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  1. 19 minutes ago, Callum Gilhooley said:

    I don’t know the answer to this but would be interested if anyone did. What happens when it’s betfred , LC, Scot cup matches against lower league teams ? 
    is testing put in place for these part time players or do teams rely on players fessing up if they have a cough and can’t smell farts in the dressing room  ? 

    Thats actually a fair point seeing as we have played two lower league teams in the past fortnight and the incubation period has been recorded as being up to 11/12 days.

  2. If anybody has doubts regarding Chick's St Mirren credentials, then listen to his Love Street Documentary that he did on Radio Scotland in 2009.
    He is one of our own.
    See him quite a few times in the 1990's paying himself into our midweek Challenge Cup and League matches. 
    A good buddie. 
    Or his commentary of the Dundee match when we won the title in 2006.
    The sheer excitement at the first goal.
    We've scored we've scored. He is heard to shout.

  3. We had quite a few non Scots last season.
    Ten from outwith the UK/Ireland-
    Brock-Madsen, Edwards, Jackson, Hladky, Popescu, Holmes, Dreyer, Muzek, Corbu, Nazon
    Thirteen Englishmen -
    Cooke, Ferdinand, Kellerman, Tansey, Eckersley, Heaton, Willock, Coulson, Jones, Hammill, Lynes, King and Kpekawa
    Three Irishmen
    Two from the North Hodson and Lyons and Rogers from the South
    A total of 26 non-Scots. Don't think I've missed anyone.


  4. Erahon is young but see absolutely nothing to convince me he has what it takes..the lad is absolutely terrified every time he gets the ball...
    Seen him in midfield a few times for the 20s etc. Looks more composed there. Definitely not a full back. No positional sense for that.

  5. Not that i'm doubting you
    But u/23 internationalist
    Did that level not disappear in the early 1970s
    Not common in Europe but still a thing.
    Jordan Holmes played in the Aussie U23 team this season. North American countries still compete as well.
    In fact are the Olympics not basically an U23 tournament.
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