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  1. so in a nutshell............. no one has come up with a viable option of who the new manager to lead us forward next year will be.... Pie in the sky names and managers already in a job that we may like to have but wont pay a penny compensation.

    A tongue in cheek mention about fan ownership..... only the amazing Saints fans can have such a positive outlook.

    Our manager next year will be Gary Teale assisted by David Longwell. Thats who the board will put their faith in.

  2. Whether it's rumour mongering, trying to cause trouble, people with an agenda cause they just aint keen on DL it has to stop. As a club we have to be as one and united with everyone. If the board come to a decision then we have to go with that decision regardless whether he goes or he stays. I want us all to move on from this and give our unified support to everyone connected to the club at all times. We are all St. Mirren and its time to build a positive unified image of our club.

    #Believe #COYS #onetownoneteam

  3. Don't believe Lee Mair will play again for Saints and he wont be leaving till his contract expires. Dont believe he'll be coaching with saits either. May be one last player coming in before deadline day but depending on what happens at his club he may sign after the window closes if he mutually agrees to cancel his contract.

  4. first time in 21 years i haven't bought season ticket and won't be going on Saturday...totally lost interest due to lack of signings and watching the two clowns at centre back...won't be back till big changes are made....

    You probably won't be missed..... Expect you'll still be whinging on here no matter how the season goes!!!!!

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