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  1. According to talk on Twitter, the BOD are in talks at the moment , and a postponement is expected.
  2. Loan players can be recalled at any time AFAIK. There wouldn't be any point though , as the player(s) couldn't play for the 1st team until the next window opens !
  3. billyg

    Paisley Pubs

    Yeah , will still operate under the St Convals club name , but is being run by different people. Covid permitting , they're hoping for 7 day use ie a pub , replacing their previous home , the Heritage. Car park is being resurfaced and entry will be at rear of building
  4. billyg

    Paisley Pubs

    Their bus will now run jointly with the Peter Scarff supporters club in Linwood. Scarff club will be based in the St Convals club , which has been completely renovated inside to include a gym for boxing and dance classes etc !
  5. SPFL saying that they expect game to go ahead. I think that means we're playing it, because we have 12 available inc youngsters !
  6. When I got home it was still 3-0 late in the game. I decided not to bother , and that I would watch the late game , which will probably be 0-0 !
  7. Winnie and ex Saint Jim Boag , 2-1 Saints , August '87.
  8. Deja vu for Danny from 12 months back . 5-2 defeat , scores 2nd goal.
  9. It's all over twitter. No idea if it's fact or fiction !
  10. I'm guessing Erhahon , McAllister , Jamieson ! 😎
  11. Hibs midfield 3 tonight. Magennis , S McGinn , Mallan !🙃
  12. I'm not convinced yet re Ethan , it maybe because he's not part of a settled midfield , and the fact that he has a couple of donkeys playing beside him. At the moment , he's not on the same planet as J McGinn , Mallan , Morgan, McLean and S McGinn were, when they were breaking through !
  13. He's been a shadow of the player we saw last season. He scored some really vital goals by coming inside and feeding off knock-downs or through balls . He looks as if he's going through the motions now !
  14. I'm with you. The team still lacks balance after 10 games , which is baffling .Apart from McPherson (if selected) there is no energy in midfield , and the attack is punchless. Durmus looks disinterested , and McAllister is nowhere near his best. Poor displays v M'well and Accies, and Jimbo could be in bother !
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