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  1. After Stranraer a collective kick up the backside was needed and gotten and a positive result was the outcome. I still think that the figuritive foot needs to be kept near that backside for another kick or two if needed though. I hate quoting myself, but before the backslapping on the St J performance at the weekend goes too far, there's still gonna be issues like I said above. 1. Creativity in the midfield from Lappin & Murray 2. Okay, McGowne got a goal, Did somebody note what I said there? . Time for Broadfoot, Millen, Potter, Maxwell to pitch in with a headed goal as well. Or van Zanten, Murray or Lappin for that matter. Keano needs a bit of help, especially with Mehmet finding his feet in the side. 3. Start with McGinty on wednesday, it sounsds like he's playing well and could help Kean upfront. I know i'm seeing the half empty glass here, but there's a lot of stuff from the Forfar and Stranraer games that'll maybe come back as issues particularly on Saturday against Brechin. We need to break Brechin early and score a few to get the confidence going and get the 'part-timers with season books at love street' as said somewhere else here, off the backs of the team. Early goals were such a problem last season and we need to get that sorted this year as well in my view. Our setup and players is such that we can defend a lead and soak up pressure, so getting 1-0 or 2-0 in the first half hour would mean that we'd hold it. Okay it's not exciting, but it'd get the points in the bag. Incidentally, I saw 23 games last season and 4 so far this year am I a part-timer or so-called supporter? I'd like to think that I see what I see and give my opinion, if I'm a boo-boy for that then fair enough.
  2. CS is right on the five defenders, on Ellis and on O'Neill. (drat.) My mate that sits next to me was going on about an attacking midfielder and He's right we need one. Has Murray had all his attacking instincts brainwashed away by playing beside Reilly? I remember when Shug was a box to box player and when he scored goals. (so did Lappin for that matter) Again, can I ask if any of the centre halfs playing can score a goal with his head and if not, can MacPherson not get the feckers in on the afternoons to practice headers knock downs and the like. McGinty's entrance to the game was the only attacking sparkle in that side and goodness knows how much abuse the goat gets, but at least he was getting behind and into the ranks of the stranraer defence.
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