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  1. I doubt we could compete directly with Hearts in terms of wages, in fact, I'm certain we couldn't. But players don't always make decisions based on wages alone. The idea of this being a "shop window" move means he'll want to play as much football as possible, so a club where he starts off higher up the pecking order might be attractive. 

    The other thing to consider would be the manager's ability to "sell" his vision of the club to a player and that player, with their agent doing their research before signing. This particular guy is only 23, a modern, progressive, driven manager like Ross might be more appealing than someone with Levien's reputation.

    Sometimes it's not all about pounds and pence.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Cornwall_Saint said:

     I think you have a point though. They've ran us close three times this season, and on a fair few occasions they've just come up short against some of the others. There is a lot of decent teams in the Championship this season.

    With the possibility to wrap up the title, and Brechin down two players to suspension and already relegated, still without a win, this is too easy for us. Brechin 1-0 Saints :ph34r:

    I think we'll win, and if it all clicks we can score 3 or 4, but we'll need a performance to do that. We've got no automatic right to run over the top of them.

  3. 16 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Ok, you've seen them 3 times and, yeah, we've struggled.

    They have player another 28 games which, I assume, you've not seen? 

    You seem oblivious to the FACTS and there are plenty who have scudded them.

    Complacent, no, confident, definitely. 

    You'd  be correct in assuming that I haven't seen their other 28 games. In fact, that's exactly what I said "I can only judge them on what I've seen"

    I therefore have reason to believe that they'll be able to make things difficult for us again.

    I'd have thought that was relatively straight forward. Hope this helps :)

  4. 14 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    How do you come to that conclusion? :blink:

    They have conceded 72 goals, scoring only 19.

    Not won ONE game all season.

    If there's been a team with a record as poor in recent memory in this league please let me know. 

    Judging by the fact that we're cruising at the top of the table and we've struggled to beat them a few times. I can only judge them on what I've seen, and I've seen them give us a good game every time. I'm not saying they should be mid-table or even 9th, but they've run us close a few times and we're not the only ones. We'd be daft to be complacent against them.

  5. 4 hours ago, Magic Monkey said:

    He'd be the first Celtic player that I would feel no specific ill-will towards. I really hope he tears it up for them. The way he's conducted himself this year is absolutely f**king exemplary.

    You're right, very professional and loyal for such a young guy, wish him all the best.

    I'd love to see him back on loan next season, but I actually think he's more than capable of making an impact with them straight away.

    I think walking into a new club could be really daunting for a young player, but one thing Lewis doesn't lack is confidence, I think that'll serve him well.

  6. 21 minutes ago, St.Ricky said:

    My grandson lives in Edinburgh but is going to Strathclyde University after the summer.  His birthday present in July will be...... You've guessed it.  A season ticket.  That's one more than last year on the way. 

    I'll be able to buy one for the first time in years, work has meant I've had to miss the odd game in recent seasons, so it wasn't value for money for me. All changed now though, so we're now at least +2!

  7. 3 hours ago, shull said:

    I cannae think of any shite players we have now,

    Maybe a couple who aint brilliant but not shite.

    Suppose Duffy's up there with the players to make the smallest impact, but then he didn't really get a game, so to say he was "shite" or a "waster" is probably, harsh, "waste of a wage", maybe, but that was hardly his fault. No way of knowing whether he'd have made the grade or not, just couldn't push Reilly for a place and not many would given the form he was in.

    Just noticed though, previous post in this thread was in 2014, we've had PLENTY of guys who could push for a place in the Shitehouse XI since then...

    There's a couple of them plying their trade in Dumbarton for a start...

  8. 12 hours ago, Hambud said:

    Yes he was but I think that was due to him still recovering rather than because he will never play on a plastic surface ever again.


    I might be wrong though.


    I think that was the idea. I can still see Baird playing though, been very harsh on him to lose his starting spot. If we didn't have a fully fit, first team quality centre half waiting in the wings I'd imagine Davis would play, but with Bairdy sitting there ready and able to step in, I don't think they'll want to risk him.

  9. Always caused us problems when he played against us. I'm not comfortable with players who are cheats, but considering his previous clubs, there's every chance that this was being actively encouraged by the coaching staff. I'm not naive enough to think that St Mirren players aren't playing for fouls or running down the clock from time to time, it happens at every club, but Livingston and Falkirk as clubs seem to be masters of these sorts of underhanded tactics. 

    Hopefully he sorts himself out playing for us, learns some professionalism and improves as a player. He certainly has talent and he's a tremendous athlete. Could be a great signing if it works out.

  10. United signing Stokes would strike me as a bit of panic that could cause more upset in the squad. Having said that, there's no doubt about his ability and if something "clicks" for him there then he could do really well. The same applies in terms of him potentially signing for us, but I think they may feel it's a risk worth taking, whereas we probably wouldn't. Add in the fact that we almost certainly couldn't pay his wages, and I don't see it happening. 

    If, in the highly unlikely event that it does happen, we'll just need to trust Jack and James, who've been making all the right calls up until now.

  11. Seems like he could be a threat at this level with the right supply, but I don't think he's going to push Reilly for a place and I doubt he'd make an impact next season if we were to secure promotion. Add to that the fact the there would almost certainly be a fee involved and I think it's a non-starter. 

  12. Even though the S*n is often right about St Mirren stuff, this seems like a strange one to me. I'd have thought that the hidden gems at that level would command a small fee when leaving their clubs, or be approached by bigger clubs on pre-contracts. Seems like this guy's been released, which doesn't fill me with confidence. Having said that we should always be open to having a look at a player and Jack has a track record of getting the best out of players who have struggled at other clubs. Hopefully, if there's any truth in it, he goes on to do well, don't imagine we'd be paying him a fortune anyway.

  13. When we have a striker with 20 goals in half a season and winger who's been totally unplayable at times, it's almost absurd to suggest anyone else for Player of the Season. Having said that, I think Cammy Smith would get my vote so far. Reilly, Morgan, Baird, Samson, McGinn and maybe a few others could all stake reasonable claims for the award, but if there was one player who should be first name on the team sheet, it'd be Cammy. I think he makes us a better team with every aspect of his game. He's always a goal threat by himself, also, players like Morgan and Reilly regularly profit from  his intelligence and creativity. As well as this, his high pressing and tireless hard work makes us so much harder to play against and means that, more often than not, Baird and Davis are dealing with the kind of long ball game that centre backs will happily eat up all day.  We've got a good squad with talent and depth, but out of them all, it's Cammy I'd dread playing without. Class act.

  14. Really good read. I think cautious optimism is what we need.

    We've got a team that is dynamic and exciting, but also capable of being dogged and putting in the hard graft, grinding out results in difficult circumstances. Our biggest asset is that we have 5 or 6 players who are potential match winners, Reilly, Morgan, Smith, McGinn, McShane etc. Guys who have the ability to create something out of nothing when we're up against it, produce a moment of magic or individual brilliance to bag us 3 points. Add to that an increasingly sturdy defence and a solid keeper and we're looking good.

    A wee bit of cover in the centre of the park and we'll have a bit of depth in every department. Personally, I'd like to see us in a right winger and letting Magennis compete for his place with McGinn and McShane, but Jack and James have been making all the right calls up until now, so I can't wait to see who they have lined up.

    We haven't won anything yet, far from it, but there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful. 

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