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  1. 12 hours ago, Dibbles old paperboy said:


    Jack Ross cut short Shankland's loan, sold Jason Naismith, sold Kyle McAllister, sold Stevie Mallan, sold Lewis Morgan and left us with signings like Myles Hippolyte for a tilt at the premiership which he didn't intend to hang around for.

    Can't believe you are joining the forum troll in coming out with this tripe.

    The team JR took over, despite the undoubted talent, was headed for League 1 with Alex Rae. They couldn't string two passes together with Rae in charge and had utter dross like Carswell and Hutton disgracing the stripes. You are talking about Shankland, McAllister and Morgan as if it were the 2019 versions playing back then. It was Jack Ross's coaching and tactics that helped Lewis Morgan and Cammy Smith develop in to the most dangerous players in the league that season.

    Jack Ross was a great manager for us who moved on to a much bigger job that anyone in his position would have taken. Don't be so bitter and be thankful for what he did!

  2. 55 minutes ago, salmonbuddie said:

    Not necessarily, CS, if we beat them by less than 7 but score 4 tries we'd both finish on 15 points. If we beat them by less than 7 and they get a try BP as well, we're out (unless Samoa did us a favour and beat Ireland, of course).


    It's still possible that all three could end up on 15 points each and that's where the result against Russia could make the difference. If Ireland haven't got a BP win against Samoa then the chances are we'll have the best points difference so would go through as group winners. If that happened, Japan would be runners-up on the head-to-head basis.


    Going through and avoiding the All Blacks would be quite a turnaround from how things looked post-Ireland game!

  3. Shame it didn't work out for Jack at Sunderland. Not an easy gig though given it has been a basket case of a club for many years. And a support not grounded in reality.

    Not sure he would get the Hearts or Hibs gig. Maybe Dundee United once Neilson is punted out the door.

  4. Jackson is a very good player. Not appreciated by some of the support, but a clever player who clearly carried out his instructions from the manager and gave defences something to worry about. Not the best finisher in the world but miles ahead of the current front men, Mullen aside.

    btw, I logged on expecting to see quite a lively debate on here about this. Amazing how dead the forum is now.

  5. On 10/6/2019 at 5:21 PM, Isle Of Bute Saint said:

    What a load of nonsense.  When Jim came in there was a list of players . Goodwin made it clear it was who he wanted in on buddie vision. He said a few times it will take time and patience go get the right player my players he said. Goodwin has in my understanding set up talent spotters in Ireland and England. 

    The nonsense is coming from you IOBS. Do you honestly think JG even knew who Morias and Obika were before taking the St Mirren job? Do you think he came in thinking those two League 2 cast offs are what we need to be successful?

    We were left desperately trying to bring players in after the season had started, and we signed the best that was on our radar. 

    He absolutely did not "make clear who he wanted on Buddie Vision" before signing Durmus, Junior and Obika :lol: This is complete IOBS fantasy land stuff as usual.

    Where you are correct is he stated we need to expand our scouting in Ireland and England. Lets hope he is the man to organise this properly, because Gordon Scott and Gus MacPherson clearly haven't done it.

  6. On 8/30/2019 at 11:21 PM, St.Ricky said:

    WOW. How time has flown. 

    Care to elaborate?

    Who is doing Livingston's scouting? They seem to consistently manage to find players that fit in to a system they are good at. Taken them from League 1 to beating the Champions in the Premier League. The only constant with the strikers we sign is they cannae shoot.

    Jim Goodwin has been badly let down by Gordon Scott's shambolic handling of Oran Kearney and an inept recruitment system. 

  7. 21 minutes ago, Bud the Baker said:

    Ah, 90/91 - IIRC Fitzy was so happy with the squad he said he'd resign if we didn't qualify for Europe :lol:. It was also the season Hearts  Chairman Wallace Mercer tried to buy Hibs who were in financial trouble and looking to be certainties for relegation and possible liquidation. Relegation was suspended around the turn of the year specifically to save Hibs who looked certainties for relegation - we then downed tools went on a run of 17 league games (13 defeats + 4 draws) and managed to snatch bottom place from Hibs (Munoz was one of the few players who looked like he was trying during this period), towards the end of this run with us having missed out on European qualification Fitzy resigned to be replaced by Davie Hay! :death  I'm actually quite proud we managed to finish bottom that season - f**k the SFA:lol:

    Interesting record from that season is that our joint top scorers were Kinnaird, McDowall & Torfason (injured for most of the season) with 5 goals - will any of our players match or do better this season? 


    91/92 - Davie Hay :death didn't give a a fuck, we weren't just relegated but relegated by a margin - grrrrrrrrrr! B)

    Roy Aitken was the last contemporaneous Saints player to get a full Scotland cap.

    Thanks for filling in some gaps in my memory. I did recall some change in rules for relegation to be suspended.

    Classic Fitzy quote there. Must be frustrating for him to see the relative success his Saints team had when was playing never repeated again. Certainly a better player than manager.

  8. 7 minutes ago, chalky1 said:

    Think possibly at that time we had quality experienced players that for some reason or another either didn't play well together or they just under performed. Might have been tactics or just that they didn't suit our style of play.

    If I remember correctly from the late 80's to early 90's out top scorers only scored round about 11 goals a season

    Tactics certainly part of it as we had obviously poor managers but you would think if, for example, David Silva came up to play for us next season he would bring enough to make sure we at least avoid relegation!

  9. I saw it put forward on the other thread that Victor is the greatest player to ever play for St Mirren, although he didn't play particularly well for us.

    How did St Mirren manage to be so bad between 1990 and 1992? We finished bottom in 90/91 and 2nd bottom and were relegated in 91/92.

    During this time we had Victor, Steve Archibald, Stickroth, Torfarson, Roy Aitken and a young Paul Lambert in the team.

    I can recall us going on something like a 10 game run without a goal. A run we seem determined to challenge this season. However that team wasn't made up of Northampton Town cast offs, we were signing players from FC Barcelona!

    How exactly did we end up being so bad with so much quality in the team?


  10. 5 hours ago, Hands of stone said:

    Tommy speaks his mind so would be sin binned in here as not allowed freedom of speech on forum!

    Why is this Daily Mail brained gormless bigot still disgracing our St Mirren supporters forum?

    Utter embarrassment that he has even this tiny association with our club and support.

  11. 37 minutes ago, Isle Of Bute Saint said:

    Standard template for post match interviews;

    Jimbo: What do you think of that Gaffer?

    Manager: Answers the question

    Jimbo: Asks a question about the exact point the manager just made.

    Manager: Looks surprised at being asked about a point he thought he just made. Repeats answer, adds in another topic.

    Jimbo: Asks a question about the exact point the manager just made.

    Manager: Looks surprised at being asked about a point he thought he just made. Repeats answer, adds in another topic.

    Jimbo: Asks a question about the exact point the manager just made.

    Manager: Looks surprised at being asked about a point he thought he just made. Repeats answer, adds in another topic.

    Jimbo: Asks a question about the exact point the manager just made.

    Manager: Looks surprised at being asked about a point he thought he just made. Repeats answer, adds in another topic.

    Jimbo: Aren't the fans great?

    Manager: Aye, the fans are great.

    Jimbo: Cheers gaffer.

    Manager: Top man Jimbo.


  12. 10 hours ago, Hendo said:

    From what I have seen, his game is about coming short for the ball, then use his low centre of gravity to turn the defender and get a run at goal. The problem is he comes short and leaves no-one up, so the ball just comes back at us. A bit unfair to judge him on two games playing a role he's not suited for.

    What role he isn't suited for? Striker?

    I think we need to be more cautious in recruiting from League 2 in England. They may get paid well down there but Sam Foley aside the quality doesn't seem to be far removed from the V9 Academy!


  13. If the budget is gone then we need to look at how we could change things up with the current squad.

    Starting Danny Mullen in place of Andreu and working out how to get the best out of Kyle McAllister are the only options I see. We know these guys can score goals when on form.

    Goodwin will need to show some tactical flexibility. His system relies on the full backs getting good crosses in to the box. We are as well just giving the ball back to the opposition rather than relying on Calum Waters to cross the ball.

    We then we need to hope we can turn Junior and Obika in to Premier League strikers. Maybe send an SOS to Allan Russell to come up, or send someone up, to do some attacking coaching for a couple of weeks. Just something different to shake things up and maybe get some confidence back in front of goals for the strikers and attacking midfielders who to a man have been utter rank when presented with a decent chance.

    All that said, budgets and squads are always flexible. I would hope we are hunting high and low for someone to add something different in the final third.


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