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  1. If a player isn’t in ‘the bubble’ (subject to all the testing etc) then they can’t be included in the match day squad hence why we couldn’t pick a 16/17/18 year old keeper to play against Hibs if we didn’t sign anyone. That’s my understanding anyway and if true they probably want to keep the bubble as small as possible to reduce testing costs/ potential for infection etc
  2. Big fan of Callum MacGregor for Celtic but genuinely forgot he was on the pitch tonight, can’t remember him ever having a good game for Scotland Less said about O’Donnell the better [emoji85]
  3. Jim has said he’s about a week away from full fitness.
  4. Dundee Utd have signed Marc McNulty, some decent firepower with him and Shankland. Add in St Johnstone signing a striker who, on paper at least, looks like he could be decent.....hopefully Dennis will be able to get us the goals we need
  5. The problem is Jim keeps making 3-4 changes every week. We don’t have a good enough squad for that. Connolly must start Assume we will speed up the signing of a LB otherwise it will be erhahon at LB or another change of shape to a back 3. Worrying we are now 8 league games in and we don’t have a clue the best shape or starting 11
  6. That’s who I was thinking but he’s not in contract with anyone and I’m sure it was reported as a loan
  7. Is the left back a loan or permanent signing?
  8. Need John and Junior to try and hold the ball, otherwise it could be a painful last 20-25mins
  9. Missing Cammys delivery into the box from set pieces here! Especially with shaughnessy and McCarthy in the box!
  10. Perfect stream for me too(touch wood) Much improved from the first game so far
  11. Big Thor seems more an attacking player, Rose (and Sheron) more defensive Jim must really rate him if we bring him in after signing Sheron
  12. In for Bayo of Celtic again according to Raman Remember we were close to getting him in Jan but Celtic couldn’t get Rhodes over the line so fell through My Celtic supporting pal said he’s a big raw prospect but does have goals in him
  13. Kyle showed under Oran that he can play at this level. Last year was a bad one for him due to injuries and even his tweet after the match being critical of himself for me shows his confidence is low. He can definitely play at this level but needs a full injury fee season. 100% agree we need another striker but Morias as a sub late on to stretch teams will do for me. No one can doubt the guys work rate
  14. For everyone being critical of Morias...yes he should score but seen plenty of players miss when trying to hit it first time coming out the air, his second run he did get a bit lost as he didn’t know what to do...but at least that was two moments where he caused them problems. McAllister didn’t have a kick all game, I know he’s been out a while and had his issues last year and we all know there’s a good player in there but today alone he contributed zero.
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