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  1. I’m nowhere near calling for Goodwins head

    But I’m getting tired of the formation/ starting line up lottery that we go through each week. We make 4-5 changes every week and yet Connolly rarely starts despite looking our most dangerous player every time he plays

    Would love to know Sam Foleys passing stats for tonight

  2. Really?

    Six years at Aston Villa.

    "During his time at the Villains he had loan spells at League Two sides Cambridge United and Cheltenham Town. It was at Cheltenham where Jake featured regularly – appearing 36 times for the Robins last season."

    That's not to be dismissed.

    Might indeed be shite... but I'd rather support the lad and give him a chance.

    Quite a few teams were in for him as well, just read comments from the Cheltenham manager saying he would love to have him back but bigger teams were in the mix and they couldn’t afford it

    From what I’ve read he seems like a box to box midfielder.

  3. If a player isn’t in ‘the bubble’ (subject to all the testing etc) then they can’t be included in the match day squad hence why we couldn’t pick a 16/17/18 year old keeper to play against Hibs if we didn’t sign anyone.

    That’s my understanding anyway and if true they probably want to keep the bubble as small as possible to reduce testing costs/ potential for infection etc

  4. Rumour on twitter that he's now going to sign for us after knocking back an extension with Notts County.

    Find it hard to believe with Sheron and Thorvaldsson in albeit on loan.

    Big Thor seems more an attacking player, Rose (and Sheron) more defensive

    Jim must really rate him if we bring him in after signing Sheron

  5. McAlister so far has proven not even close to good enough for Premiership since returning to the club. You are right though Morais actually was better than him. I'd bin the 2 of them. There is huge potential in both and that's all I can see as to why JG is playing either but for me its not going to happen for either. Once Flynn and Macgennis are back and we maybe get one or two more in I think they are toast 

    Kyle showed under Oran that he can play at this level. Last year was a bad one for him due to injuries and even his tweet after the match being critical of himself for me shows his confidence is low. He can definitely play at this level but needs a full injury fee season.

    100% agree we need another striker but Morias as a sub late on to stretch teams will do for me. No one can doubt the guys work rate

  6. For everyone being critical of Morias...yes he should score but seen plenty of players miss when trying to hit it first time coming out the air, his second run he did get a bit lost as he didn’t know what to do...but at least that was two moments where he caused them problems. McAllister didn’t have a kick all game, I know he’s been out a while and had his issues last year and we all know there’s a good player in there but today alone he contributed zero.

  7. I thought the picture quality was pretty decent for me, not much worse than other streams I get. Occasionally dropped to low res but usually came back within 10s. 

    The sound was dreadful first half, but to be fair that didn't really matter too much and was much better second half. Overall was pretty decent from my viewpoint. 

    Wonder why it was fine for some whilst others seem to have struggled- pity they didn't get a game to check before hand but no doubt just teething trouble. 


    Same for me, commentary was actually decent in 2nd half


    Occasional drop in quality but didn’t last too long



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