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  1. And while on the subject of graves, in Hawkhead Cemetery you will find this one for Andy Reid. Andy played 260 games for Saints before becoming trainer to John Cochrane during the 20s. As a management team they guided Saints to victory in Barcelona in 1922 and the Scottish Cup in 1926 before heading south to reform the partnership with Cochrane at Sunderland in 1929. At Roker Park they became the first management team to win the Scottish Cup and the FA Cup when Sunderland triumphed in 1937 having already won the First Division in 1936. Andy returned to Love Street in the 1940s and helped guide the team to the Summer Cup in 1943 before retiring at the age of 68 in 1950.
  2. Also in Woodside. Just as you enter the cemetery and follow the road up to the left. On your left hand side their is a similar 'broken column' memorial to another Saints player, Tommy Workman. Tommy was just 24 years old when he died following complications of appendicitis in 1934. On the side of the memorial is an inscription to his three year old daughter who sadly died of scarlet fever just three weeks after her Dad,
  3. David,

    Check your inbox. Pm sent.


  4. They won a raffle to sponsor the kits in the late 90s then sold the sponsorship to either Cetco or Arriva, can't remember which year it was.
  5. Thats actually a fair point seeing as we have played two lower league teams in the past fortnight and the incubation period has been recorded as being up to 11/12 days.
  6. Santino Marini in the early 2000s. Related to the Marinis who own the Viking chippy in Largs.
  7. No. Cancelled due to fixture congestion meaning clubs wouldn't release players for the select side.
  8. Shite!! 1908 Morton (A) L1 1-1 1936 Alloa Athletic (A) L2 1-1 1960 Celtic (A) SC2r 2-5 1964 Dundee (A) L1 2-9 1992 Aberdeen (H) L1 0-2
  9. Or his commentary of the Dundee match when we won the title in 2006. The sheer excitement at the first goal. We've scored we've scored. He is heard to shout.
  10. Got decent reviews for his first game. Played defensive mf. Played again today but they lost 3-0.
  11. But a Northern Ireland internationalist!
  12. We had quite a few non Scots last season. Ten from outwith the UK/Ireland- Brock-Madsen, Edwards, Jackson, Hladky, Popescu, Holmes, Dreyer, Muzek, Corbu, Nazon Thirteen Englishmen - Cooke, Ferdinand, Kellerman, Tansey, Eckersley, Heaton, Willock, Coulson, Jones, Hammill, Lynes, King and Kpekawa Three Irishmen Two from the North Hodson and Lyons and Rogers from the South A total of 26 non-Scots. Don't think I've missed anyone.
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