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  1. A comedy critic, as well as an annoying c**t. Your talents know no bounds.
  2. Kemp

    Latest Scores

    Surely McLeish can be shown the door. The SFA are a f**king joke and his lazy appointment just summed them up.
  3. I hear there is some news about the Titanic coming in on the wires, hold on....
  4. It's just Oaksoft trying to be a smart arse and belittle another poster, but actually just showing himself up as an ignoramus once again. Kazakhstan is in Central Asia, and it would be pretty easy to make the case they shouldn't be playing in European football. Only about 10% of the country could be considered to be in Europe, and where the game will be played is nowhere near Europe. You're pretty close to Mongolia over there actually!
  5. Mind you, Andy Robertson pulling out of the Scotland squad so he can go to the dentist does make me question the whole thing a bit...
  6. Nope, I absolutely loved the last World Cup and really enjoy the Euros too. As pointed out above, you are just getting old and turning in to moaning faced auld gits
  7. I certainly think it is good to start having the conversation now about building up funds ready for the takeover. On the other hand, the ongoing contributions to the club & wider society around Paisley was one of the reasons I signed up. I wouldn't want the membership getting too focused on saving for the takeover that this is pushed aside. FWIW, I do agree better suggestions than footballs and hand driers need to be put forward on the use of the pot!
  8. I've read through this and the SMISA response. Won't be voting for it, agree with the SMISA point that it is not really necessary. We all knew that the 2 pound pot would be there when we signed up, I don't really see the option to pull the plug on these positive contributions as a step forwards at all.
  9. Great comeback but ultimately gutted we didn't hold on.
  10. Kemp

    Latest Scores

    They do that all the time, they are completely useless and clearly don't care much for Scottish football.
  11. St Johnstone made ZERO effort to get that game on. The rearranged fixture should be at a time of St Mirren's choosing!
  12. He's been noticeably less mobile in his last few games. I assume the situation got worse than expected. I think he also wanted to "soldier on", which probably wasn't the best decision. I'd imagine this is why he was trying to play against Killie and us getting to ten minutes before kick off before he was taken out the team. I hope the operation goes well, and equally hope Magennis is able to come back, the other midfielders we have in there just aren't good enough to be honest.
  13. The EU doesn't build its mission around English public opinion.
  14. I may add that the British nationalists who wrap themselves in the flag and see this a great victory for British sovereignty would do well to take note that your Brexit puppeteers have been over in Italy working with actual fascists in the Liga Norte to veto any Article 50 extension. These were the people previous generations fought and died to keep out of Britain, now you are handing the country to them. Now they want May out as PM as well, and one of their weasels in. Brexit was never enough for them, they want a shift to the hard right so they can begin the systematic destruction of British institutions for profit, and open the doors to US-style privatisation. And people were thick enough to vote for it!
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