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  1. Not quite ! Aberdeen approached us for Fergie a year previous , just before they appointed Billy McNeil. Fergie knocked them back , but when things started to go pear shaped a year later , he knew Aberdeen would still be interested after McNeil was appointed at Parkhead. So , Ross turned his back on a shot at the Premiership with us , but Fergie stayed and further proved himself .
  2. Beaton the ref ☹️Steven the 4th Official. ☹️ and George Clyde who gave us nothing as a ref , is the observer☹️
  3. Surprised we don't consider giving Obika, Morias or Mullen a run out in these games to try and get the confidence up/back !
  4. The airline doesn't have an AOC ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_operator's_certificate
  5. billyg


    Good result for Renfrew , Cumbernauld have made a great start to the season .
  6. Sorry to hear that , there was a great pic of him in his Buds days on one of the Old Scottish Football FB sites recently , which I commented on , and she replied that she would show him the pic 😟
  7. The only important negativity is from JG . He clearly thinks that Jacko is not the answer !
  8. Popescu started the last 10 games ! Baird 8/10 , McKenzie 7/10 !
  9. Agreed , he’s a steady championship player , but as far as the Premiership is concerned , I think that ship has sailed .
  10. He told the club he didn't want to play for the new manager , so they got him off the books so they could afford a replacement !
  11. Heard there are a few clubs interested I him , including us !
  12. Jason Naismith available !
  13. Ourselves and Kilmarnock !
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