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  1. Two Rangers fans in work said he could easily play on the right if required. Said he might actually be a really good signing for us as him game is suited to playing on the counter attack due to his pace....with his best games for them being in Europe Would imagine that would be the final signing of the window unless others leave.
  2. There’s no way we will give up on McAllister yet. Having more options perhaps allows him to properly get fit and not rush him back in. He’s still young as well. Don’t think we will ever get 40+ games out of him a season mind you
  3. I doubt the first part is true unless you are friends of his... He was pretty well known when he broke through at Queens Park and was seen as a bit of a coup when Aberdeen signed him.
  4. Relating certainly is a dreadful LB, pretty poor as a RB as well which is his actual position
  5. Robert Grieve reporting it as done 2year deal. Unlikely to get confirmed tonight though Good signing for me. Never really injured long term (egg incident aside [emoji505]) and played over 25 times for 3rd place in the league
  6. Trying far too hard [emoji476][emoji476][emoji476] 1/10
  7. Wonder if it’s a Dario Zanatta type from Hearts, a guy that can play out wide and through the centre. Still think we are a bit short across the back
  8. where did this come from.... decent scoring record, main thing for me is there fans do seem miffed at them letting him go... loving the 2 year deals.....what will we do in the next transfer window when we don't need to sign 10+ players!!!!
  9. I’m sure I read somewhere that he didn’t fancy playing most weeks on a plastic pitch so that would rule killie out. He’s obviously holding out for Hearts. I actually think he’s not too bad a player and showed at hearts first time that he can screw the nut. Wouldn’t take the risk for us though,
  10. There is zero chance Celtic sign Hladky this season to replace Bain. Their fans would go ape if they just got £25m and signed a st mirren goalie as their new first choice keeper. Their fans are calling for Fraser Forster level of signings
  11. If we switch to a 3 I imagine it will be Foley Magennis Flynn McAlister Obika Durmus Anyway it’s a good problem to have
  12. Really enjoyed that today, the type of performance we haven’t seen for ages. Thought all the new boys were superb Waters was immense in the 2nd half, McLoughlin excellent Foley deservedly MOTM, like I said earlier we have been screaming out for a guy like this. Durmus tired in 2nd half but took his goal so well, there’s plenty of goals and assists in him Andreu, his miss aside I thought he was excellent and but in a fair bit of graft that you don’t associate with him Obika looked a nuisance, fair bit to go fitness wise but will be handful up top I’ve been a wee bit critical of Magennis but he was great today as well, No failures at all Genuinely excited about the season ahead
  13. Sam Foley is the player we have been screaming out for for years. Does all the dirty work but can actually find a pass. Really good first half performance no failures at all
  14. Really like the look of that team Long term not sure who drops out for Kyle, Magennis or Flynn?
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    11 posts so far from Bazil from the slightest negative comment about the club. And he wonders why people don’t have the will to ‘debate or discuss’ with him. Absolutely batters folk to submission with volume of posts
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