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  1. Another player Jim doesn't seem to fancy for reasons known only to himself. Hopefully we don't let one of our biggest potential assets go for pocket money.

    Ethan isn’t a left back, is he better than what we’ve had this season in midfield - debatable - but I don’t think so, I thought a loan to lower league in Scotland for game time. However this could be some move and would still have a year left so would be worth a few quid
  2. Right Linwood, I’m gonnae come right out there and say it, but I think folk that don’t like a good wee karaoke night are killjoys.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve zero desire to go back to the mid to late 90s when it seemed to be ubiquitous in every boozer on every night of the week, but I love stumbling upon a wee karaoke night here n there and I’m still known to treat the patrons to a wee tune or two.

    The standard has to be average to brilliant though (obvs I’m on the brilliant scale)). Naebody has any appetite to listen to group off pished up would be Little Mixers screeching away on the Mike, but in my experience the majority of folk that get up tend to be alright.  

    I don’t mind a wee sing song and in fact I love the massoke in Glasgow also cosmopol on hope street. But the bull was a great pub that never needed this, however things change and perhaps the bull has had to change to attract custom
  3. Has anyone received the email from the supporters bar?

    In it Alan said there are more signings on the way, but 1 can't be revealed until August 1st. I'm sure someone said that Davies can't sign for anyone until then, so perhaps that's it confirmed in a cryptic way

  4. We don't need to sell, so we should only sell at our valuation or more.  Do you agree Div?  What is your valuation of Stevie Mallan?  Mine is 7 figures.

    Dam tooting we should be looking for A 7 figure sum. If that mob at I***x want £500k for a 15 year old then we should defo be getting double that for Mallan. Will we? I doubt it as this is Scotland and we always sell cheap.
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