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  1. Dani, I don’t know if you were at the game today, but if you weren’t, don’t listen to the 3 or 4 nuggets on here who said we played badly. We didn’t.
    No mate I didn't make the game as I had to fly back home as the match kicked off. When I flew over the stadium at 3pm in sheeting rain I felt for the Buddies down below.
    The point is at this stage of the season it doesn't matter how we win and negative views on a victory are strange to say the least. I want St Mirren to play exciting expansive football but I'm not going to get hamstrung about winning ugly. Hope you had a great night out on the town celebrating after the game bud.

  2. Lack of leadership and our midfield is powder puff. Flynn Edwards and I hate saying it Mcginn are out of their depth at this level. Only young McPherson put a shift and is probably on half the money than the other 3. Jackson was really the only bright spot. Hamill never really got a chance as he was injured early in the game. But schoolboy mistakes every week is costing us points. Certain players need to shape up our move aside. But I think OK will already know that. Keep the faith. Coys. 

    Totally agree with some of your points but I still think McGinn can up his game. He needs to as our captain and midfield engine but he's well off the pace at the moment.
  3. Aberdeen were quicker and sharper than us and that's the difference between the teams. Our midfield is over run and questions are being asked about our captain Stephen McGinn. I thought he was below par yesterday and when replaced by Cammy we had a bit more energy about us. I genuinely wonder if our poor form is about our key players not being up to the requirements of this league?

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