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  1. Fair minded debate, fine. Name calling and abuse - I'm not standing for it. Anyway the event is done now so this thread is now closed.
  2. Will not be tolerated. End of.
  3. Enough with the personal abuse folks. It will not be tolerated.
  4. Exactly right John. The purpose of myself, and the trust posting about this is purely to spread the word that it is happening - if a few more people contribute as a result, that's reason enough in itself to do so. If not, no harm done. It's a no-brainer. The various fans groups should be working together on matters like this, not against each other. We're all St Mirren supporters trying to do our bit on all fronts, to help make a difference.
  5. Shared on SMiSA.net, details taken from the St Mirren Official Website
  6. Just a quick post in here as I don't think it's been mentioned - the decision to ban ALL drums from SMP was taken after the first game vs M'Well this season where they acted like utter fannies with it and smoke bombs - happened to speak to Brian Caldwell about this and some other matters back in November and he confirmed that since then the club do not allow them in the ground any more. This explained Hibs not being allowed theirs in either earlier in the season, as well as the Panda club no longer using one they had. So folks, this really was nothing new, and nor was it singling out any one club, deserving of that or not. Oh, and btw count me in the anti-drum brigade. Always thought they were cringeworthy at fitba. Saturday proved they're not needed either.
  7. Sadly as a result of the ongoing weather situation we have taken the decision along with the club to postpone tonight's Q+A evening. We simply don't want people travelling unnecessarily in these conditions. We will look to reschedule it for a date in Early 2014 and will let you all know as soon as we confirm a date for it. Very sorry to anyone that is inconvenienced by the decision, but given the circumstances I'm sure you can appreciate why it's been taken.
  8. Was it not Johnstone Carpets that did the Saints crest one for the stadium? If so could give them a buzz and see if they could sort you out with something bud.
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