinking sessions and we got into a few good rumbles 😁 lost contact with him when he moved East end of London 20years ago
  4. Cheers will see if I can get in a cpl of them
  5. Mate of mine I shared a flat in Wembley with Tam Anderson was from Paisley. Came up with him for 87 cup final and followed buddies ever since. I am working for Scottish firm now so coming up from liverpool (am blue not a red) and plan go the hearts game in aug. What's best pub or pubs to go to before game? Ps is the cotton club still there we went there after game and met the team 😁 Steve
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