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  1. Well just bulldoze the f**king Piazza then and give the other 99.5m quid to Oran Kearney.
  2. Kemp

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    The Billy Sloan of the football world this guy....
  3. Kemp

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    Well are you? You are the one going back to the issue and saying your piece (incorrectly) about Smith, McGinn and Eckersley. It is no surprise at all to see the Old Firm supporters in the press closing ranks and backing their buddy Stubbs. All that matters is the players and fans are happy the halfwit Stubbs is gone and Kearney is in. Print out the nonsense and stick it up on the dressing room wall. These buffoons in the media would have been dying for Celtic to give us a doing the other night and they didn't get it. Every single game from now on is a chance for these players to show they are right and Stubbs chums are wrong. And I am all for Eckersley and Langfield standing up for themselves and the club publically. I am sure Oran Kearney will know how to use all this to our advantage. He seems a smart guy, unlike a few others....
  4. Kemp

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    I hope he gets the help he needs.
  5. Kemp

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    Full time shit-stirrer upset with flame fanners....
  6. Kemp

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    Deadline looming, no idea what to write about, oh good Sutton is saying something controversial....let me pad that out a bit... If Stubbs wasn't such a piss poor man manager, then he wouldn't have lost the dressing room. Case closed.
  7. Aye, take the money. If we can stomach Celtic and Rangers getting the stand (although I am not sure personally I can) then certainly Hearts can get it too.
  8. Kemp

    So Farewell Then...Dudley Sutton

    The wrong Sutton gone
  9. Not a surprise to see what side of the argument the forum zoomers line up on here!
  10. Kemp

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    The only infuriating thing is that the likes of Sutton and McCoist get paid to give their opinion on St Mirren when they clearly have no f**king idea about us, about what Stubbs was doing, and about any of the reasons about why he was fired. Would have got more information and insight from a tub of lard.
  11. Kemp

    Anton Ferdinand

    Yep, nice to finally get the marquee signing!
  12. Kemp

    Anton Ferdinand

    No doubt about it, we would never have got a point last night without Ferdinand. Great that Kearney identified the lack of "calming influence" at the back and acted so quickly. Paul McGinn was great last night as well I thought.
  13. Kemp

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Bloody hell, he seems to be happy. This Kearney fellow is nothing short of a miracle worker.
  14. Kemp

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Yes, it was a pragmatic approach that in end has got us a point. Correct decision, but I do hope long-term we are set up to give Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen the odd scalping when the opportunity arises. I wonder what Ferdinand's arrival means for Heaton and Kpekewa? The squad is quite big now, is Keaney going to be able to get some of the duds out the door? Surely we will stick with Heaton given the money we have paid for him, but I just can't see him getting a first team game. What a crazy waste of money...