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  1. Not too fazed tbh . We're solid enough defensively and still have options , bearing in mind Kirky can also play RB. If this gives us the chance to bring in another two attacking players then so be it ! A McGinnless club come the summer ?
  2. Boyce signs for Hearts. Proven goal scorer at this level , something every club in the bottom 6 wishes they had. Hearts will be fine imo.
  3. Cooke told to find a new club too ?
  4. billyg


    Renfrew's pitch , unfortunately , has proved to be their undoing in affecting their league status. The old Western Park was so bad that every April/May they had 10 or more outstanding league games to play. Now they get their games played early , and give the other teams a points target , like last season. Looking at it , they are facing a similar scenario this year , where it looks that they will post a final points total early in a promotion place , but will probably be caught by the clubs who have games in hand due to postponements !
  5. billyg


    Funny team Renfrew , unpredictable ! I think it will cost them promotion. Beat runaway leaders Darvel and Cumbernauld , but can't score in 3 games against awful St Rochs, and I think that's the 2nd time they've lost to the Burgh recently !
  6. f**k going out in that ! Back to baw baws , then Bet 365 and then arse on the couch for the afternoon !
  7. Main difference was those players were boys who had come through the academies and were unknowns. This guy was signed recently for a fee and has a 3 and a half year contract , so hopefully will be up to the job.
  8. They bought him in the summer from Luton for an undisclosed fee. Hopefully a good 'un !
  9. ………. and there we have it. Looks like he won't be wearing the stripes again , which really is no surprise !
  10. Keatings is a good player , the reason he's in the championship is because of his horrendous injury record.
  11. So could the fact that he's a product of Gleniffer Thistle and is a local !
  12. billyg


    Quite a serious incident , according to eye-witnesses. Petershill RB and Renfrew No 10 involved initially, but some Renfrew supporters on the pitch throwing punches too. Apparently the Petershill player got a bit of a doing ! 😶
  13. That's right Chris. From when the clubs met in 74/75 in the old 2nd Division, only 5 Saints players remained in our squad in 76/77 , the Clydebank sides were almost Identical for both games with only Jim Lumsden being added !
  14. Even when we're at full strength , we struggle at Hamilton. I can only see a defeat today.
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