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  1. 20 minutes ago, Spam_Valley said:

    Celtic midfielder Eboue Kouassi is wanted by Bundesliga side Werder Bremen and Belgian duo Genk and Standard Liege as the Scottish champions consider a loan deal for the 20-year-old.



    That's that humped then. I thought he might go to a bigger club than us,  but maybe not Werder Bremen big. I see Ostersunds are after Henderson as well, most likely out of that race too (If we were ever in it).

    Of the other ones doing the rounds, I'd happily take Hippolyte. As much as he's a bit of a diver, he's a good player and I'm sure Jack and James could coach the cheat out of him.  In a weird way he'd also be a partial solution to our lack of depth in centre mid. He could play on the right if required to let Magennis move into his more natural centre mid role and provide some competition for McGinn and McShane.

  2. Austin seems to be one of those players who would be playing at a good level if he could shoot. Looks like he has everything else he needs to be a dangerous striker, but shits himself when presented with a decent chance. They could have quite comfortably beaten us at the Falkirk Stadium if he wasn’t a bottle merchant.

  3. 38 minutes ago, Stu said:

    The suggestion I have heard is that if everything goes well over the next six months we might get him on loan next season too, although I'd assume we would have to get promoted for that to be a possibility.

    I'd wondered if this might be possible. Certainly won't happen if we're not in the Prem.

  4. I'd imagine Duffy would be off. Sutton I'd like to keep, Kirkpatrick I'm not bothered about, if he frees up a wage it'd probably be worth letting him go. I can't see what position we're really crying out to strengthen.

    2 decent keepers.

    If Gary Mack is going to be fit, we're more than covered at centre half.

    We've got 2 good full backs on each side.

    Possibly look a bit light in the centre of the park if we lost McGinn or McShane to injury/suspension, so the holding mid rumour makes sense.

    On the wing we've got Morgan, Magennis, Hilson, Todd and young O'Keefe. I've seen things from both Hilson and Todd that suggest they'd be valuable if fit.

    Cammy Smith is a stick on at No. 10, Kirkpatrick could cover if needed, but would have to be replaced if he was allowed to move on.

    Reilly's a class act and Sutton still contributes well when he plays. Duffy we haven't really seen and Stewart looks quite a way off being ready, can see him being loaned out.


    In short, maybe a holding mid, maybe an attacking mid and maybe a striker (depending on who leaves)



  5. Long shot, I know, but does anyone have any spare tickets going for tomorrow? I'm looking for 2, my old man went down to the ground to get them while I was at work today, but got the wrong end of the stick, thought the office opened at 2 rather than closed at 2. Long story short, there's 2  buddies without tickets for the match, if anyone has any spares, could they let me know, cheers.

  6. 18 hours ago, Soctty said:

    I think a lot of people will vent their frustrations at the match - I know I have at times. However, there is a line which some cross. Some think it's an excuse to hurl abuse for 90 minutes in all directions - or even all at the one player. I don't get much of that as I've been in the Family Stand for the past 5 years, and as such I certainly don't swear. I will shout and bawl a bit when required, but the vast majority of what I shout is supportive of the team.

    Hopefully this is enough to make those going over the score to tone it down and think of the others around them who don't want to hear their bile for a full 90 minutes.

    As a footnote to my post, I will say that the singing section - with the drum as its heartbeat - has been a welcome boost to the atmosphere in the stadium, helped ably by a team performing well and winning games. I would hope this directive is not aimed at them.

    I moved from the main stand to sit in the North Bank about half way through last season. I now stand in the singing section and, although there is some swearing and a lot of shouting, for the most part, it's positive and supportive of the team. In my opinion there's a HUGE difference between shouting "You're f**king pish Sammy" and "Come on tae f**k Sammy, you're better than that". Both criticism, but worlds apart in terms of attitude. I hear far less of the negative stuff in the singing section than I did sitting behind the home dugout. Some songs contain swearing and others have a go at other teams or players but it's mostly tongue in cheek and the energy is mostly positive, even when we're losing or not playing well.

  7. I like Samson, he's more than decent at this level. I think what people forget sometimes is that St Mirren are playing in the 2nd tier in Scotland. It's true that he's never been great with shots, particularly low shots, across his goal, but all the players we sign will have their limitations or weaknesses. The same thing happened when Billy Mehmet was with us, his all-round contribution was excellent, but people would constantly moan about his finishing, which was the part of his game that often let him down. Let's face it though,  if he'd been as good a finisher as he was a footballer, he wouldn't have been playing with us, It's that simple. What you need to find at a club like ours is a group of players who's strengths and weaknesses create a balance across the squad, I think we have that, more or less. 

  8. I don't think he was kidding anyone on when he signed, the club knew that he would be out for a while with a serious injury. With that, you accept the risk that there may be setbacks. It was obviously weighed up by the club and they decided that, to sign a player of that caliber, the risk was worth the potential gain. As far as I can figure out, he's more or less on schedule so far.

  9. Took my mate along to the game on Saturday, not a St Mirren fan, or even a football fan, but we stood in W7, the atmosphere was great, and he loved every minute. Think he'll be along to games on a fairly regular basis now. Weirdly, without knowing the first thing about football, he picked Reilly as his MotM ahead of Morgan. He was impressed with his work rate and ability to bully much bigger players. He's 110% a team player, his attitude is 2nd to none, puts the team and the result above himself and is a constant threat, dangerous himself and creating chances for other players. Morgan is the star of the show at the moment, but Reilly's contribution (and Cammy Smith's for that matter) should not be underestimated. Hopefully he'll bag himself a couple against the Pars, since they seem to rate him so poorly. Shows the difference the right management team can make to a player.

  10. He looks the part at the moment. Was massively impressed with him against United (missed the Colts game due to work). Thought he bullied the 2 much bigger centre backs. Made loads of space for Morgan and Smith, possibly his best all-round game for us, ironically, one of the few he's not been on the scoresheet. Was good to see him back scoring on Saturday. A real find so far.

  11. I think we're looking good for this one. Lewis Morgan was missing from the game Vs Heart Colts, but played in a properly tough fixture against Netherlands U21s and put in yet another Man of the Match performance. Another big boost to his confidence that allows him to maintain the teriffic momentum he's built up so far this season. In the less competitive game our first team played at the weekend, our main striker got himself a couple of nice goals.

    Things are bubbling away nicely at the moment. In the past I'd have had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, that this would be where we'd come off the rails. But I think this group, players and staff together, have a different attitude, a confidence that we WILL win games and NO-ONE will get an easy 3 points when visiting St Mirren Park. 

    We've all seen us play well for periods and then choke or just about scrape through on the big occasions, but that seems to have changed recently. Ayr was a massive game, should have been a nervy day...6-2. Raith came knowing a win would effectively save them, should have been tense...5-0. I believe this team has the mental strength to deal with the big games, add to that the technical ability of the players and the strength in depth we'll have when everyone's fit, and I think this could be a special season.

    I don't do predictions, but I'll be disapointed with anything other than a win, and won't be surprised if we're pretty dominant. Even against a side who've been a bogey team for us so far in their short history.


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