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  1. No , but none of them were mercenaries who f**ked off twice , at the first time of asking !
  2. I can think of 4 or 5 keepers who should get the accolade first.
  3. billyg

    Cammy murray

    He blossomed as a central defender/sweeper after he left us , always amazed me that after having him for 10 years , we had no-one that could see that. Our ex player , Albert Henderson was manager at Arbroath and kept them in the top league for three seasons with Cammy starring , with us struggling downstairs. He was mom in this match http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1975&GameID=197511150
  4. billyg

    Cammy murray

    He was badly treated by the club , and was released a few months before he was due a testimonial , at the age of 29. In a recent interview he said this " I played for St. Mirren for 10 years and Motherwell for one, before signing for Arbroath in 1973. The next 5 years were the most enjoyable of my playing career " Just shows that St Mirren have always been the kings of poor decision making , it's not a new thing !
  5. billyg

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16th Feb

    I was a pal of Big Eck at school , and we kept in touch during his playing days. I'm assuming you mean the John McEachran game ? Anyway , a couple of weeks later Aberdeen were at Ibrox and I met up with Alec on the Saturday night. The first thing he said to me , and he was serious , "Why the f**k were your lot playing out their skins a couple of weeks ago , and trying to hand the title to Celtic"? Even then , people in the game were into Old Scum conspiracy theories in Scottish football. I'm going for narrow defeats this and next week , if Dundee and Accies pick up any points during that time , then it's all over bar the shouting !
  6. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Who to believe ? St Mirren FC say he was spat on , the injured guy's family , who were with him , say he wasn't spat on. So again , who do we believe ?
  7. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    It's not trivial , it's disgusting , but it happens in most grounds every week , and is non-newsworthy. When was the last time you heard of anyone being charged with spitting ?
  8. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Exactly ! The do-gooders want some of W7 to throw their fellow supporters to the wolves , but aren't bothered if the club aren't taken to task over the fairy tales masquerading as a club statement yesterday !
  9. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Exactly , the clubs hierarchy have got themselves in this mess by forgetting to engage their brains before speaking publicly. Let them take the flak , they deserve it !
  10. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    That tweet from Josh (above) is from 22 hours ago. No-one had denied that something happened , just not what the club statement said. What happened was non-newsworthy , and happens every week in British football. But the clubs ridiculous and non-factual statement sees their own club condemned country-wide. Beggars belief !
  11. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Nonsense. Shouldn't happen and won't happen. It's a storm in a teacup as usual , something that happens every week somewhere in Scottish football , and no-one bats an eye. As I said about a lifetime ago , what the club said in it's official mistake earlier was completely wrong, and should now be officially withdrawn . The idiots here are the club officials who fuelled a media storm against their own club by releasing a statement which was at best , misguided !
  12. billyg

    St Mirren Photos

    He's a Polis !
  13. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Pretty much sums it up , I see guys with their families at games who used to be part of the North Bank , and I've never known their names. This idea that everyone knows everyone else by name is ludicrous and just shows how detached the Oaksturs of this world really are !
  14. billyg

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    It's called , turning a blind eye , which the Polis are good at too , when it suits them.
  15. billyg


    Glad he got away with it , if only to shut up that cock Neilson. Smith can put away his petted lip as well , before he trips over it !