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  1. billyg

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    George Caldwell 2nd left back row [emoji14]
  2. Spot on , final ball today , when we had the opportunities , was awful .
  3. No surprise. A young team with only a few of us having played there before but sadly that doesn't stop the verbal abuse. That's not really a viable excuse , we have to be geared to compete in this league , so "young team" doesn't work for me . Need more experience no doubt , but we're a bit late getting them in !
  4. Turning out as I hoped it wouldn't , going to be a long next-hour I fear !
  5. billyg


    Yes , not looking good. Unfortunately they've not been able to bring in the standard of player required for the step-up . It's one of those situations where everyone in Renfrew wanted them to do well and get promotion last season , knowing full well that the step-up would be too big an ask ! We live in hope !
  6. I'm with you here , we look as if we're finally settling down , with a few players still to come in. As long as we can avoid a heavy defeat today , and I'm not that bothered about next week either although Aberdeen look to be no great shakes this season. Livingston is our most important game of the next three , and I would expect by that time the new players will be in place. 2 or 3-1 defeat today I expect and then dodging Sportscene afterwards !
  7. Interesting , Greg Stewart still being mentioned ! He would be a great signing. I see GLS says more coming in . Stewart , Polworth and a central defender , and we're just about there I think/hope !
  8. billyg

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Ex Saints captain Jimmy Lumsden playing for the Bankies against us .
  9. billyg

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Will that be the £40k that's going to ICT with McShane , for Polworth ?
  10. billyg

    Brocky's Back!

    Brockwell I never !!!!!!!
  11. billyg

    John McGinn

    I agree with that . Build it and they will come !
  12. Only 6 months , I'm sure that's what must have held it up , and was probably at the player's request. If he tears this league up it might turn out to be bad news. Anyway , welcome to the club !
  13. billyg

    Speculation Thread

    You don't mean that !
  14. billyg

    Sign Shankland!

    He bombed with us and Morton , did better in the 3rd tier , his confidence is up , but that won't last long in that cut-throat division. This is the last chance saloon for him. If he doesn't get his move now , he'll be consigned to lower division football anon.