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  1. I think 95% of Saints fans appreciate the work Oran did and like him as a person. He did however have it in his own hands to commit fully to the club. I keep going back to that interview before the Dundee United game. "I am just concentrating on the next two games" was not the answer to give. We lost our assistant manager to Dundee because he clearly wasn't convinced things were stable here. We can appreciate the work he did whilst also accepting his personal situation was not working to the benefit of the club.
  2. Why all this obsession over the manager scouting and picking players? Generally that isn't the sole decision of the manager at many clubs now, and surely everyone is aware that Gus MacPherson has been brought in to oversee recruitment here. I'm sure by now Gus will have a long list of players lined up to recruit. Only area he failed in January was looking for a striker. Goodwin will get to have some input but he isn't going to start scouting from scratch, and its not his job to do so anyway.
  3. Good news for IOBS, twitter has confirmed Jim Goodwin is on his way and is bringing Lee Sharp with him. All to be settled by the weekend.
  4. IOBS, you do realise that this "league insider" is just some teenager in their bedroom in a scheme in Belfast? You need to stop believing everything you read. You are getting yourself worked up for no reason.
  5. From the amount of times he has quoted "twitter", as if it were a single block of knowledge from the same source, I think the answer is yes he does.
  6. It is a fair point. Unfortunately the ignore function only works if people don't quote the roasters you have on ignore. Quite why they were let out the sin bin I don't know.
  7. If Oran and his wife are really as gutted as they say about not staying then there is nothing to stop him applying for jobs elsewhere in Scotland and England. He can just about put St Mirren down as a "success", could be other clubs interested. If he is straight back at Coleraine and teaching then it probably says right call by GS. If not, then a lot of questions come up again.....
  8. Goodwin will be in charge before the weekend, nothing to worry about.
  9. Good of Raith Rovers to give him some game time 👍
  10. Just a little reminder to everyone that this poster is actually a fully grown man, who gets his little joy in life from picking fights with other St Mirren fans on this website This has been going on for years without really any point to it all as far as I can see. You would think from his posts he is about 12, but no. An adult man behaving like this season after season. As they say, there's always someone worse off than yourself
  11. I don't think it is as bad as it may appear. The silence from the club is simply because they want all legal issues with OK done before saying anything. As the argument is over compensation they will not want to say anything that could be used to argue he has been fired and due 2 years compensation. "No new manager or signings in the pipeline" is not true. It would appear the club are confident an approach to Alloa and Jim Goodwin will be successful. Gus MacPherson is in place to ensure continuation of the signing policy that worked fairly well in December. I would imagine contract discussions are ongoing with a number of targets, including Kyle McAllister. We could certainly do without the trip to Belfast for a bounce game, but it seems this set up with Rosario is something they are looking to build on long-term. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jim Goodwin taking training in Spain & some new faces in the squad very soon.
  12. To be fair he held his hands up on getting Tommy Craig appointment wrong. I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but the man is certainly entitled to his share his opinions
  13. There won't be a statement until the legal issues are resolved I assume. Hopefully somebody has spoken to the players by now. You never know mind you.
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