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  1. After that miserable first half , we looked a lot better at the start of the 2nd. I thought at that time that JG might have taken a chance and replaced McGrath and Sheron with McAllister and the Icelandic lad. Game was gone once the second went in. With big Jon wasted playing one up in these games , we have to start giving ourselves a chance !
  2. I'll be watching it . I'll switch off if we're getting horsed , and I won't have the sound on at any time !
  3. So , he came in and did well for us , and , when Goody was quizzed last week about bringing him back he said we were "priced out" of the move. He's now signed for Dundee ! 🤔
  4. Hugh never got the credit he deserved. Very versatile player who at one time , when Peter Kane was injured , was played at No9 for a wee while , and scored goals for fun. Looking back , I always wondered why they didn’t persist with him up front . As for the LC Semi , he was stitched up that night. Celtic we’re struggling before Hughie was sent off , still 0-0. Then Archie Knox scored a perfectly good goal and was ruled offside. Late in the game we tired with the 10 men and conceded 3 in about 10 mins.
  5. I'd imagine the fee would be £20m at least , when you look at some of the other players commanding a fee like that in England , which would mean a minimum of £1m for us !
  6. Alnwick deal completed according to Scott Burns on twitter , and he's usually spot on !
  7. I'd be happy with Alnwick. Didn't get a chance at Ibrox , but seems well thought of in England !
  8. Was it Mary Ann , or similar ? I knew them well , Owen , the late Alan Erskine and me hung about together for a while , even went on holiday. Eamonn was head of Airfield Ops at Stansted Airport until he sadly took his own life.
  9. Nah , slow as a week in the jail , I've seen milk turn quicker !
  10. Was it the Topper that had Colonel Blink , the short-sighted gink and Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller ?
  11. BJ gives the EPL the go ahead to restart on June 1
  12. Think the Scottish Govt have said that won't be happening in Scotland !
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