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  1. I was just getting into football when they played Celtic in '66 , they were called Go Ahead Deventer at that time. Didn't adopt the "Eagles" till the 70s
  2. Two games in and he was stretchered off with a serious looking injury tonight , wouldn't wish that on anybody, but looks like SR played this one right !
  3. No squad replacement for Charlie Dunne yet ?
  4. Leyton Orient in for him , first bid rejected!
  5. There goes the probable plan of playing Rooney and McMenamin down the right side ?
  6. I like Bolton , but getting six figs for a near 30 year old with a year on his contract isn't easy to turn down when we got him for hee-haw a year ago ?
  7. I'm Inchinnan born and bred , and can confirm you're talking mince 😇 Back on topic , I did the Renfrew Orange Lodge summer party , in Renfrew BC , on Saturday night , great night , no trouble , and they booked me for the next one. Friday night , I did one for the other side , a Celtic supporters retirement do , also a great night. Just give them what they want , a bit of Tina on Saturday and a blast from the Dubliners on Friday and everyone goes home happy.
  8. It's like watching Gus McPherson's St Mirren , don't risk anything and see what happens , works occasionally but usually doesn't !
  9. Away to Dundee Utd , obviously we were prepared to push the boat out for Gogic , but not any injury prone players?
  10. A pretty awful watch , I'm just hoping we can steal it !
  11. I see Samson has left Aberdeen and joined Hibs as their new GK coach, with Aberdeen ready to announce his replacement. Hopefully not Clangers , as he seems to play an important part with us ?
  12. There are a few who could feel aggrieved at not being considered , when you look at some of the donkeys that were included , Liam Lindsay , Dan Armstrong , Jay Fulton , Tom Cairney , Liam Palmer , Murray Wallace ?
  13. He played at the Smisa for Livvy in a 3-3 draw !
  14. He's under contract with Oxford till Summer 2025 , looks like we'll be paying a fee for him , which we can't do until the window opens next week !
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