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  1. Colt team? Thought they had scrapped thr colt (U20) league this season.
  2. This is the one he was missing - Panini 79
  3. Cheers. Knew the rest of them, just never got Barrowman.
  4. Anyone able to name the guy 2nd from right on back row?
  5. Dick Beattie the goalie. 1963
  6. SBS

    So Farewell Then Barry Chuckle

    That funeral will be fun. As they bring the coffin out of the hearse the undertaker will be guiding appropriately. To me....to you....to me......... RIP Barry.
  7. Whits Bobby Torrance and the Mad Monk up to these days?
  8. SBS

    Uche Ikpeazu

    The exact type of player we need. Looks to have a good touch as well as the powerful build.
  9. SBS

    Uche Ikpeazu

    Looks like we missed out on a good one here!
  10. Yeah. Scored the fifth. Signed off in style. Of course, returned to Love Street at the start of the next season and got sent back to London with a 3-0 defeat.
  11. Loved the Hearts 6-2 match. Had beaten them 5-2 in the final match of the previous season and they were all out for revenge. 'We'll not be losing 5-2 again' their manager was saying. He was right! They didn't.
  12. The main difference between JR and AS is that Jack had to work with what he had Stubbs is able to bring in his own players from the start. He has brought some in but when the chips were down last night and we offered nothing up front, he chose to leave his own two attacking signings on the bench!
  13. SBS

    Queens Park v St. Mirren Betfred Cup 24/7/18

    Never been to Hampden for a Queens Park game before only international's and semis/finals. Assume we can use the car park for this one?
  14. SBS

    Latest Scores

    Two stunning strikes from Mallan. Well worth a watch. At least you can see them. Was a lot of mist during the game and could see much of a couple of the goals.