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  1. Kemp

    January Arrivals

    I'm mainly arguing this in case Brendan Rodgers is lurking on here again.
  2. Kemp

    January Arrivals

    As much as I'd love to see him back with us for the rest of the season, it makes more sense for sellik to loan him to another team as opposed to coming back to his old club. Why does it? Coming back to St Mirren involves 0% risk for all parties. A loan anywhere else is a gamble. Celtic have been happy to loan players back to previous clubs before, and its worked well.
  3. Kemp

    January Arrivals

    Staying in Scotland and playing as a regular started has worked out very well for Ryan Christie. He needs games, and needs to go somewhere he will fit in easily. Half a season more with us will do him a world of good.
  4. Kemp

    Speculation Thread

    I get your point, but the Alloa, Celtic and Hibs games all count too. It's been clear since August this was going to be a massively important window for us!
  5. Kemp

    Speculation Thread

    No better time for it.
  6. Kemp

    Speculation Thread

    I'm happy to see Dundee making an arse of it, but the expectation at St Mirren (based on the noises coming out the club) was that business was in place and would be done early. On four signings it has, but none of them in the key positions we need filled! I'm sure it is a complex situation, we are surely keeping some budget aside for Lewis Morgan for example but haven't yet convinced him or his club we are the best option. I understand the point in waiting there. For the other positions though it doesn't look like we have much in the pipeline. I remain hopeful Kearney will make the right decisions around players coming in, but my expectations were for more based on what I had seen Gordon Scott and Gus MacPherson quoted as having said.
  7. Kemp

    Speculation Thread

    Not been supporting St Mirren very long, have you?
  8. Kemp

    Speculation Thread

    No, I don't have the time to work full time on drawing up a list of targets That's literally his job! While I understand its not easy given our relatively lowly position in the food chain, the problems have been clear for months and I had rather hoped we would have had some business tied up for the window opening. Seems odd to have therefore spent time pursuing a goalkeeper when we had Lyness on the books, to sign two more central midfielders, but to be going in to vital games still without a left back, any wingers, or a striker.
  9. Kemp

    Speculation Thread

    We are going in to the Alloa, Celtic and Hibs games with holes still all over the squad. Pretty poor from the club in my opinion to again be underprepared for crucial games. Gus is supposed to working full time on ensuring this type of situation doesn't happen!
  10. Kemp

    Brexit Negotiations

    Don't go on to a public forum to belittle others opinions if you don't want public feedback.
  11. Kemp

    Brexit Negotiations

    You don't need to explain yourself to the sort of arrogant blowhard that goes around telling strangers "things are better for you than they used to be"
  12. Kemp

    Brexit Negotiations

    Sounds like the starting gun will be fired on an independence referendum very soon. A golden opportunity to break free of the Little Englanders and rejoin Europe as an independent nation. Anyone not campaigning and voting for Yes needs their head checked.
  13. Kemp

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Looks great! A bit of colour outside the stadium would be even more welcome. Sadly it seems to take f**king ages to get anything at all done when St Mirren are involved, but hopefully SMISA are making a good start with this.
  14. Kemp

    Brexit Negotiations

    This is the sort of shite Boris Johnson is coming up with now. Ok, we lied to you about the financial impact of all this......but come on, lighten up for f**ks sake. And make something of yourself!! Shower of useless cunts that they are. Oaks - I haven't complained about my life once in that post. Unlike you I do possess empathy however and worry for many in this country if the English right and their Americanisation project is allowed to continue.
  15. Kemp

    Brexit Negotiations

    Fair enough, I may have crossed the line with a Shull comparison.