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  1. I'm surprised Robinson is persisting with Taylor tbh , I know being left-sided he should give us balance but he just doesn't look up to it.
  2. Without doubt , Rangers were a really poor outfit at that time and we played them off the park , but the longer it went without us converting a chance the more we were handing it to McGinlay to do the dirty on us , which he did. I remember hearing a recording of the radio commentary and even they were baffled at the decision. I hoped I would, one day, get a chance to tell BM that he had cheated us , and at Glasgow Airport in 2006 I got that chance, and he didn't attempt to deny it !
  3. Taken before LC Tie v Dundee Utd in August '69 . Don't know what went down , but Bobby Duffy and Archie McCuaig never played another game for the club !
  4. Reminds me of an old ,now late, friend , Neil Gribben. They had a good jukebox in Dusty's , which I always thought was a waste , 'cos the place was usually empty. One Friday, mid 70s , we had been out all day , went in there and Neil played a song on the Jukey called 16 Bars. I said , the Stylistics ???? He said "Aye , this is the 16th bar we've been in today " !
  5. Tony was gone by then , he played against us that season for QOS.
  6. Expensive defeat v Cowdenbeath in December '71. We lost Andy McFadden with a bad injury in the first minute and lost a goal straight away and didn't recover . Cammy Murray , Dave Millar , Dan Stevenson, Gordon McQueen , Billy McDerment for us and Dave Cairns and Billy Mullen for Cowden !
  7. I see talk that Joe is leaving at the end of the window for an Irish club , staying for now until injury suspension situ is resolved !
  8. Good to see it's a "proper" last 16 , and already looks like a tourney worth winning !
  9. I complimented the team v Celtic for the way we managed the injury time , but kicking the ball away etc is always giving the ref scope to add more time , and when Clark comes up with the luckiest finish of all time we're punished for not seeing it out properly !
  10. Hibs are truly awful , which shows just how bad a performance that was from us at Easter Road , needs turning around quickly , or it's going to the same old survival story !
  11. billyg

    Mr Gilmour

    When Div spoke with him last week , SG said he had no intention of doing that !
  12. billyg

    Mr Gilmour

    I won't be cancelling either. I didn't vote for Mr G , but he's in now and we'll just need to see how things move forward , cancelling at the moment is jumping the gun imo !
  13. we only had him towards the end of his career, he had been a team mate of Alec Wright at Firhill . Played a few games , came on for Jim Blair in the 1-0 v Rangers in '68 and frustrated them by getting on the ball and taking it for a walk late in the game when they were looking to get the ball in the box. Biggest claim to fame , scored home and away for the Arabs v Barcelona !
  14. A most enjoyable evening spent with one of my sons laughing at Ranjurs , they are getting what they deserve , and the 28 goal swing between them and Napoli after four games is awesome !
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