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  1. Good to see it's a "proper" last 16 , and already looks like a tourney worth winning !
  2. I complimented the team v Celtic for the way we managed the injury time , but kicking the ball away etc is always giving the ref scope to add more time , and when Clark comes up with the luckiest finish of all time we're punished for not seeing it out properly !
  3. Hibs are truly awful , which shows just how bad a performance that was from us at Easter Road , needs turning around quickly , or it's going to the same old survival story !
  4. billyg

    Mr Gilmour

    When Div spoke with him last week , SG said he had no intention of doing that !
  5. billyg

    Mr Gilmour

    I won't be cancelling either. I didn't vote for Mr G , but he's in now and we'll just need to see how things move forward , cancelling at the moment is jumping the gun imo !
  6. we only had him towards the end of his career, he had been a team mate of Alec Wright at Firhill . Played a few games , came on for Jim Blair in the 1-0 v Rangers in '68 and frustrated them by getting on the ball and taking it for a walk late in the game when they were looking to get the ball in the box. Biggest claim to fame , scored home and away for the Arabs v Barcelona !
  7. A most enjoyable evening spent with one of my sons laughing at Ranjurs , they are getting what they deserve , and the 28 goal swing between them and Napoli after four games is awesome !
  8. Makes me think of the level playing field in the late 70s and 80s , before the scum started filling their boots by keeping their home attendance money and making it impossible to win a vote of Premier league clubs with the 11-1 thingy , but that wasn't enough , they then spent money they didn't have , nothing is ever enough for them ! They are reaping what they sowed now , but they've taken us all down with them and there's no coming back I'm afraid !
  9. Hes now been released , but will still train with us until he sorts himself out with another club !
  10. Wardrop announced he was stepping down to his mates in the 1877 club , big George is stepping down as Smisa Chairman due pressure of work, and Paterson likely to be replaced by Langfield ? The club are still signing boys of all ages so I wouldn't worry about the Academy being wound down any time soon !
  11. I really doubt it , his recent tweets have all been positive about the club , the team and even the painting of the stands !
  12. TBH Wardrop is no loss , always seen him as an attention seeker , a "look at me I'm a real fan" type!
  13. Still a bit ho-hummish for me, we still fail in the real big games. Didn't look like Ukraine were that bothered tbh !
  14. Yes, forgot about that. I got some of my ned gear in there, like Skinners - Yellow, Petrol Blue, Green etc and a couple of waistcoats, one of which I was wearing on a fateful night in Girvan !
  15. Just said that, if we had a surrounding wall like Old Love St this wouldn't happen, especially if, like old style walls, broken glass was inserted into the cement at the top before setting plus some barbed wire added too! 😇
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