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  1. Said the same , he knows we beat Celtic in the 2013 semi because we got in their faces from the start , yet we stand off a team who play hoofball all day !
  2. Strange feeling. Not that disappointed. Probably because we didn’t deserve anything from it. Think the only time I’ve felt that way about a semi-final before was Killie during the relegation season in 2001.
  3. Where to start ? We gave them too much respect. How they could go 10 in a row unbeaten , I'll never know , they are rotten. A hit and run championship team . Looks like Brophy and whoever else we have for forward roles are not the answer. If ever a game was there for the taking , that was it !
  4. Ambrose , Bartley and Guthrie are as slow as a week in the jail , we've got to get at them , but we won't do that with one up.
  5. Back 5 with both Cammy and Ethan in midfield gives me the fear. Basically 3 attacking players in the starting 11 !!! Some fakes fans were saying yesterday that the inclusion of Craig Conway gave them the fear , and he was the MoM. There's plenty options on the bench if we need them .
  6. I was hoping Quaner would make it for a late cameo , his speciality at Huddersfield, not to be !
  7. Livingston resting 7 players v Celtic tonight. Looks like Martindale really fancies his chances of winning the League Cup !
  8. Bad tackle from that c**t Davidson , famous for it !
  9. Cammy's been poor , and once you're on a card you can't go to ground in a tackle.
  10. It's a strange situation for us. The wage cap in Leagues 1 and 2 in England appears to have done us a big favour. Cheltenham Town were desperate to sign him but "couldn't afford " him , he had extended trials at 2 Championship clubs but didn't get a deal. I'm hoping that if he doesn't get offered a PCA by a Championship club , then he may sign the deal with us that's on the table. Quaner's in the same boat as he's effectively in the shop window while playing for us , but if he can't get a deal in the Championship we might be able to get him for longer !
  11. The two players concerned both played v Dunfermline in the section. One of them, Euan Deveney , played for Falkirk v Rangers I think.
  12. It was a pen , there were two fouls on Erwin . He does well to hold onto the ball , and invite the contact !
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