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  1. Craig Samson and Ross Stewart.....last season ...... Sorry Oaksoft, couldn’t resist
  2. The rumours started on Friday! Should have been dealt with long before now
  3. Very little would have renewed based on OK being the manager I’ve renewed though Tommy Craig, Alex Rae, Iain Murray, never has who has been the manager influenced whether I would buy a season ticket or not. Had OK left right after the playoff and been replaced by Jim Goodwin I would argue that Seasons Ticket sales would have been exactly the same as they have been to date
  4. Coleraine drew with Formartine united of the HIGHLAND league and only beat them on pens in the challenge cup this year Crusaders got beat by Queens who finished 2nd bottom of the championship
  5. Think someone needs to have a word with Alan Wardrop after this. He retweeted a journalist saying a statement is imminent about Orans departure, commenting on players about to be signed. Think he enjoys the attention, needs to start acting like a director and not someone playing the role. Makes us, and him, look amateur.
  6. Despite making a dogs dinner of his point, I think the bit you highlighted is from a twitter post from a guy called Gary Peebles made on the 14th May and not IoBS view, unless of course he is Gary Peebles (whoever that is!)
  7. Did Goodwin not knock back Dundee because they wouldn’t let him bring his assistant from Alloa with him? IF he is to get the saints job whenever it next comes up....I’m sure he will want his own man with him
  8. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1438750-st-mirren-manager-not-to-return-for-pre-season-training/
  9. Another rumour from twitter.... Oran wants to go back to Coleraine and teaching job but also wants a pay off. There’s a bit more too it but I can’t remember but that is the jist Hopefully all resolved tomorrow regardless
  10. Alan Wardrop on twitter saying 2 signings are close!
  11. If OK does go they need to move for someone quickly, no messing about getting CVs in, go out and get who you want to get. Scott cant let a manager go 2 or 3 days before pre season starts (with no assistant manager in place, or new signings made) and then take 3 or 4 weeks to appoint his replacement The rumours of him going have been swirling for over a month now
  12. I can easily believe this, more so than any fall outs over budgets which you would imagine the discussions would have been held previously. If this is a case of GLS spitting the dummy and getting rid of a popular manager then he will need to be careful that fans don't start to turn especially if we have a poor start to the season (which looking at the fixtures isn't too hard to believe could happen) Obviously its all guesswork at this stage but your right, 3 sackings in 3 years (2 very early in a season and one potentially after securing survival in the top league) doesn't look good on GLS
  13. I genuinely hadn’t heard this I just assumed the issue would be his commuting arrangements
  14. There’s now an online article from the sun but doesn’t add much to that one liner in the gossip. Either way it needs to be resolved ASAP, if Kearney stays then fantastic if there’s any doubts from either side we need to move on. There’s a fair bit of a squad rebuild to happen and with players back on Monday we can’t be pissing about. I know the sun is an absolute rag but they aren’t too bad with saints news
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