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  1. I think they could get around £40m for him if a few clubs are interested in signing him . He recently signed a new deal and when you look at £30m for West Ham fringe player Benrahma, who's not even a regular for the Algerian national team, then £40m seems realistic. Grealish would be more like £90m.
  2. I keep looking at the league thinking Everton can win their games in hand and breach the top 4 , then they blow it with an awful (usually) home performance !
  3. He was the best player on the park on Friday for an hour. He was blowing out his arse after that , nowhere near match fit.
  4. With games being staggered over 4 day "weekends" to show them live , there's potentially only 5 days between games for some. That's why two rounds were drawn !
  5. Alan McManus has a squad away to play Dundee Utd today !
  6. billyg

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    Just caught the very end of Serbia v Portugal there , something going down with Ronaldo , chucking his captains armband away and storming off the pitch !
  7. Defo offside , levels out the pen we never got !
  8. Both central defences are awful !
  9. Bolton had a decent team back then. Polish winger Tad Nowak who scored at LS had played against us for Legia Warsaw a few years earlier !
  10. I agree. I think some of the players , who are fan favourites , will be on their way. We have to improve from middle to front cos that is where we have let ourselves down .
  11. We deserve all we get , Obika was on his own up top on his own for too long during the 2nd half. We allowed them too much of the ball when they were chasing something from the game ! We're not going down but with 3 (maybe 4) of the teams in the bottom 6 playing for their futures , I wouldn't expect to pick up (m)any points !
  12. He stood on the NB from the mid 70s , he recently posted on FB about driving down to Fulham for the Anglo-Scottish tie and sleeping in the car. He also said that Doug Somner was his hero and that he wished the club could have come up with a similar deal to Somner which would have allowed him to stay part-time and play for us , but it never materialised !
  13. The Milan goal was strangely satisfying , the GK Henderson is a bit arrogant for my liking , so good to see him brought down a peg !
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