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  1. Tony Connell and Hugh McLaughlin both played for Thirds in that match !
  2. There's a queue a mile long for him , but we're hopeful of getting him on a pro-contract by guaranteeing him he'll be part of the 1st team squad !
  3. billyg

    Alex Gogic

    Gogic wasn't a regular starter under Ross this season , not after Doyle-Hayes came into the team.
  4. 14k a week , which does probably rule him out. Although we were reportedly stretching the budget for Gallagher , so obviously SR sees a new centre-back as a must. Kipre is a Foyle "discovery" from when he played with Leicester 23s !
  5. Never thought about him , but he was a Robinson signing for 'Well and he also gave him the captaincy, plus I don't think JG really fancies him !
  6. You would if you came from a massive Rangers supporting family , which he does , and if you're old man is all over Twitter spouting his Rangers allegiance and also bigging up his son !
  7. Tumility officially left Raith yesterday , a few on twitter were wishing him well in the "top league" !
  8. Motherwell game will be moved to Sunday as they have a Euro Conference game on the 28th !
  9. I heard we'd asked the question. Still got two years on his contract and appears to be out of the picture !
  10. I was never a horsey man , but I remember watching the Derby in 1970 and his incredible finish on Nijinsky when he was 6th or 7th with just over a furlong to run !
  11. Baron von Reichs pudding , Spoofer McGraw , Wyatt Twerp . My gran bought it every week for me !
  12. A goal and an assist and mom for King. I know it's only National League , but he has been converted to wing-back and he was outstanding.
  13. Watching National League Play Off , King and Kellerman playing for Chesterfield v Halifax , King just scored a beauty , 2-1 Chesterfield !
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