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  1. I would suspect he would be however I would be happy to give him some game time just now.
  2. Nathan Flanagan signed 2 year deal after release from hearts. Deal done.
  3. Nathan Flanagan ex Hearts left winger. Done deal.
  4. so in a nutshell............. no one has come up with a viable option of who the new manager to lead us forward next year will be.... Pie in the sky names and managers already in a job that we may like to have but wont pay a penny compensation. A tongue in cheek mention about fan ownership..... only the amazing Saints fans can have such a positive outlook. Our manager next year will be Gary Teale assisted by David Longwell. Thats who the board will put their faith in.
  5. MAC will sign for Burton Albion today after acceptng deal from JFH
  6. I believe that Fraser is coming to St.Mirren on an initial short term deal to the end of the season.
  7. There was no release clause in his contract!!!
  8. It is my beleif that the board done a blinder signing Kenny to a 2 yr deal in the summer....... And it is also my belief that he and his agent would have been told that if he signs he would be able to go in January or summer window.
  9. Steve Mallen an able replacement in Centre Mid
  10. I believe its a fee in the region of £450k with add ons and a %age of any future sell ons.
  11. Interesting read about the new owners!!!! I wonder if the d=selling consortium will take this into consideration. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/q-a-what-can-st-mirren-fans-expect-from-south-american-owners.116192278
  12. Whether it's rumour mongering, trying to cause trouble, people with an agenda cause they just aint keen on DL it has to stop. As a club we have to be as one and united with everyone. If the board come to a decision then we have to go with that decision regardless whether he goes or he stays. I want us all to move on from this and give our unified support to everyone connected to the club at all times. We are all St. Mirren and its time to build a positive unified image of our club. #Believe #COYS #onetownoneteam
  13. Why cant all the fans start lifting the place by turning up at the motherwell game and vocally supporting the team and the management.
  14. The players need to be ready to explain why they are not following the managers instructions to a T....... And if what a lot of people on here want happens, DL sacked, then they need to explain why they will listen to a new manager. I think it's a disgrace that DL could be sacked because of the players inability to do thier job as they should.
  15. Players are badly letting the fans, manager, BoD down. They need to take a good long hard look at themselves.
  16. Thats fact. Jon just wanted to play first team football. Colin Cameron and Cowdenbeath could give him that. I speak to Jon every day.
  17. Robertson deal wasnt subsidised.
  18. Don't believe Lee Mair will play again for Saints and he wont be leaving till his contract expires. Dont believe he'll be coaching with saits either. May be one last player coming in before deadline day but depending on what happens at his club he may sign after the window closes if he mutually agrees to cancel his contract.
  19. Flies into Glasgow airport at 10am tomorrow and will be at Ralston for 11ish.
  20. You probably won't be missed..... Expect you'll still be whinging on here no matter how the season goes!!!!!
  21. And central defenders http://www.thepfa.com/transferlist/listedplayers/sortbydate/cb/-1/-1/-1/-1/1/
  22. Here's a list of current free agents on pda site that are classed as centre forwards!!! http://www.thepfa.com/transferlist/listedplayers/sortbydate/cf/-1/-1/-1/-1/1/
  23. Andy Webster been training with saints since Friday. As do has said if Adam Campbell signs then no budget left..... Unless he drastically reduces his wage demands.
  24. 2-o Thomson header. Robertson playing a blunder.
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