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  1. We have had some great performances and results this season, but the struggles against the bottom feeders away from home have cost us big time. Take the point and move on , but if we're playing Livingston and Ross Co when Kilmarnock are facing both cheeks and we can't make inroads it's poor stuff !
  2. Hard watch , we're mince tonight. Awful !
  3. Need to change things up front , it may not work but we need to give them more to think about ?
  4. Only Beaky and Mick still with us !
  5. See Bayern Munich lost again , to relegation candidates Bochum. First time in 9 years they've lost three on the trot , and now 8 points off the pace at the top of the league !
  6. Not for the first time, since 1967 !
  7. We go to Livvy and they go to Parkhead , and they pull further ahead ! Laughable !
  8. When you see a performance as inept as this from us , you wonder how the hell we are where we are.
  9. We'll see what we're made of here. Games we've lost to shitey teams this season have mostly been late winning goals. We've got a whole half here to sort this.
  10. Sorry to hear about Malky , I was just asking about him last week because I hadn't seen him for ages. He had a very droll sense of humour , and some of his takes on all things St Mirren were hilarious. He'll be missed , RIP Malky !
  11. St James Business Centre near Asda closing in April , all the businesses have been given 2 months notice and it will be demolished in April. Assuming that one of the big freight companies based down there must be expanding ?
  12. According to an interview with SR on PLZ soccer , more players arriving this week !
  13. Rabbit Season ! No, Duck season ! Stick season ?
  14. Greatest display from him for me was also a defeat , at Ibrox on Boxing Day 1970 , a week before the Ibrox disaster. We deserved a point that day , a point that in the long run would have saved us from relegation that season. John Greig scored with a screamer late in the game after Dave Smith beat Charlie Palmer on the wing and cut it back. Up to that point Denis had saved everything thrown at him. There is a pic (which i'm looking for) of Denis lying on the goal line in disgust after the goal went in !
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