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  1. We should do what Spotify do...charge a tenner a year to get rid of the pishy ads. Worth a tenner to ensure I never see another OF ad on here.

    That's what the Torfason Club was meant to be Sidley (though the charging level will be up to the baldy webmeister).

  2. Ended up going with my first thought - a 1 TB Western Digital one. Heard from someone I know that filled a 500GB drive in 2 months that they're good. Thus far, pretty impressed with it. Easy to set up (basically plug & play with the option of using some trial backup software, which I don't realy need) and while it's formatted to Fat32, I ain't going to be storing any files of a size to make that a problem...besides, the option remains to reformat it at a later date if I should really want to.

    Whle I've only had it a couple of days...thus far I'd defo recommend it. :)

  3. He always reminded me of a wee hard scottish bastard who didn't know when he was beat. And having spent most of my adult life down here I always looked out for his bouts :)

    or has he done something since I watched the WWF that I obviously know nothing about :unsure:

    Just gone on Wiki TL...kin ell :o

    He still remains number 4 from a wrassling point of view IMO. They must be all wired to the moon..kin stedheads :o

    I'm amazed you hadn't heard - what he did became a major news story all over the world, the sick bastard. :(

    We'll never know for certain exactly why he did it or what caused it...but to say it tarnished his legacy is an understatement of the biggest kind. I'd have put him at #2 only behind Bret Hart in terms of wrestling talent (to be distinguished from entertainment), but after that I can barely watch him in one of the old DVDs. Quite something considering he was my favourite performer still in the business before his madness, or whatever you want to term it, took over.

    Anyway, I'll do 2 top 5s - One for being entertaining with promos/mic work etc, the other for between the ropes talent.....


    1) - Steve Austin

    2) - The Rock

    3) - Roddy Piper

    4) - Mick Foley

    5) - Chris Jericho

    In ring talent....

    1) - Bret Hart

    2) - Ric Flair

    3) - Randy Savage

    4) - Ricky Steamboat

    5) - Kurt Angle

    There are many that just miss out on either list (eg Michaels, 'Taker, Hogan) and some of the above would easily fit into the top 10 of the other. Those 10 are just what I'm thinking atm....

  4. Needing one of the above for a filestore & backup facilty. Thinking that a 500GB or 1TB one would do the trick, with some future-proofing in mind for when I get a new machine later this year.

    Any folk with experience of using them able to say what makes are good/bad? There's a couple of Western Digital ones that have caught my eye but don't know much about them.

    Any help would be much obliged. Cheers folks.

  5. You may well be a thoroughly vigorous wanker, Dave, but you're not getting anybody to believe that you whacked your tadger off your monitor that hard that you broke it. I'm prepared to believe you dislodged some of the goo, though ........ :rolleyes:

    There you go Crispy, judging others by your own innuendo packed, curtain-wiping standards again. :rolleyes:

    Thankfully I'm not as perverted as you are, just a simple idiot who's challenged when it comes to anger management.

  6. Cracked it one last night and have duly broken the thing. :( Must have dislodged some of the goo and probably broken a few of the transistors as well - resulted a large area of colour distortion and horizontal black lines all over the top half of the screen, which grew considerably overnight.

    Have had to get the old one out that came with the comp as before long I'm sure it'll be unusable. Talk about an expensive moment of madness.... :(:ph34r:

  7. We should not have went public with anything until the player had signed the contract and was standing at St.Mirren Park with a Saints scarf above his head.

    We've been taken for a ride here by all accounts, and we need to learn a valuable lesson.

    Now we should forget about Ian Harte and concentrate on tomorrows Cup match :wink:

    Div's right about this methinks. It was just a bit silly to go public with anything more than confirming an interest before the deal had properly gone through rather than just a verbal agreement. Verbal agreements are worth less than toilet water in the world of top flight football.

    I'm guessing that someone in/associated with the club was a bit over-eager to get the news out given that there have been a number of instances where a player coming in was an open secret, the club confirmed an interest when a deal was 90% in place, and then go public a second time when the ink was dry on the contract. Instead of doing that again here, they've gone balls out too early and sod's law has dictated they've been immediately booted in them thanks to what looks like grade-A shenanigans from Harte & McKay. :rolleyes:

    There's no doubt the club needs to learn a lesson from this and stick to the old policy of waiting for everything to be done and dusted before going public. That said the blame certainly does not rest entirely with them - it takes two to tango as the saying goes and we've been led a merry dance here, no doubt. 9 times out of 10 Saints would have gotten away with this kind of naive enthusiasm. Unfortunately this is the 10th time when the player/agent clearly have an agenda of their own and it has cost us no small amount of face.

    That said, we shouldn't be overly embarrassed either. Who cares what some journo, opposition fan or daftybaws SMFC stalking baldy pipefitter thinks? :rolleyes: And there's no doubt we are better off not having a player who isn't 100% committed to the side, talented ex-Premiership star or not.

    Oh well, easy come easy go. We shall just need to get on with tomorrow's very winnable match as per. :)

  8. A big name for certain but they rarely work out for us in the time I've been following the side.

    Here's hoping this is an exception to the rule. If it comes off then we'll have a far better attacking threat from set pieces, and more natural width in the team as well...and he can use this time playing well for us to get a decent move elsewhere to get his career back on track somewhat.

    Like Mr Blues though, I can't say I don't have my doubts.... :unsure:

  9. With woolies disappearing bargain by bargain in its final festive season what other traditions have gone by the way side:

    1. The Agnews Advert

    2. Morecambe & Wise Show (Now you get f'k'n Hannah Montana, HSM or such like pish)

    3. Everything Being Shut - it used to be like a scene out of an apocolypse movie, even the icecream vans took the day off

    4. Proper Hogmany Parties and first footing- wegiescumbagland street parties and pubs and night clubs opening has f"k'd it

    5. Xmas TOTP and a good Xmas single - nobody even bothers their arse trying now.

    Top 5 new traditions that are simply [email protected]:

    1. Xmas crackers at pub xmas parties - why the f"k do adult want to pull kids Xmas crackers when there's no kids there.

    2. Fireworks at the Bells - what the f"k is that all about? Who in their right mind would be setting off fireworks after the whisky has been cracked open. :blink:

    3. New Year Street Parties and Pubs Opening - f''k'n nonsense, everybody other than absolute emergancy staff should get the hols too.

    4. Supermarkets, shops and St Mirren Ticket offoices opening - as above.

    5. Ally f'k'n Bain - I'm sure as fiddle players go he is no doubt one of the finest at playing screechy shite; however screechy shite is exactly what it is. Other than the Proclaimers Scotland is bereft of genuine Hogmany class talent like Kenneth McKellar or the two Alistair chappies.

    It was 2000 that kicked all that off.

    Imo, fireworks should be kept for organised displays. Anything else ends up rather annoyingly random and pishy looking.

  10. I stay off Stanley Avenue,Next door to our chairman. :) In Between Foxbar and Glenburn.

    Aye, just down the hill and through the woods from me. Heard it last night and thought exactly the same as others on here - that it might've been a plane crash with it being so loud. Daft thing was the neighbours all went outside to talk about it. :blink: Would have thought that staying in would have been the more sensible thing to fecking do after quite possibly the loudest thunderclap most of them will ever have heard. :rolleyes:

    As for the weather today, utterly hellish. Noticed Murray St was impassable under the railway bridge at about 1pm, and within 3 hours Mr. Gilmour's cricket club was under water, with Corsebar Road flooded there to the point of folk doing u-turns according to my dad. Didn't help the traffic one iota while I was out either - noticed what IP was talking about - thankfully managed to turn down towards Feegie at that roundabout at the back of ASDA instead of getting caught up in it.

    If the rain continues through tonight, surely the game tomorrow is in doubt? Can't imagine they'll have had it any better down in Killie. :huh:

  11. I was on soccerway earlier and noticed that there's a team called St. Mirren in Ghana:


    I looked up the Ghana top league on Wikipedia but this Ghanaian club has no page. Their title, though, appears to be "Sporting Saint Mirren FC."

    Does anyone know anything about this side? Are they linked with THIS St. Mirren, or did they just like the name, or is it a complete coincidence and St. Mirren is venerated locally?

    Either way I was pleased to note that they're bottom of the league :D

    edit: I found a little more - apparently they've just changed their name to Sporting Mirren instead of St. Mirren - http://www.ghanaweb.com/CrusadingGuide/article.php?ID=12404

    Yeah we knew about them.

    Someone who had worked out there brought it to the attention of our SMFC, and it made the rounds on here for a while. Indeed, we actually had the Ghana side's chairman and some first team players over here for a PotY night some years back. Not long after that a link was more formally established as we sent out a set of first team kits in the proper B&W stripes, as their club colours had been (shockingly) green & gold before! I note from the article that they've only been using B&W as an away kit though...and I don't think anyone had heard about the name change, which are both a tad disappointing.

    As for them being bottom of the league...iirc, they had only just been promoted to the top flight this season so it's perhaps no surprise.

    As for why the name was used - Ghana seems to have a lot of clubs which ape the name of famous sides in Europe, which may explain the lack of a M*rt*n there..... :wink:

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