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  1. I agree. The initial statement said the shirts/memorabilia were missing or stolen , which would indicate that no-one knows what really happened ?
  2. Birkenhead are one of the clubs that we formed a strategic partnership with last year , I think this "trial" is just a nod to them to say we're keeping an eye on things !
  3. Sigh ! "Wycombe boss Gareth Ainsworth said after the game: "Ross Stewart is a hell of a player and he will go onto huge, huge things in his career and today was a huge learning curve for my defenders."
  4. ......... and Jimmy Bone who is in the Hall of Fame of at least three clubs !
  5. I can't see him staying with us , they'll be moves afoot to land us with some of their deadwood !
  6. I believe we are trying to get the best deal we can for McGrath , and we are also looking to offload another three , either loan or permanent. Don't think they'll be any in until there's movement out !
  7. I'm sure I read somewhere that the SPFL has been advised that a return to normality is likely to be in place before this game !
  8. It really does beg the question about Stubbs and the running of the club at that time , doesn't it. How could he/we let a boy like that go , and fill the club up with unwanted dross , and be allowed to do so ?
  9. They had a decent result v Raith , and have made what looks like a decent managerial appointment , so appears to be a whole new ball game since the draw was made !
  10. We went to the wee shop near the old bus stop on the other side of the road and bought 10 No6 for 15p. Then we went to the wee post office which is now "Billy's" . I was "acquainted" with a girl who worked there and we just lifted about £2 worth of goodies and she would charge me 5p or less . 😇
  11. We can take their opinions with a pinch of salt , they think Shaun Rooney is a superstar ! ☺️
  12. First Saints match , I wasn't supporting the Buds , vague memories of a game v my Dad's works team , India of Inchinnan , in the Renfrewshire Cup. The programme history says game was at LS , but it was played at the Tyres Sports Ground. 6-2 for the Saints , and at least I can claim I saw Beck , Clunie , Gray , Wilson and (Red) Campbell in a Saints jersey , and Peter Holding in a Tyres jersey ! 😍
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