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  1. Hi Raymond , just spoke to Big John Conway a friend of Derek's. He confirmed the tragic news that Derek collapsed in Well St today on his way to the game , he never regained conciousness and died. A true St Mirren supporter and friend who I first met at an away game in Stranraer in 1973.

    I am shattered by the news and thoughts are obviously with his family. RIP Derek

    Realy blown away by this. :( Hadn't heard anything about it until reading the thread just now...even thought I saw him from the back at the game today too...obviously was mistaken. :( Only thing I do know is that the status thing Mond has mentioned was put up by Derek some time back, maybe a week or two ago or something - I'm sure the mods will be able to check exactly when. Whenever it was I had seen it at the time when he came back on briefly for the first time in some while to make a couple of posts. Definitely wasn't today.

    Hadn't known Derek nearly as long as yourself or doubtless many others Billy, but had known him for a few years via this and meeting him at games. He was as you say a true Saints supporter and a complete gent who I considered a friend. He will definitely be much missed and my thoughts are with his family.

    RIP Derek. :(

  2. On the subject of PS3s, Im now the proud owner of a 250gb slim version even though i aint much of a gamer. anyway, can i play PS2/1 games on this? Im still to complete Abes odysey on the PS1 ffs.

    Unless I've been given totally duff info, they took out the backwards compatibility that 'fat' PS3s had for the slim one...so no you can't unfortunately. Sorry mate.

    Heard the PS3 backwards compatibility was pretty unreliable a lot of the time though with lots of games not working on it, so it's perhaps not a big miss. When I get the PS3, I'm keeping the PS2 - got a pretty big library of games for it which will stand the test of time so it's pointless to get rid. Only need to change a few wires around to play it again. Got rid of my SNES back in the day and still regret that - wish I'd kept it and the majority of games I had. Plus there's even now some PS2 games I'd get if I had the chance via the preowned route....

    PS - cheers again Mond. :)

  3. Toys R Us done the best deal pre-xmas so not sure what your odds are now for their

    TL - 120GB will be more than fine to be honest - Ive played loads of games on my 80GB old stylee one and downloaded millions of updates and about 15 movies and never had any fuss from the machine about memory

    Cheers Mond, will definitely bear that in mind when shopping around. :)

    I had seen the latest deal for the 250 Gig machine plus Uncharted 2 and SmackDown 2010 for 280-something in GAME, which caught my eye & wasn't too shabby looking...but I'm not so bothered about Uncharted 2 in truth, despite hearing it's a brilliant game and done by Naughty Dog (of PS2 Jak fame - loved those games). Would prolly rather get the aforementioned SmackDown & FIFA '10. Been a while since I got a good fitba game.

    Most of the rest I'm after will be available on platinum or pre-owned for not much.

  4. Thought I'd bump this thread rather than start a new one...looking to get a 'slim' PS3 soon but wonder if any owners can advise me on whether I'm better off going for a 120 GB machine or pay the extra for a 250 GB? :huh:

    I've got a 1TB external HD as it is (which I've only used a tiny fraction of thus far), so was thinking it might be better to save some cash and go for the smaller disk if I can get more games I'm after for the same money, unless 120 GB is going to be annoyingly small over the machine's life? :unsure:

  5. Not sure that SMiSA are in a positon to buy any shares at all. Their website has not been updated since May 08 so I sent a message to see why. Got a message back saying that it hadn't worked out and had given up. So SMiSA seems to be no more. However fans group can still buy the club.

    Sorry but you're very far off the mark.

    First up, I update the site and I can tell you you're a full year off on when it was last updated. Been a pretty quiet year but there's hopefully going to be more updates over the next few months - we're currently discussing a number of things with the club wrt youth development which I hope to be able to report very soon.

    Secondly, SMiSA still exist with many contributing members and could buy shares tomorrow. There is a substantial pot of cash accumulated since the last time shares were bought (£10k worth at the time of the Stewart Kean transfer), which has been ringfenced by the membership for this use. They aren't in a position to buy the club, obviously, but they do have more than enough to make a purchase several times larger than any previously made.

    So SMiSA won't be disappearing anytime soon. :)

  6. Just to let you know, St Mirren, as a gesture of goodwill, have agreed to switch off the lights at 9pm from Monday the 16th November. From Monday the14th December there will be no night time use of the astro pitches (except Wednesdays) until the 18th of January, as the youth teams will be shut down. This should be enough time to revise the lighting setup. The club are also tendering for high level netting to go above the already 6m high fence. The club will be arranging an open day for local residents during the Christmas holidays.

    Will that be enough for you Cllr. Sharkey ???????????

    Of course it won't. The locals won't be happy until they have it for themselves as a secure dog walking area. <_<

  7. You obviously have no concept of the work that goes into such projects. If you bothered to read the thousands of pages found here, as compiled by Fauber Mansell, you might start to understand the process which took place. Don't make statements about processes you know jack all about.

    The SNP have admitted they scrapped the scheme not because its costs were spilling out of control, but because they need the money to fund other services.

    I'll do as I please. :lol:

    You have your choice whether to listen, and reply, or not. :P

  8. Car Parking

    Erection / Installation of Water Tank


    Foul Language

    Industrial Use of Playing Fields

    Loss of Privacy

    Valuation of House

    Cavalier Use of Herbicide

    Excess Traffic

    Football being kicked over fence


    Loss of Amenity


    Oh for god's sake, some people really are not happy unless they're complaining are they? :rolleyes:

    Hopefully somebuddie pishes on their Daily Mail. Talk about NIMBYs........

  9. So you took an article which already misrepresented the situation, added more made up stuff and came up with shite?

    Ok so I put a bit of spin on it. Big deal. Still sounds like piss poor planning to me I must say - either someone failed to get the route properly looked at, or they've buggered up on costs again like Holyrood and they're getting out now while they still can rather than pay through the nose for what WAS a flawed project.

    Architecture Scotland and Prospect are as accurate as The Sun on most subjects and anyway, what would architects know about a major civil engineering contract apart from the drawing pretty pictures? The scheme was widely know in the industry to be THE BEST and indeed THE ONLY feasible route. Do you not think all other corridors were considered and ruled out for one reason or another?

    Possibly so, I just know I read that in July after the fences were down, so as I saw it, it was a matter of time as to the plan being scuppered one way or other. Other routes? Maybe it was the most feasible, still don't think it was a particularly good one and am still glad the project is gubbed in the end up. As I say, would like to think that at a later date a better one can be done.

    The blame lies solely in one Corner, the SNP's. Introduce free primary school meals for those who can afford them, freeze council tax for the 3rd year in succession, introduce free university tuition fees for people who can afford them (at some point in the future)......... Great timing as well, with the new depot being constructed at the moment, work at Glasgow central already started for the 2 new platforms, new trains being built just now, to arrive next year, work on hillington bridge underway for 3rd track, work on underground services diversions underway at the airport and new football pitches constructed all over renfrewshire.

    If I didn't know better, I'd have sworn you were saying that was a bad thing - are you a Ralstonite? :wink:

    We could debate the merits/lack thereof of SNP policies until the cows come home. Personally that doesn't interest me much as the facts of what happened and are happening here. I think there's something rotten deeper here than just at political level. Anyone up for an inquiry to find out?

  10. What a load of made up rubbish.

    There was an extremely extensive feasibility study carried out by one of the largest and highly regarded consulting engineering firms in the UK, where four proposals for the location of the terminus at the airport and the route taken from the racecourse to said terminus were drawn up. The feasibility study concluded that the route towards the fuel depot would be the most appropriate.

    And for the record, this all took place more than 3 years ago.

    Not exactly made up - this is the link I saw some time back:

    Architecture Scotland: 21st July - Airport Derailed - Clicky

    With the project mired in uncertainty, it's zero surprise it's been binned by any finance minister looking/needing to make cuts, cunt or not.

    While we're on the subject though, was never convinced with the location for the terminus either - would've pretty much destroyed the ground level parking behind the MSCP, and the ground level parking has already been severely gubbed with the drop-off area. They'd need another MSCP to make up for the shortfall, and that's a long way off.

    I'm glad it's been binned. Very glad indeed - it was a shite scheme from day one going over the pitches at all, and a real wasted opportunity to not link to Renfrew & Braehead as others have said as well. Hopefully a better scheme on all counts is done in the future.

  11. The whole thing was fucked anyway. Why? Read on....

    A few months ago Sandman told me the fences surrounding the route going over the racecourse had been taken down. A bit weird considering they had been up for around a year at minimum, and were presumably doing prep work prior to construction on the route starting, so did a bit of digging to find out just wtf was going on.

    Didn't take me long to find out - apparently the numpties only just realised partway into the works, that the route would take them straight through the gas fuel tanks at the M8. Cue mass panic and worries of whether or not it was possible/economically viable to shift them and how much it would cost. Of course this only stayed on the architecture & planning websites and wasn't reported by the general press - presumably as they're too dense to go on such a site and realise the implications of this sort of thing. :rolleyes:

    So, with the project essentially needing either a bundle of extra cash to move the tanks or go back to Sq. 1, it's surely nae surprise Swinney and co are gubbing it.

    The ones that planned the thing to start with need fucking shot for complete incompetence. They presented a phony "What do you prefer: viaduct or embankment?" question to the locals in losing a several fitba pitches in a deeply unpopular move, without actually bothering to work out what'd happen after it crossed them and how viable the whole scheme would be.

    Utter. Fucking. Muppets. :lol:

  12. Jack Ross is a great shout for St Mirren Captain next season.

    The guy fits the bill perfectly, as does Haining if he stays.

    I'd be concerned of them suffering the 'Shuggy' effect of our captaincy. A bigger poisoned chalice would be hard to find.

    That apart, either man would on paper make a great choice and on topic Jack had a great performance y'day, all the more so considering I thought his season was over! Think there's a chance renfrew bud could be right - if he's seen Griff's comments then they might have spurred him on as much as any txt message from former team-mates.

    Anyway lord knows we'd have missed him if he hadn't played y'day.

  13. It's £4 in Tesco, ya cock.................................

    The copy I gave you a lone of was £19.99 on import at the outset of the CD genre as the Clash were not available on CD at that time in Britain............

    If you check, it is Japanese made , velly good sound quality.................

    Was gonnae get the other CD in the double anyway and it would've been £7 on its own so still did alright methinks. :)

    As it was, got 5 CDs (not all of the above) for £19 with another two I was after being surprisingly cheap. B)

    Anyway gave your copy a listen as well. Not bad at all. :headbang

  14. Depeche Mode - Violator

    Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (I wonder which music bore will get the link with the above?)

    Keane - Perfect Symmetry

    The Clash - London Calling*

    The Enemy - We'll Live & Die In These Towns

    * - Got it in a double box with Combat Rock this week - said box was in a 2 for £10 deal. B)

  15. It's because someone new has voted which bumps it back to the top of the active topics even though there are no new posts.

    Correct, I'd recommend moving all polls to the polling booth section to get around this.

    (Would suggest it on the mod section but just leading a section doesn't give you access - you need to be a global mod/admin).

  16. The v+ box only cancels the coax output when its set to 1080i and used with a hdmi lead to an hd ready tv(which is the best pic quality by far)

    If your not too fussed you could take the coak output and feed that to a booster/splitter and that would giv every tv the same channelfrom the box.

    Wireleess av senders are usually pretty irratic in old solid houses so i wouldnt waste any cash on them!

    Now that tv aerial reception is digital alot of poor analogue reception areas can recieve freeview with the help of quality digital aerials and masthead amps,

    If you want to pm me il give you a free site survey :wink:

    Hmm, that's interesting about the HDMI. I was thinking of connecting one via that (though just the normal set top box - the TV the V+ would use doesn't have HDMI ports, just Scarts). Would that be any different? Can make do with Scart if not but the TV that'd use the digital set top box has two spare HDMIs sitting unused, and all the Scarts are used up already. :rolleyes:

    I wasn't going to bother with wireless senders though - simple reason - both the TVs that'd get the shared connection via coax only have RF inputs. (Ok so they're old but they're reliable - one is older than me and still works perfectly!) Just thought of the example more than anything.

    Anyhow was on the cable forums site and a dude on there said the Scart/coax combo will be fine...assuming I can get one of the older Scientific-Atlanta V+ boxes instead of a Samsung one, otherwise I'm sunk as the latter doesn't even have an RF socket! <_<

    Cheers for the offer of the site survey though. I may take that up at some point. :) As far as freeview goes my guess is the signal being digital would help a bit as compared to the previous experience with analogue, but given the obstructions here it wouldn't be perfect...plus it'd probably need a full new aerial install and you'd need a head for heights doing that on this house! :ph34r: Basically the cable makes it a hell of a lot easier.

  17. Wireless signal sender/receivers..................

    Yeah, had thought of that. They'd presumably plug into the Scart while the TV in the same room goes with the coax, which is why I thought it would work but want to make sure.

  18. Ok, so we got a letter from V. Media saying that Sky Sports is gonnae be punted off the analogue service (that we're still on) and to get it we'll need to go digital at the end of the month. <_<

    The reason why we haven't made the switch already, is because doing so is gonae create an issue wi the number of TVs we've got. Basically atm we've got a single analogue box in the living room, and using coax cables we're able to distribute the signal out to 3 other TVs as well.

    Thing is, the analogue service punts out the frequencies of the 5 terrestrial channels as well as whatever the box is set to (like SS1 for example), so with how we've wired it on any of the 4 TVs you can watch whatever terrestrial channel you want, or whatever the box is set to. We've used that to get around this area having a pish poor aerial reception due to sightlines.

    If we go digital though, we'll lose that scenario, short of getting 4 boxes (which isn't gonnae happen for obvious reasons). We might be able to get 2 though, which would be a compromise with having two pairs of TVs able to watch the same thing. We can do that with coax throughout again but the amount of signal loss from splitting it is a pain in the tits.

    So basically the question I've got is this - to anyone with it...

    Are you able to connect a V+ box or set top box (thinking of getting one of each) to one TV using a scart cable, and to another TV with a coax cable and watch the same channel at the same time? Just need to make sure that the scart doesn't cancel the coax output as if it did, then it becomes a choice of what TV you watch, defeating the point of the exercise.

    I'm guessing it will be fine but do want to make sure before doing anything obviously. Have called tech support and been in the shop etc etc to find out but think because the scenario is so rare, they don't have a scooby - it's a different story every time so need to hear first hand from someone who knows from experience what you can/can't do. Plus of course, it's V. Media we're talking about - who's customer support are legendarily shite. :rolleyes:

    Any help would be much appreciated, cheers. :)

  19. Why would any c**t be bothered ..to be bothered about it :lol::lol: this place kills me.. f**kin, ell

    It's majorly annoying as when you click on a topic or section using the links at the top, often your cursor is sitting over the ad when the new page is loaded because of where the link was on the previous page.

    With normal ads theres no problem, but if it's a rollover ad (like the SkaMania one, or the one for this new film starring Jenny Garner) then your cursor being there (or more accurately, as soon as it's moved even slightly over the area of the ad) triggers the ad, and you can't browse the topic properly before you deal with it.

    In a sense, it's nearly as much of a pain in the neck as pop-up ads with how these trigger despite you probably having no intention to check out said advertisement. At least pop-ups get blocked by most browsers nowadays.

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