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  1. havin watched game on tues have come to conclusion the school boys could defend better than mcausland and Kelly for they don't know have to defend point one mcausland takes free kick an kicks it back to kello thus kello is under pressure to clear ball mcausland passes to Kelly when foreward is on top of him thus losing ball Kelly caught up field let me think know everytime we lost ball to st johnstonesl thus leavin gaping hole at left side 4 most of the game /midfield none existant for most of game forewards like havin a siesta for most of game so where does he think the points ar gona come from to keep us up /suggestion is drop the so called stars an give the players who will give u 200 percent all through the game and who know how to defend and make tackles that that ensure the other players round about them can pick up the ball to move foreward would like to know what the feeling of other supporters think
  2. saint fan 44 years and loads of great times at the north bank on satarday afternoons like doin the morton on new years day alawys a pleasure everytime LOL

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