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  1. Shetland is fog bound and we can't get to the game. What a f**kin' ball ache[emoji26]
  2. Tickets arrived, flights booked and a night in Aberdeen and Paisley. Can't wait for Saturday to come.[emoji846]
  3. I wonder what the Police dogs were demonstrating about ?
  4. I was there in the mid 70's when they had a good looking football team[emoji1]
  5. No mate I didn't make the game as I had to fly back home as the match kicked off. When I flew over the stadium at 3pm in sheeting rain I felt for the Buddies down below. The point is at this stage of the season it doesn't matter how we win and negative views on a victory are strange to say the least. I want St Mirren to play exciting expansive football but I'm not going to get hamstrung about winning ugly. Hope you had a great night out on the town celebrating after the game bud.[emoji469]
  6. 3 points is all that mattered today and it puts a bit more pressure on Dundee and Hamilton. It made my day and I don't care less about how it was achieved.
  7. I love the way we get the ball from front to back. It puts the opposition defence under pressure and pulls their defenders out of position. Thought our tactics were excellent today.
  8. Got to say I was impressed with the High Street in Paisley this weekend. Lots of stuff going on and opportunities for local shops to get involved. One shop in particular has relocated to the High Street from St Mirren Street and I wish them all the best. I was very impressed with the town on my wee visit[emoji469]
  9. That was dire tonight and playing against a poor side we showed nothing. Only positive was Willock who looked a lot more impressive than Stephen McGinn. Fear for us on Saturday.
  10. Totally agree with some of your points but I still think McGinn can up his game. He needs to as our captain and midfield engine but he's well off the pace at the moment.
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